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Explain in detail about the effective treatment of hair transplant in 2020


Hair loss is one of the problems which individuals have to face with age. In such a case, people look for hair loss treatment which is effective and can solve the problem permanently. One of the treatment options which is authentic and has been highly effective from the last many years is hair transplant.

Earlier the hair restoration methods resulted in hair growth which looked artificial and it did not match with the existing hairline.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Undergoing the treatment of hair transplantation has made it possible for the person to get the youthful and young look. Without a doubt, this treatment is the most reliable medical procedure to deal with the problem of thin hair and bald patches.

Well, there are different methods of this treatment which your surgeon will explain to you in detail and let you know which method is best suited for you. The advanced method of hair restoration technique includes:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)


The FUE method is less invasive as compared to other treatment options. Undergoing the treatment will leave no scar and stitches on the scalp.

In this method, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. After that, they are transplanted in problematic areas. The procedure is outpatient which means the patient can go back home the following day. The hair grafts needed for the treatment depends on the hair coverage the patient needs. The entire procedure can take around 4 to 8 hours.


FUT is another method to deal with the problem of hair loss. In this method, a hair strip is taken which is extracted from the donor’s hair and then transplanted to the back of the scalp.

Once the hair grafts are transplanted it leaves a linear scar which is not noticeable when you keep your hair long. With both the methods, the results are natural and permanent as the patient’s hair is used to cover the bald patches and thin hair.

Stem Cells the future of hair restoration treatment

Stem cells in the treatment which is in clinical research and it might be available in the next 2 to 3 years. Proper clinical studies need to be done before the treatment is available for patients all over the world. The treatment is checked in various ways to make sure it is effective and it gives the best possible results.

With this approach, the hair surgeon will take the hair tissues which are best as compared to all other cells. After that, the cells are multiplied and the surgeon will implant or inject them into the problematic area. The desired results take around 6 to 12 months. Until the effectiveness of this procedure is checked methods like FUE and FUT are the best choice for hair loss patients.


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What are the different advantages of getting hair transplant surgery?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vizag: Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure designed to treat hair fall in both men and women. This treatment option is beneficial to get rid of baldness or bald spots. 

Hair transplant is the best hair fall treatment that gives you desired results. To know about the types and working of this treatment option. Hair transplantation has two types, Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a recent and advanced way of treating hair fall. And Follicular Unit Transplantation is a conventional way, in which your specialist collects the strip of hair from the back of the head.

To get the hair transplantation, you need to understand about the causes of hair loss and which stage of hair loss you have. Only after choosing the hair transplantation type to get rid of hair fall condition.

As we stated above, you will surely get the best results of hair transplantation.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of hair transplantation.

Natural growth

Some people ask about hair growth after getting hair transplantation, whether new hair similar to existing or not. This treatment option offers you natural hair growth, which is beneficial to improve your physical appearance and you will be able to make any hairstyle. This only happens, because this treatment option works with your own hair. As we stated above, your specialist collects the hair grafts from the back of the scalp to transplant in the affected area. In this treatment, there is no place for the donor’s hair, so you don’t worry about hair growth.

Safe procedure

Yes, it is completely a safe and secure procedure, that’s why many people get it, these days. In this treatment option, first, your specialist gives you anesthesia, so that you cannot feel pain and discomfort during the procedure. So, you do not take tension, if you are planning to undergo this treatment.

No side effects

This treatment option does not have any type of side effect such as infections. It is normal that you are experiencing swelling after getting treatment, but it will go away within days. So, you do not take too much stress.

Permanent solution

After getting hair transplantation, there is no need to go with any other hair loss treatment, because this treatment option offers you permanent hair growth results. To get the best results, you need to wait for some time, such as 6 months to one year.

One-time procedure

Yes, you do not need to visit the clinic again and again, this is a completely one-time procedure. When you have done with this treatment, there is no need to go with any other treatment option.


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What are the best Men’s Hair-Loss Treatments to grow natural looking hair?

Hair transplant

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vizag: A hair transplant is one of the most well-known treatment options, which is specially designed for those with bald spots. If you are also experiencing bald spots, then you need to talk to a hair loss specialist to get the treatment. This treatment includes two types such as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Both treatment options are beneficial, but you have to choose according to your hair loss condition. In this treatment option, your specialist collects the hair grafts from the donor area ( back of the scalp). And then prepares the hair grafts to transplant in the affected area. This treatment results in natural and permanent hair growth.


This is a type of medication, which is useful to treat hair loss in men. Finasteride is an effective way to treat men’s hair loss. And this is only available with a doctor’s prescription and available in the form of tablets. You need to take finasteride tablets daily for better hair growth.

Rogaine Foam

Rogaine is additionally known as minoxidil and this is available in the form of liquid that you have to apply on your hair twice a day. This will give you relief from excessive hair fall condition. In addition to this, rogaine is the best hair loss and bald spot treatment.


This medication is valuable to get rid of hair fall due to hormonal, genetic, and environmental factors. With this medication, you will be able to grow black and natural looking hair at the bald spots. Folexin contains biotin, which is not only good for hair health but also beneficial for skin health too.

Hair Growth Support + by Nuzena

Nuzena is a brand-new supplement company, which offers you Hair Growth Support + contains a range of products to grow hair faster. These ingredients include folic acid, biotin, and Fo-Ti. Also, this contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for hair growth.

Nizoral A-D Shampoo

This is a type of shampoo, which is beneficial to treat dandruff. As dandruff is also responsible for excessive hair loss. In this condition, you need to go with Nizoral shampoo. This shampoo contains an active ingredient named ketoconazole, which is useful to get rid of inflammation at the scalp and promote hair growth.

TruePure Biotin Serum

As we stated above, biotin is the supplement, which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. You can take biotin supplements or go with biotin-rich shampoo. TruePure Biotin Serum includes red clover and caffeine, both will help you to treat baldness.

HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb

You can also go with laser therapy which is useful to stimulate the hair follicles for better hair growth. You must buy HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb to grow long and natural looking hair.

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Hair Growth: What are the nutrients you need to consume for healthy hair?

If you are struggling to grow hair faster, then you need to go with a healthy diet full of nutrients and minerals. Several people are suffering from hair loss problems, because of certain causes include an unhealthy diet, lack of nutrients in the body, and hormonal changes too. Some people experience minor hair fall, which can be treated easily, but if you are suffering from excessive hair fall, then you need to undergo a hair transplant. 

Here are certain healthy nutrients, you need to consume for healthy hair. 


Our hair is made up of keratin, which is a type of protein. Lack of protein in our body results in hair fall and other hair problems. To keep hair in good condition, you need to consume enough protein, because this nutrient is beneficial for dry, weak, and brittle hair. You must add protein in your diet or go with protein-rich foods such as-:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs 
  • Legumes
  • Nuts


Iron is a crucial mineral for hair and if you do not have enough iron in your body, you will surely experience hair fall. You may also experience anemia, due to lack of iron. Additionally, improper nutrient supply to your hair results in hair shedding or permanent hair loss. So, you must go with iron-rich foods including fish, red meat, spinach, other green leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli, lentils, and chicken.

Vitamin C

It is necessary to eat vitamin C rich foods because it is an antioxidant that helps you to get rid of several hair problems. You can get enough vitamin C from-:

  • Blackcurrants
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Guava
  • Kiwi
  • Oranges
  • Papaya
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet potatoes. 


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats that our bodies can not produce themselves, and which can only get from our diet. Additionally, Omega-3s fatty acids are present in the cells that line the scalp and these are essential to supply the oils that hydrate the hair and scalp. You can get enough omega-3 fatty acids from-:

  • Tuna
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Trout
  •  Mackerel
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin
  • Walnuts.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is too essential to make sebum in the human body. As sebum provides enough nutrition to your hair and protects your scalp as well as hair from dryness and itchiness. You can get vitamin A from sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and carrots. 

Apart from these, there are certain other healthy nutrients, which provide you with enough nutrition to grow hair faster. These are:

  • Zinc and selenium-: Oysters, eggs, and beef.
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin-: Liver, yeast, whole grains, egg yolk, and soy flour.

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What are the reasons behind hair loss problems in both men and women?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vizag: First of all, you try to understand there are two types of hair loss such as-:


It means, if your parents or sibling have/had this problem in life, then you are also at great risk of having hair loss. Or some persons are suffering from hair loss due to their genes, or you may experience a gradual reduction in hair volume.


This type of hair loss is caused due to inner imbalance or you may suffer from hair loss condition due to severe stress, a medical condition, nutritional deficiency, and so on.

In these conditions, you need to get help from a specialist. He first examines you well, and then he may recommend you hair transplant. This is one of the best treatment options, which gives you permanent hair growth along with natural-looking results.

To get this treatment, you need to understand the causes of hair loss.

Let’s have a look at the reasons behind hair loss.

Hormonal changes

Several people are suffering from hair fall condition, because of hormonal changes. Women have two types of hormones including estrogen and progestin, also have some amount of male hormone named testosterone. And males have testosterone and some amount of estrogen hormone.

If they are suffering from a high amount of opposite sex hormone, then it will surely result in hair fall conditions.

Taking too much stress

If you are taking too much stress, then this will affect your hormone levels and leads you to several health conditions, in which hair loss is on the peak. So, to get rid of this condition, you need to reduce the stress with the help of stress-relief therapies.

Nutrition deficiency

If you are not taking a good food full of vitamins, proteins, calcium, and other essential nutrients, then you are at greater risk of having hair fall condition. People who are taking too much junk and oily food, usually experience hair fall because these types of foods contain harmful chemicals.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

As we mentioned above, certain nutrition deficiencies lead you to hair problems. Similarly, Vitamin B12 deficiency also leads you to low on energy and affects the health of red blood cells, due to which you experience hair fall. This type of hair fall can only be treated with the help of hair transplantation.

Your age

Yes, your age plays an important role in hair health. Generally, old people experience too much hair loss due to hormonal imbalances or certain other medical conditions.


Some people are suffering from hair problems after taking too many medications. People who are taking high blood pressure or diabetes medicines are at greater risk of having hair problems.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions also contribute to hair fall problems. These are-:

  • Thyroid problem
  • Cancer
  • And so on.

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How Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon Will Save Your Money?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: When we look for the doctor to treat the problem of hair loss we see different companies advertising the certified hair transplant doctor. They promote how the doctors & staff will give the treatment of hair transplant is the best manner.

The clinic website or the advertisements will include videos that help in showing the use of the robotic machine and the latest methods of the surgery. No doubt, this treatment option gives the most effective and reliable results which are not possible with the other options.

But, at times the videos used for the advertisement do not provide enough knowledge or it is not mentioned in the right way. The results of the surgery will make a lot of difference when you get it done by the professionals. Some of the issues you can look for if the video is not by the professional.

  • In the video, there is no detailed information about the surgery. It just shows who will perform the operation and nothing else.
  • Instead, in some cases, the video might show the non-professional doctors are drilling into the scalp and extracting the hair follicles.The professional and experienced surgeon will extract the hair follicles from the donor area and then inserted into the recipient area.
  • The video shows that the automated machine will do everything. But there are some major concerns:

– In many countries, the non-doctor or medical staff is not allowed to cut the skin or give anesthesia. But, in the videos, it is not shown in detail. Well, in many states this is illegal.

– Many people get scared because some videos show that the FUT will leave obvious scars. No doubt, with FUT, the patient will have the linear scar on the scalp which is not noticeable when you wear your hair long.

  • Patients often look for questions like whether the treatment is painful or not. FUT and FUE are surgical methods so the patient scalp will be tender and it needs some time to heal properly. When you visit the experienced and skilled surgeon they will prescribe you the medications which help to minimize or eliminate the pain.
  • The use of machines for harvesting the donor grafts will damage the surrounding tissues and this way the hair grafts will not be adequate to cover the bald area.
  • But, this problem is not encountered when you hire a skilled and competent surgeon to perform the hair restoration. This is because they carefully extract the hair follicles one by one or even if it is the strip of hair. They make sure that the grafts are not damaged in any manner and placed on the scalp right away.

The certified doctor will give you a proper understanding from start to the end so that the patient is well aware of the entire treatment.

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Topmost benefits of following a post-care routine after Gynecomastia surgery

Undergoing any type of surgery, the patient needs to follow a proper post-care routine. The same goes for the patient who has undergone Gynecomastia surgery. The best surgeon will give his best to address the problem. But what they cannot control is ‘how the patient will take care of them after the surgery.’

This article will help you get a proper understanding of following a proper post-care routine.

  • Wearing the compression garmentThe use of a compression garment is an important part of the surgery. Following surgery, tissue and skin will shrink and settle during recovery but it might be done in the right way. The compression garment will help the body to adjust and also control the swelling. It will also provide support and facilitate skin retraction. For the best possible results, wear the compression vest for 4 weeks.
  • Limit fluid intakeFollowing the gynecomastia, the fluid intake will not help the healing process. However, excess intake of fluid will increase the seroma formation chances. The watery fluid gets developed in the chest and it can resolve its own. So, make sure you follow the surgeon guidelines to avoid the complications.
  • Getting back to Daily activitiesFollowing surgery, the body gets into a state of trauma. You must limit the activities for a certain period as it will also reduce the chances of injury and other complications. Here’s what you need to do:

    – Get back to a normal working routine within 2 to 3 days.

    – For one week, avoid strenuous activity.

    – After 2 weeks, increase lower body activity and cardio.

    – After 4 weeks, you can do chest workout or upper body workout.

  • Massage the treated areaDuring the recovery period, the tissue and skin are soft & malleable. So, the patient needs to massage the treated area with a roller device or hands. This way the results of the surgery will be the best. After 3 weeks, you should massage the area several times for 20 minutes and if you want you can do this for 8 weeks. This way the can tissue will get soft and skin will be nice & even.
  • Maintain the right postureThe most important factor is the mental recovery after the surgery which is linked with having the right posture. The men undergo the surgery to deal with the gyno hunch which makes them feel embarrassed, humiliated, and affect their self-esteem.

    After the surgery, they maintain a tall & strong posture which helps to increase their self-confidence.

So, investing your time and effort in the surgery is beneficial for the patient in every manner. If you have any doubt then make sure to consult the surgeon right away.

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Hair Loss Treatments: FUE Hair Transplant, PRP, Mesotherapy?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Nowadays Hair fall has become one of the major problems all across the world. A survey provoked that almost 60-75% of people all across the globe are suffering from this pain but cannot find a perfect solution for this pain. Moreover, a simple hair fall seems to become a serious baldness tomorrow. Hairfall has a very adverse effect on a human being.

If you are the one who is going with the hair fall pain then there are numerous ways or techniques available that effectively help you to prevent hair fall and grow hair naturally. Along with that various hair transplant therapies are available that efficiently stop hair fall and provide the best results.


This hair transplantation therapy is considered as the best and simple solution or therapy for hair transplant. In this therapy, human hemoglobin which is enriched with plasma is used for regenerating tissues of its own. Moreover, the highly enriched plasma is directly injected or targeted on the extensive hair fall section. After 7-10 days, you will see the result in the targeted area. The targeted area is full of hair naturally.

Before moving forward let’s see how this therapy works?

In some cases, tissues die due to which human hair falls fastly day by day. If regenerated tissue or plasma is injected on the hair fall area then the hair starts growing.

This is the full working of the PRP therapy.

  • Mesotherapy

Most of the cases, hair fall occur due to some following reasons

1. Hormone Imbalance

2. Reduced Blood Circulation

3. Lack of sufficient nutrients

Well, mesotherapy provides a proper solution for hair fall prevention. It is an invasive treatment where tiny injections are injected on to the middle part of the skin in such a way to provide hormonal balance. After that, the blood circulation starts circulating so that the hair does not get thinner too. Most of the surgeons named this mesoderm.

This technique also becomes most popular as the follicular units are extracted from the donor (from the back of a human head) through which hair starts growing effectively. The major benefit of this surgery is that it is walk in and walk out therapy and less invasive. Most importantly, it does not require any sort of night stay. On the next day, humans start their work in a daily routine way. It delivers best-rated results.



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How FUE hair transplantation treatment is helpful to repair the scars?

Hair transplant uses the follicular units which do not leave any scarring in the recipient area. But, when older methods are used with the oldest technology then it can leave possible scarring. The problem also arises when you do not select the best surgeon.

This is the reason, many people come to us to repair & disguise the scars. Many patients visit as they have linear scarring due to the FUT method. In such cases, the FUE (Follicular Hair Transplantation) hair transplantation technology is very effective in repairing the scars.

Does the procedure only repair the scars from hair restoration?

Well, many patients have scarring because they met with an accident in the past. The method of SmartGraft or Graft is very helpful in treating the problem with FUE technology. To choose the best method between the two there are various factors that need to be kept in mind so that the scars can be fixed. Let’s understand the given options in detail:

  • PRP therapy along with FUE method

When the scar is very thin, the new hair follicles cannot be added. To solve such an issue of scars it is very difficult to harvest the new hair grafts because the area is damaged in excess. The doctor will make sure to check the scars properly so that your treatment plan is made accordingly.

The idea to check if the issue of scarring will be fixed is with the blood supply. When the blood supply is proper then the transplanted grafts are going to grow properly. The effectiveness of this procedure is very high which means that successful results are possible.

  • Graft along with FUE method

To determine this method can be used for fixing the scars is by determining the scar thickness. Along with that, the scar size is going to play an important role in determining the success rate. The success rate is affected by the larger scar as the process of the newly transplanted hair will get affected.

What is the most effective method?

One of the approaches is to stimulate and promote hair growth so that the scar tissue is removed with the same punch being used with Graft when the hair grafts were removed from the back of the scalp. When the scar tissue is removed, it helps the area to shrink so that it can heal.

Consult the best Surgeon

These are the most effective methods for fixing the issue of scars. No doubt, both the options give the reliable results you want. If you are going through the same situation or know someone who had a bad outcome with the improper treatment then you should recommend them to opt for these options.


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Which age is suitable for hair transplantation treatment?

When you notice a bunch of hair in your brush, you become nervous and immediately begin to discover how it can be regained, or possibly even seen in a hair transplant. It is very common to start losing your hair within 20 years but there is no immediate reason to quit.

It can be painful to discover the initial signs of hair loss issues but you start thinking the minor bald spot on top of your scalp which is growing bigger and bigger with the passage of time. Most of the hair loss issues are genetic, you should look at your father and grandfather, you should get to know how your scalp may look like at a certain stage of your life.

Many individuals in the 20s seek the services of hair transplantation surgeon. It is embarrassing as well as a frustrating situation when you’re in the highest setting of your life, and your hair starts to come out. Although no one likes to see their hair fall out, it can be peculiarly traumatic when it is so young.

Hair transplantation specialists recommend an ideal candidate for this procedure should be in the ’30s. Your baldness (or thinness) pattern has come out when you are in 30 and surgeons may recommend proper treatment or transplant depending on the pattern or severity of issues. 

Hair Transplant Process

You need to understand the mechanics behind hair restoration, before going into the reasons why hair transplants are not suitable for young individuals. In this procedure, the surgeon harvests hair from the donor region especially from the back of the scalp or any other part where there is the heavy supply of hair and then graft those harvested hairs strategically onto the areas which are balding or thinning.

It is not possible in this procedure that surgeon harvest donor hair from your peer or any other family member and transplant them onto your bald areas of the scalp, so the donor hair which is going to be transplanted must be your own. The reason the surgeon usually takes hair from the back of the scalp is that the scalp hair is more hormones resistant which causes baldness and the grafted hair will likely grow naturally with the passage of time in their new location.

Disadvantages of an early hair transplant

  • If you consider the transplantation of hair into your 20s, the surgeon will place resistant follicles onto the affected areas, but the hair will fall back on it. As transplanted hair grows, the end result will be a perceptible patch of strong hair (transplanted area) with thin or bald spots around it which creates an unnatural look.
  • Another disadvantage is that few individuals are destined to become completely bald. In such cases, you can never remove the same head hair from the back of your scalp(or body) even if you have a good donor supply that replaces the missing hair on your scalp.