FAQ (frequently asked questions) About Hair transplantation Surgery


Hair transplantation is the extraction of healthy and loss resistant hair follicles from the permanent and fertile part of the scalp and relocation of those follicles in the bald or thinning area under the local anesthesia for treating both male and female pattern hair loss.

Dr VJs is the renowned centre in entire State where you can get treatment with the best-in-class standards and state-of-the-art technology. Surgeries are performed by the efficient team of professional who are having not less than 10 years of experience and otherwise center has been providing its services from last three decades. Our experience, working procedure, transparency and consistency of successful results differentiate us from others.

The patients that have stabilized baldness and have sufficient supply of donor hair follicles and cannot be cured with the medicines are ideal candidates for the procedure. Moreover surgeons also examine the physical and mental fitness of patient and his expectations must be realistic.
After surgery patient can get back to home and can resume his activities after 3-4 days. One can have the growing hair from the 4th month with noticeable growth but the actual results can be seen in one year.
Graft is the combination of follicles and the follicles are further the grouping of 1-4 hairs.
Donor area is the area which is permanent and fertile and having the loss resistant active follicles. From this area follicles are extracted according to the requirement. Recipient area is the area where the donor follicles are implanted as per the requirement and expectations.
Hair transplantation is the safe and painless procedure and it is not having side effects.
Cost of this procedure is directly proportional to the number of grafts transplanted in the bald or thinning areas. So the cost of this procedure varies according to the patient’s individual needs and requirements. We offer the procedure at best price so that even the single penny of the patient can be worth for him.
It is the painless procedure as the entire surgery is done under the local anesthesia. So patient can feel comfortable during surgery and even can read newspaper, watch TV and even can sleep.

There are not many chances for the hair loss after surgery if the procedure has been taken from experienced and specialized surgeon. Existing hair can only fall in the condition if the patient is having progressive hair loss