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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure, Precautions & Cost


FUE: Donor Area

It is the area of a head from where the hair follicles are harvested for transplantation of them in the bald area. Generally, this area lies above the ear from one side of the back of the head and above the area of another side. This area is selected on the basis of availability of hair follicles that have resistance for hair loss, so that can grow for the lifetime. It is also called a permanent zone of a scalp

Recipient Area

It is also called the affected area. In this area, the person has either no hair or less hair and it is affected by the DHT means the responsible factor for baldness. The portion of the recipient area depends on the extent of problem patient to patient. Generally, men have a crown area as bald area and women have hair thinning problem so for them most of the part of scalp work as recipient area.

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    What is FUE Hair Transplant?

    Initially the patient book a free consultation with us and then on the day of the appointment we do digital scalp analysis to evaluate two basic things that are essential for surgery.

    First is extent of baldness inpatient and how much density is required to give the completely natural look. The temporary hairline is drawn to estimate graft number requirement.

    Secondly, the density of donor area hair follicles is calculated under the digital scalp analysis. Hair follicles are evaluated to know about their loss resistance and then out of them generally 65% is selected for the transplantation.

    Even Dr Vijay Kumar examines the best health of the patient and his medical history to prevent any unfavourable conditions. Before the surgery patient is given some instructions so that our experienced team can get the most feasible results after treatment.

    What to do before treatment?

    What happens on surgical day?

    On the surgical morning, patient’s head is washed and local anesthesia is applied for painless and comfortable surgery.


    With the micro punches of having the diameter less than 1mm, hair follicles are taken out from the safe zone of the scalp as per the determined count. This process is done with extreme care so that scars, pain and any infection can be reduced.


    We use state of at for the cultivation of loss resistant hair follicles to achieve high densities. Our team keeps in mind the exact location of follicles for transplantation means cultivation is done at the correct depth, distance and angle for natural restoration of hair


    After one hour of surgery, the patient can take a short break for refreshment and even in the middle of surgery lunch break is also done.

    FUE: After Surgery Precautions

    After completing surgery some general instructions are given to the patient so that potential risks can be prevented and the result of the surgery can be optimized
    On the next day, the patient is asked to visit us for preventive and hygienic hair wash under the supervision of experts. Following preventive instructions are given to patients

    Rejoice for the new FUE Hair Transplant Costs in India

    Could have been easier with a fixed hair transplant cost in Andhra Pradesh, but there are many factors that influence hair transplant techniques, especially FUE hair transplant in India and worldwide. An FUE hair transplant technique requires a good assessment by the surgeon to fully determine the extent of hair loss, the number of hair grafts needed and the amount of work to deploy on the scalp.

    Grafts estimation mostly depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the magnifying eye to extract the right amount of hair follicles and to avoid wastage. The cost of FUE hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is a common question since FUE is a trendy hair restoration surgery that offers maximum results. Comparing the FUE cost in India to other countries like Canada, Australia, Turkey, and the USA, India offers more relief in terms of cost. Generally, we uphold cost-effective hair transplant services in India than many other countries.

    What is cost of FUE Hair Transplant?

    Evaluation of the costs in India depends on the following considerations:

    • The hair transplant centre There are many hair transplant centre each offering the services at their supreme costs. The prominence of the centre mainly has a role to play in this case
    • FUE as a hair transplant technique Generally, FUE is a standardized method which is less invasive. The modern technique continuously sets hair transplant costs apart because of its wide range of services such as Direct Hair Transplant, robotic hair transplants, and BIO-FUE.
    • The number of hair grafts required FUT can provide more hair grafts in a short time, but FUE will also provide more grafts using various methods like body hair transplant. The more hair grafts needed, the more one has to pay for grafting. Graft extraction cost in FUE is normally high.


    You will need to look at the below FUE Hair Transplant Cost in India before you turn anywhere else for the procedure.


    FUE Hair Transplant Cost

    Any of the above-mentioned cost may be altered depending on the surgeon’s assessment of a patient. That means that it may reduce or increase, but the standard and results of the hair transplant technique remain the best.

    What you need to know about fue services and their cost

    FUE & the Robotic Service : This is absolutely a high technical service that requires great observation from the surgeon’s side. The robot performs the extraction part and the surgeon may implant the hair follicles after they are extracted. The cost normally runs from RS. 90,000 and above or as may be discussed with the surgeon

    FUE & Body hair transplant : The main goal is to accumulate more hair follicles as possible for the implantation. The cost varies from RS.60, 000 – RS. 80,000

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