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    Botox Treatment in India

    Skin disorders are mostly seen in women due to hormonal changes and the fact that they face many changes as they move from one stage to another. Depending on the stage of life, a woman’s hormones are disturbed and at times are in insufficient. You should always mind what and how you eat and manage stress in your life

    One treatment that has existed for ages in the treatment of skin and face problems is Botox treatment. for you by performing the simple surgical procedure.

    What Do You Mean by Botox Treatment?

    This is a procedure that involves the use of a protein injection to treat skin problems. It is also known as Botulinum toxin. Many cosmetic surgeons use this treatment because of its wonders.

    All types of procedures like cosmetic surgeries are performed by the best expert at Dr VJs cosmetic surgery and hair transplant centre in Visakhapatnam. He has more than 35 years of experience and has worked on all kinds of cases.

    Botox Treatment is Good at the Following Cases

    • It removes wrinkles on the face and between eyebrows and scars and at the end restores your natural and beautiful looks. You will have to walk with confidence and special appearances
    • It causes a noticeable improvement in the facial appearance of someone
    • You will feel younger with a tight and smooth skin at the end of the treatment

    How It Works

    • The Botox treatment in Andhra Pradesh is administered by a cosmetic surgeon. It takes an hour to and you can leave for other duties

    • You will feel a weird change after this procedure but this goes away as time moves on.
    • Marks can appear where the injections have been pierced but these disappear after a few days. The wrinkles, lines and other problems will also disappear and you will be able to totally look your best

    How Treatment is Done

    • You can get the treatment but you will have to get other injections after six months.
    • You must have this treatment at least twice a year or as the surgeon may recommend in the first year.
    • In the following years, you may have it twice a year to keep up the changes

    Cost of Botox Treatment in Vizag

    • With the major aim of serving the public by showing our skills in this field, the cost of Botox treatment is not costly at our centre. Its cost is affordable and more compatible for every person
    • There are many services that we provide in hair and cosmetic field, so, a patient pays for only the kind of treatment he or she requires and at a friendly price that is much considerable

    What to Remember in Cosmetic Procedures and Surgeries

    • There are many treatments in cosmetic surgeries and so, Botox treatment is not the only treatment done. This can not treat all types of skin disorders but rather a common treatment that treats or removes a certain type of wrinkles in the forehead and eyes
    • Not all people can go for Botox treatment, for example, those with allergies, medical conditions. Try to explain to the doctor or surgeon about your health history to know if you are a candidate
    • This treatment can help in restoring a better skin, complexion, and self-confidence.

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