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Hair Loss in Women


What is woman hair loss

Hair loss in women is quite different from that of men and is a real dilemma. Hair loss in women begins with thinning of hair, which later turns into a wide patch in the middle of the scalp. Treating and diagnosing hair loss in women requires great expertise

Hair loss in women & whether they can overcome it

All women lose hair by straightening, hot combing, braiding, and so on. Hair loss is normal to an extent, but there is a rate where a dermatologist must be consulted. Different hair loss cases are increasingly being examined in women of all age groups.

What triggers hair loss in women

Hair loss is caused by many factors in a woman and one may never know the cause until a consultation is made. Here are some of the causes

1. Hormonal imbalances

There are many cases that cause hormonal imbalances in women and they may include pregnancy, stress, pattern hair loss and the use of birth control pills. Typically hormonal imbalances in a woman lead to hair loss when there is the higher production of Oestrogen and DHT

2. Treatments

These include Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and any other chronic disease. This is due to interference with the body’s immune system

3. Other causes

Malfunctioning of the Thyroid gland, scalp infections, undetectable reasons, sleep deprivation, smoking, and improper care of the hair

What to do with visible hair loss?

Hair loss is a gradual process, so it is best that you notice the cycle of your hair. In the case of reduced hair growth, see a dermatologist to diagnose and prevent hair loss in the future.

Simply take a comb and pass it in your hair, when you realize a decreased density see a doctor and watch your hair care practices

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    Types of hair loss

    1. Androgenetic Alopecia

    A majority of women suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia also known as female pattern hair loss. It is due to hormonal changes and it begins with thinning of hair that results in bald patches

    2. Alopecia Areata

    It includes the following hair loss types; Alopecia Monolocularis, alopecia totalis, and Alopecia Universalis and it come third among the hair loss types. It is generally believed to be an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair cells and the follicles leading to hair loss

    3. Traction Alopecia

    This type of hair loss can be controlled and prevented when one modifies her hair care practices. Braiding and over the styling of the hair can damage the follicles and cause hair loss

    4. Scarring Alopecia

    It is uncommon but can attack any woman. It is where the hair follicles get damaged, die and leave scars that prevent further hair growth

    5. Trichotillomania

    It is rare in when, but it is when one pulls out her hair. It is a disorder that needs to be treated

    Approaches to women hair loss

    It requires maximum concern from the patient and the doctor’s side. A consultation in time with a renowned doctor can reduce the chances of further hair loss. The expert will examine and diagnose the type of hair loss after which treatment and ideal hair treatment tips are provided to a patient

    Treating women hair loss in visakhapatnam, india

    There is surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatment in Andhra Pradesh that woman can choose to overcome hair loss. Women can overcome come hair loss with the following treatments

    It is a non-surgical treatment administered in the form of injections. There are also oral tablets that can be used

    These include Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Unit Transplantation, and BIO-FUE. These require a surgeon to extract hair grafts from the donor area and then implant them aesthetically into the tiny incisions made in the recipient area. A protocol is always followed to create natural and pleasing results

    They include Platelet Rich Plasma and Mesotherapy where your blood is used to obtain a regenerative serum which is injected into the thinning area to stimulate hair growth. These therapies require a good dermatologist and you will have to get more rounds of treatments depending on your rate of hair loss

    These can’t erode bald patches, but they may be used due to limited funds for better treatment. They include wigs, hats, and braided wigs

    How to deal with hair loss

    Alter your habits and have a balanced diet regularly. Frequent styling and exposing the hair to heat should be reduced.