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Nose Correction



Nose Correction Surgery in India

On the face, a nose is the most noticeable or projected part so perfect shape of the nose can enhance your beauty by many folds. We offer the Rhinoplasty surgery or nose correction surgery in Andhra Pradesh to do some changes in your changes as per your desire.

Nose being key feature attracts lots of attention so it’s perfect shape and size is important for the beautiful appearance of the face, if you are not having perfect shaped nose then we can make it for you by performing the simple surgical procedure.

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    What is Nose Correction Surgery?

    It is also called Rhinoplasty, reshaping or nose job surgery, in which required changes are made in the nose, nasal cartilages and bone to give you the perfect and aesthetically better looking. Some people need the nose corrections due to issues with the nose due to genetic problems or some injuries, and then we can refine their large, asymmetrical, crooked, bent and unsightly nose.


    This surgical procedure is done under the local anaesthesia and sometimes under the general anaesthesia too so that you could have painless and comfortable nose refinement.

    For the open Rhinoplasty technique our cosmetic surgeon makes an incision between the nostrils at the bottom of the nose and for closed technique, the incision has been made inside the nostrils.

    Choice of open or closed Rhinoplasty depends on the presence of the external nasal scar. With the advanced surgical tools bone or cartilage is rearranged to give perfect shape to the nose and then incisions are closed. After the completion of surgery, the nose is covered with gauze or cast.

    After surgery of 1-2 hours, you may get back to your home without difficulties.

    What to Expect After Surgery?

    • After the surgery, you may experience some discomfort due to coverings but after a day this can be removed by the surgeon depending upon the case.

      For 2-3 days you can also experience some pain and swelling on the nose and even nausea due to anaesthesia given but all these are normal and get healed in a few days.

      Your throat may also be swallowed due to bleeding during surgery and some patients also complain about the vomit or fever but this happens in very rare cases, if it happens then you must consult your surgeon.

      In a few weeks, you can have the actual results without any discomfort or problems.


    1. Broad nose correction
    2. Hump nose correction
    3. Long nose correction
    4. Crooked nose correction
    5. Big or bulky nose correction
    6. Short nose with upturned tip correction

    This procedure is not performed on the patients that are in their teen age, your cosmetic surgeon can recommend you for this surgery depending on your age or physical healtht

    Yes, it is most important to know about the procedure and the looks that could have after surgery. We discuss all these things in the consultation and evaluate physical health, medical history and prepare the patient mentally for the surgery

    After surgery for few days you may experience swelling sensation or nausea like issues but after 2 weeks all these issues get disappeared and approximately after 3 weeks you could notice your improved look with refined nose

    We offer the nose correction with extreme care and best quality treatment at the low cost of Rhinoplasty surgery in Visakhapatnam so that you could have your desired look within your wallet size.

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