Breast reduction is the surgical procedure for reducing the breast volume to achieve smaller aesthetically shaped breast with concomitant relief from the potential symptoms of the large breasts. Generally, the patients undergo this surgery because of the psychological and personal embarrassment due to large breasts in younger age.



  • Breast hypertrophy or macromastia
  • Too large breasts as compared to a body frame
  • Heavy breasts causing back neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin infections and irritations under the breast fold
  • Nipples and areolas point downwards
  • A difference in size of both breasts


Only consciousness for the larger breasts is not sufficient to have this surgery as there is a need for physical and mental fitness of the candidate before the surgery. If you are having the best health and age more than 18 then you are a good candidate for this procedure


  • Surgery begins with general anaesthesia given to the patient so that a painless or comfortable procedure can proceed
  • Before the surgery, cosmetic surgeon plan for the surgery with the patient sitting up like the placement of nipple, amount of skin and breast tissue is to be removed, everything is planned beforehand so that surgery can be done accordingly
  • The techniques for the surgery depends on the volume of the breast to be reduced and the amount of skin sagging. Surgical techniques can be as follows
  • Anchor Pattern incision: it is the standard technique in which maximum reduction is possible but this method can be invasive sometimes. In this technique, incisions are done horizontally under the breast crease vertically up to nipple in an anchor pattern
  • Vertical incision: it is a less invasive technique so results in less scarring, can be used for the moderate reductions. In this technique, an incision is done around the areola and continues vertically downward to the breast crease.
  • Liposuction breast reduction: in this procedure, excess fat is removed from the breasts if the fat tissue is more than glandular tissue in breasts. Skin gets recovers over the time and patient can have natural looking breasts.


There are basically two techniques for breast enhancement

  • The fluffy dressing has been done on the breasts after the surgery and the woman can start walking after a few hours of the procedure.
  • Tube drains are inserted for the removal of fluid and blood but these are removed within 36-48 hours.
  • After surgery, the patient does not feel pain but tight pulling can be experienced in the chest
  • After 10-14 days a patient can get back to work but much physical exertion must be avoided for at least month
  • Patients are recommended to wear a cotton sports bra and underwired bras must be avoided for 6-8 weeks
  • Activities like driving a car, gym activity or fondling of the breasts must be avoided for 6-8 weeks


This surgery does not affect the breast feeding as in the surgery only certain segment of the breast gland is removed during the surgery. Milk carrying ducts are not disrupted in the procedure it means the milk feeding potential is not affected. If the woman is poor breast feeder before the surgery then it can be continue even after the surgery.


As in this procedure, significant portion of the breast tissue is removed so chances for the breast cancer also get reduced after the surgery. However, the patients are recommended for the regular screening and checkups as chances of cancer get reduced but not nullified.


This procedure gives various benefits to women as follows

  • After the reduction of breast tissues, the appearance of patient get improved by many folds
  • Large and heavy breasts pose a burden on the spine and even can cause neck, back and shoulder pain so this procedure reduced the burden of heavy breasts
  • After the procedure, you can feel the improved stamina as due to a reduction in the size of breasts, you feel lighter and do not get tired after doing regular activities
  • A heavy breast can also increase the problem for asthma patient as they increase the breathing problem and suffocation so all these problems get solved after breast reduction
  • A patient can feel more confident after surgery with perfectly shaped breasts that restore their younger look.
  • Patients after surgery can have more clothing options and get rid of the tight strap bras
  • As breast reduction surgery cost in India is not much high so it can be accessible for any woman that wants to have perfect shaped seductive breasts.