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Lip Correction


Lip Correction in Visakhapatnam

Beautiful smile and lips are the valuable asset for a person and can be seductive to make you centre of attraction in social gatherings. Any issue with your lips can dent your face appearance and look but now thanks to medical science, it is possible to shape up your lips with the lip correction surgery in Andhra Pradesh.

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    Lip Correction Surgery Can Offer Following Benefits to Patients

    • A patient can turn his odd shaped lips in the cute and beautiful lips that can escape him from embarrassment in social gatherings
    • You can shape up your lips as per your desires
    • It is a simple and effective way that can add to your beauty in just a few hours
    • The recovery period after surgery is only of 3-7 days
    • You can get the prompt results after surgery and its recovery
    • This procedure not only add to your beauty but also to the confidence level
    • Lip correction surgery cost is also not much high in India. We offer effective treatment at the reasonable cost without compromising the quality of treatment at any level


    • Mainly there are two types of surgeries that are quite common among the patients that are lip augmentation and lip reduction
    Lip Correction

    Lip Augmentation Surgery

    It is surgical procedure to shape up the very thin lips means in this minor surgical procedure very thin lips are made bolder. We use high quality and advanced materials for the enlargement of lips to give fuller and youthful look to patient.

    Lip Correction

    Lip Reduction

    Some people have fat lips that get easily highlight and even not suit to the appearance of their face, for them Lip reduction surgery can be the easy option. With the simple operation, lip tissue can be removed and the size of the lips can be reduced so that, they can look beautiful on your face. This surgery is also done under the local anaesthesia and can be 45-60 minutes; however after surgery patient can get back to his home without any difficulty. After the surgery patient may experience mild swelling, sensation or some time bleeding but all these complications are quite rare and mild, even get vanished in a few days. Lip reduction surgery cost in Vizag can vary from RS 35,000 to 65,000 depending on the removal of tissues and correction made on one or both lips

    Procedure for Lip Augmentation

    In some cases, patient’s own body fat or fascia is used for the correction but sometimes synthetic material like Gortex and Alloderm is used however both types of treatment options are safe and reliable.

    Sometimes the patient’s body does not have acceptance for the commercially available material in that case patient’s own body material can be used but otherwise, gortex has much durability to stay for a longer time.

    This surgery is also done under the local anaesthesia so that patient could not feel pain or discomfort. If the patient experience any swelling or discomfort then the cosmetic surgeon can recommend some oral medicines. We offer the safe treatment for lip enlargement at the reasonable cost of lip augmentation surgery.

    Some Other Types of Lip Correction Surgeries

    • Cleft lip palate surgery
    • Unilateral complete cleft lip with cleft of anterior jaw
    • Unilateral incomplete cleft lip
    • Unilateral incomplete cleft lip with nose deformity
    • Bilateral cleft lip
    • Bilateral cleft lip and palate

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