In this competitive era look of person matters a lot even it can become a ladder for the career in specific fields, this is the reason plastic surgery is getting common these days. People want to have immortal beauty and smarter look, that’s why facelift surgery in Andhra Pradesh is becoming common among people. A facelift is also called rhytidectomy that helps to improve your facial appearance and give you youthful look.



It is the procedure that can easily remove your aging symptoms like wrinkles and sagging skin to give you youthful look by tightening the muscles in neck and face along with removal of excess skin. due to innovative procedure of cosmetic field now it becomes easy to alter your appearance and look younger for more years.


  • Before facelift surgery, your cosmetic surgeon examine and evaluate your overall health as only best health candidates can be ideal for the surgery
  • Even before surgery your surgeon discuss you’re after looks and ask about your expectations and all the decided changes are documented to prevent future records
  • This surgery is combined with the chin augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery and forehead lift for overall improvement
  • General Anastasia is given to the patient for painless and comfortable before starting the surgery. If the procedure is small like mini face lifting then there is not much need general anaesthesia
  • Then cosmetic surgeon, make incision starting from the hairline at temple than in a front ear, around the earlobe and behind the ear. This incision ends at the scalp area.
  • Then the excess skin is removed
  • The connective tissues and sagging muscles are tightened. Apart from this fatty deposits are also removed from beneath the neck and chin
  • At the end of surgery SUPERFICIAL MUSCULO APONEUOTIC SYSTEM of the patient’s face tightens and the incision is closed with sutures
  • A dressing is wrapped around the head and drains are attached to bulbs hanging on the neck, however, these bulbs are removed within 24 hours of surgery
facelift Surgery


  • Stitches around the neck are removed in few days’ whereas the cultures in the scalp are removed in 7-10 days.
  • A patient may experience the discolouration and swelling of face after surgery but it gets vanish in two weeks. Patients are recommended to avoid the sun exposure
  • There can be mild scaring after surgery but these scars can be removed with various techniques like co2 laser treatment, skin resurfacing and scar remodelling
  • Even patient may feel numbness around the ear and face but there is nothing to worry as it gets vanish after sometime
  • Due to gradual healing process patient can notice actual results of surgery after a few months


There can be following 8 common types of face lift surgeries

  • Cutaneous or skin only facelift
  • SMAS facelift
  • Deep plane facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Mid face lift
  • Mini face lift
  • Lifestyle lift
  • Thread or feather lift


Candidates that have following issues can go for this surgery like
1. Sagging in the middle of face
2. Deep creases below the lower eyelid and along the nose extending to corner of mouth
3. Loss skin tone in lower face and excessive fat deposits under the chin and jaw
Patients that have age more than 20 can go for this surgery however generally people in the age of 40-50 opt this way to look younger. Your cosmetic surgeon generally evaluates that at particular age you could get desired results or not
These procedures are performed with state of art so that undetectable results can be given after surgery. Surgeons by utilizing their experience, knowledge and artistic skills hide the scar by natural creases of face or may be in hair
Facelift surgery cost in Vizag depends on the type of procedure taken by you and other factors like a selection of centre, surgeon, location or expectations. We offer this procedure at the justified prices
No, as you will be given general anesthesia so you will not feel any pain or discomfort





Facelift Surgery and how it will transform you

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