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Tummy Tuck Treatment in Visakhapatnam

With the age it is common to lose skin and excess of fat in both males and females, however, females are more victim of this ageing sign after the 30s. After pregnancy also some women loose skin and have an excess of fat in the lower abdomen. This ageing sign becomes embarrassing and snatches the felicity of many males and females but now nothing to worry as with the advanced procedures like tummy tuck it is easy to have a perfect shaped tummy.

A tummy tuck is also known as the Abdominoplasty in which excess of fat is removed and skin muscles are tightened to restore the perfect shape of tummy.

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    Who Can Go for This Treatment?

    This surgical procedure is suitable for both men and women but they must have the good physical and mental health. Generally, after the age of 30s women and men go for this treatment if they have excess fat deposits and loose skin around the tummy.

    This procedure is not recommended to the pregnant women however after pregnancy they can go for this surgery as per recommendations of the doctor. Even if you are planning for future pregnancy and to lose a lot of weight then also this surgery is not for you as during surgery muscles are tightened and pregnancy can separate those muscles


    Preparations Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

    After examining the physical and mental health of the patient, the surgeon discuss in detail about the procedure so that best option for a tummy tuck can be chosen from the following available options

    PARTIAL OR MINI ABDOMINOPLASTY : If you have fat deposit below the navel then this procedure is for you. It is the surgery of 2 hours in which your belly button will not be moved.

    COMPLETE ABDOMINOPLASTY : In this surgery complete contouring of skin has been done by cutting the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone involving the shifting of the belly button.

    After deciding for the surgical option, the surgeon will provide some instructions before the surgery like to quit smoking, alcohol consumption, drastic diet, avoiding some medications so that you could have the best and safe results after surgery.

    Tummy Tuck Surgery Procedure in Andhra Pradesh

    • This surgery can be 1-5 hours long depending on the case. Surgery is started by giving the general anaesthesia to the patient so that comfortable and painless surgery can be done.
    • For complete tummy tuck surgery, the horizontally oriented incision in the area between the belly button and pubic hairline is made, however, the length and shape of incision depends on the amount of excess skin
    • After that one more incision is made around the navel for the removal of excess skin in the upper abdomen
    • Upper abdominal skin is pulled down like window shade and the excess of skin is removed.
    • Remaining skin is sutured and the new opening for the belly button is created and sutured in the new position.
    • Skin incisions are closed with the skin adhesives, sutures, tapes or clips to give you flatter and firmer abdominal contour


    The patient may be asked to stay overnight in the hospital as in complete tummy tuck surgery drain tubes are fitted that are removed in 24-48 hours. Surgeon provides the important instructions for after surgical care like

    • How to care the bandage which is to give firm shape and healing of tummy
    • How to have the best position so that you can prevent pain
    • Instructions for resuming activities after surgery are given like you can resume light activities but the strenuous activities must be avoided for 6 weeks
    • Instructions for diet and exercises are given so that you could maintain your body and prevent any side effects

    Cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery or Abdominoplasty in India

    We offer the tummy tuck surgery at affordable cost with the best quality treatment provided by the experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon. Cost of the tummy tuck procedure can vary according to country, region, centre, surgeon and procedure but this cost is quite low in India as compared to other countries.

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