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Liposuction Surgery in Kakinada


The 4 Crucial Facts About Liposuction

Obesity is on the increase in the whole world. Junk food, stress, sedentary lifestyle is adding to the people afflicted with the obesity problem. While many want to sweat it out to lose their weight, some opt for surgical measures such as Liposuction. The word Lipo is derived from the word lipid which means the fat. Liposuction can be decoded to sucking out fat. It is available in many cities and one can see liposuction clinics everywhere in India. If you are in Kakinada, don’t be disappointed, for our clinic provides the facility of Liposuction Surgery in Kakinada

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    Procedure of Liposuction in Vj Clinics Kakinada

    Liposuction is also known as Lipoplasty or lipectomy. It is popularly known as the procedure which sucks out the fat from the body. It is a special surgery in which the fat cells are sucked out of the body using a tubular instrument called cannula. People normally use it to get fat removed from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, calves, and back. The patient is given a general anesthesia. The cannula, a tube-like structure is inserted under the skin after making an incision. The cannula has a high-pressure vacuum device with which it sucks out the fat under the skin. The patient will be discharged on the same day or the next day after the surgery.


    Post-surgery, the patient’s recovery period will depend on a number of factors. If the patient was given a general anaesthesia, he might have to stay for a day. In case a local anaesthesia was administered, the patient can be discharged the same day. The patient might experience numbness in the operated area for a few days. The area will be either bandaged or supported with an elastic support corset. The patient will need to take the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to keep the pain and infection at bay. Stitches will be removed during the follow-up session scheduled after a few days. Bruising will be experienced in the affected areas. The patient may experience numbness for a period of 6 -8 weeks.


    Although the process is considered completely safe, some risks and complications might be experienced. Many patients may experience severe bruising and inflammation. Bleeding or infection might be seen in some cases. Swelling or blood from the incisions may cause discomfort in some cases. In rare cases, a skin infection may be seen which could require surgery. In the rarest of rare cases, puncturing of internal organs or death (due to an inappropriate dose of anaesthesia) may be seen. Some patients might experience kidney or heart problems as the procedure involves injection and suction of fluids. The fluid injected into the body might accumulate in the lungs, causing pulmonary edema.

    Liposuction Surgery Cost

    Cost of Liposuction may vary from city to city. It will be directly proportional to the location, the infrastructure of the clinic and the experience level of the concerned surgeon. To have a rough idea, you might end up spending as low as 35000 to as high as 2 lakhs.
    This surgery has made it possible for the people to get the desired shape of the body and lock the younger look at low liposuction surgery cost in Andhra Pradesh.