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What is a Hair Transplantation Procedure? What is the Basic Difference Between Fue and Fut?

Because of aging and inheritance, many people are going through the problem of hair loss. Since the Hair Transplant Clinic in Odisha is there to render the best services, there is nothing to worry about. One must not only rely on the medical procedure only but also try to build up a healthy lifestyle. If you are amongst those who are scrolling the sites on the internet to check whether hair loss treatments are effective, then the following written information can help you.

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    Who Can Undertake Hair Transplantation?

    If we are talking about the age criteria, then 25 is considered as the minimum age for the patient to take up this surgery. One must be wondering,” Why 25?” There is a reason behind this. When one approaches the age of 25, the pattern of hair loss is clearly visible. If one sticks to take up the treatment before 25, then the surgeon will not be able to position the grafts effectively and in the right position.

    If talking about medical fitness, then yes, it is a quintessential aspect. One should be aware that he or she can not take up the treatment if they are suffering from any of the following written diseases:

    • Abnormal Blood Pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Heart Problems

    The reason for this is significant and relevant. If one is afflicted with any of the diseases, then recovery will either be delayed or render the procedure unsuccessful.

    The donor’s hair is also a critical aspect of the eligibility criteria for undergoing the hair transplantation procedure. If the donor’s hair is not able to restore itself in the recipient area, then this procedure will be unsuccessful. So donor hair assessment is done in the first session. The first session generally relates to asking questions, clearing doubts, or going through certain tests.

    Contrast Fue Against Fut

    FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction while FUT stands for Follicle Unit Transplantation. Both stratagems differ in their extraction, recovery, and scarring aspects. Nonetheless, both are the same when we are discussing its implantation procedure and results.

    Extraction of Grafts

    Follicular unit extraction involves the stratagem to pick out the grafts from the donor area (the area whose hair can be transplanted in the bald area). Nonetheless, follicular unit transplantation involves the procedure of picking out small strips of hair from the rear side of the head.

    Surgical Procedure

    Both the stratagem involves the surgeries. The difference is only based on the intensity of pervasiveness. FUE is less invasive as it involves implantation of grafts whereas FUT is more invasive because of the individuality nature of the surgery.

    Recovery Procedure

    FUE takes very less time to rehabilitate while FUT takes more time to rehabilitate. The rehabilitation time is dependent on the pervasiveness of the procedure.

    Stitching and Scarring

    FUE produces scars but they are of very small size just like dots. Because of their size, they are not even visible. Moreover, FUE does not end with stitches. While FUT produces linear scars. There is the incorporation of stitches at the end of the procedure. These stitches are required for the area itself.

    Is PRP the best solution for hair loss?

    PRP is a procedure and an abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma. It is a kind of technique that contributes to producing the significant density of hair and promoting the growth cells which are highly accountable for the growth of new hairs.

    This stratagem first of all involves the extraction of blood from the patent. Then this blood undergoes a procedure namely centrifugation. In this procedure, the constituents or elements which are rich in growth factors, are extracted and injected into the hair loss area.

    Hair Transplant Cost in Bhubaneswar

    Hair transplant cost differs according to:

    • Level of Baldness
    • Number of grafts required to carry out the whole process
    • Experience of the surgeon
    • Result guarantee

    Final Thoughts

    Some people may change their notion of getting treated with the hair transplantation procedure after hearing its cost. Nonetheless, a Hair transplant may cost a bit more but the emergence of results will gratify you. If you are looking for a qualified and trained surgeon’s supervision for undergoing this procedure, consult us.


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