Hair Transplantation for Women in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hair Transplant in Women


Women Hair Transplant in India

Losing hair is like the nightmare for women as hair is part of their identity so it is quite obvious to get worried after noticing the abrupt hair fall. Even when women notice excessive hair loss or thinning of hair then they get panic.

In such a panic situation, women try various hair care products and the treatments that could restore their valuable asset. Surgical hair transplantation is among the best option for females as it will give them lifetime assurance for hair restoration.

What is hair transplant in women?

In the earlier days, it was the perception among all that hair transplant is only for the men but today’s advanced procedure has made it possible for women to get hair restoration without being noticed. This procedure can work in the same way as like in men but only there are few kinds of hair loss situations in which this procedure can work effectively.

Conditions in which successful hair transplant in women can be done

How is women hair transplant done in Vizag?

Same as the hair transplant in men, in females also surgical procedure remains the same. In the procedure, follicular units are extracted from the donor area and the grafts are then transplanted in the thinning or bald areas of women
In case of females also there is a need to evaluate the candidacy of the patient depending upon the various conditions as follows

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    Steps for women hair transplant in Andhra Pradesh


    In case of female hair transplant, our team put extra efforts and care for extraction of grafts so that there could be no damage to the donor area. Extraction of grafts is done on the basis of requirement for density and desired look.


    Same like men, grafts are extracted and transplanted in women hair transplantation. Grafts are placed in the tiny holes or slits without leaving any hole empty. While transplantation of follicles our expert surgeon keep in mind the angle, direction and distance of existing hair so that natural look can be given to patient after surgery

    Difference between transplant in men and women?

    Surgical hair restoration is possible for both men and women but as hair pattern, texture and style can be different in both genders and also the hair loss so also the hair transplant. Men generally have the baldness in the crown area or receding hairline problem whereas women suffer from the bald patches or the thinning of hair so in both the genders this procedure can differ as follows