Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag | Best Plastic Surgeon in Andhra Pradesh, India

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag | Best Plastic Surgeon in Vizag

Beauty is always within a person and at our clinic that beauty is brought out by the best and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

Body Procedures

The experts at Dr. VJs Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Visakhapatnam are well trained and experienced to make every possible change happen in you. Here, are the procedures performed at our profound clinic

Arm Lift

Also known as Brachioplasty, arm lift procedure can help remove fat pockets from your arm that makes your arm formless. This procedure leaves you with a firm arm and well shaped. It is performed by doctors who are well-trained and experienced to make your body perfect.


Abdominoplasty is a procedure performed on men and women to remove excessive fat from the middle or the lower abdomen. This procedure is differently performed on patients since it is categorized into different types. There can be a complete abdominoplasty, a partial one or a combined abdominoplasty. In the different types, fat is removed and the muscles are tightened


Liposuction is aimed at removing fat from any part of the body with an intention of creating a better body shape. Liposuction surgeries are at times dangerous for patients, especially those with a poor health condition and they require a proficient surgeon to carry them out. You can have this surgery at our clinic to avoid any complications and risks that can be caused due to the negligence of unskilled surgeons.

Varicose Veins

This happens mostly in women and it is caused by different reasons. This problem is corrected to allow proper flow of blood and relieve pain. There are non-surgical ways like Sclerotherapy used to correct this issue. The legs are then shaped to overcome deformities and swollenness

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is perfectly performed at our clinic in combination with Liposuction to contour the body. The expert examines you and makes sure that you have the best body shape at the end of the surgery. As we all know, our bodies speak a lot about ourselves, so, have a positive bodily appearance and have the eyes on you wherever you go

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    Breast Procedures

    Breasts are so important to a woman, but in some cases, they tend to become uncontrollable due to the hormonal imbalances that may be experienced by the patient. Breast procedures can be performed in men and women, depending on the purpose for which the procedure is performed for. The surgeries are;

    Breast Augmentation

    This procedure is performed on women who have lost the shape of their breasts due to aging, excessive weight loss, and small breasts. It allows the breasts to be increased to the desirable shape that matches the rest of the body. The fat transfer technique can be used; Silicone or saline implants and Gummy bear breast implants. The best technique can be used in our clinic to help you enjoy the results for a longer period of time.

    Breast Reduction

    In the breast reduction surgery, fat is removed to reduce the size of the breast. This is mainly done in women with large and big breasts that cause them discomfort and pain. Have a pain free procedure at our clinic and at the same time give no chances to complications. The breasts are shaped according to their body structure with the help of our experts and in the end; you feel light and can dress up in a better way.


    In some cases, men are faced with this problem where they grow up with a breast tissue due to hormonal imbalances within them. The breast tissue underneath is removed using endoscopy. Liposuction can as well be used for the surgery. Come into Dr. VJ’s clinic and get rid of it for a perfect bodily appearance as a man

    Face Procedures

    We perform all kinds of facial surgeries beginning with face lifts, Blepharoplasty, Lip correction and Nose jobs. All kinds of skin and face disorders are left at our clinic in Andhra Pradesh and properly treated to leave no scars and marks on your face.

    Face Lifts

    This facial surgery can be performed to remove all wrinkles and unwanted marks in the face to make it appear younger and attractive. The procedure is performed at our clinic with maximum attention to avoid scarring and give the best looks to the person. It can be used by women who suffer from a changed face due to aging, stress and other causes


    It is done to reshape and repair the eyelids. Excessive fat, tissue, and skin are removed from the upper eyelid part to make you look younger and with a firm face. The falling eyelids are gotten rid of in three different ways. It can be the upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery or both surgeries performed on a patient. There are no scars, pain, and infections involved in the procedure.

    Lip Correction

    Also known as Lip augmentation is performed to enhance the appearance of the lips. Lip fillers can be used to increase their size. In other cases, the size of the lips may be reduced depending on what the patient requires. The expert in cosmetic surgeries will guide you in attaining the best results in all the surgeries needed.

    Nose Correction

    It can be called Rhinoplasty, nose job and so on. Aesthetical skills are used in our clinic to correct the shape of the nose. The cartilage and the bone of the nose can be modified to attain the desired look and at the same time keeping in mind the functions of the nose. Our expert will help you to avoid all complications while reshaping your nose.

    Genitals Procedures

    Cosmetic Gynecology procedures and male genital surgeries are performed at our clinic for both medical reasons and improved function of the parts in men and women. Treating any health condition with the private parts can effectively be done to allow full body function and at the end, you are wholly happy

    Cosmetic Gynecology

    Different procedures like Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, Clitoral hood reduction and much more are performed at our clinic. This procedure tightens the loose vaginal parts and they are all also cleaned. We believe that being beautiful must apply to all other body parts and not the face only. Complete your beauty with the simple techniques used at our clinic and walk confidently.

    Male Genital Surgery

    Different problems can affect the genitals of a man starting with trauma, accidents, sexual diseases, and injuries. The different penile issues can be corrected through having testicular implants, scrotal reduction and having a penile enlargement.


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