If you are concerned for the excess skin and fat in the arms and having imperfections in arms then Arm Lift In Andhra Pradesh is the best solution for you. This cosmetic procedure enables the removal of excess skin and the fat from arms and even corrects the imperfections of the upper arms to improve the overall physical appearance of the arms.



Brachioplasty or Arm Lift can be chosen as the cosmetic solution in the following cases

  • When you have sagging skin due to extreme weight loss
  • Sagging and stretched skin due to the age factor
  • Tenacious fat pockets
  • Sagging arms that become a hindrance for proper functioning for doing normal activities
  • The desire to gave better looking and toned arms


For the arm lift following can be treatment options for the patient

Standard Brachioplasty
It is the standard form of Brachioplasty, in which the excess fat and skin is removed from the armpit to elbows

Extended Brachioplasty It is the extension to last standard arm lift procedure in which along with the removal of excess fat and skin from the armpit, from the sides of chests is also removed.

Minimal incision arm lift
AIt is the best solution for the patients that have the moderate amount of skin sagging and fat to be removed. In the procedure excess skin is removed and tucked under armpit where scar lies discreetly.

It is the best option for excessive fat in arms but the patient has skin that is elastic enough to shrink back in original form but if the patient does not have skin elasticity then it can be given as added procedure with normal arm lift procedure.


Candidates are good for this cosmetic surgery if they have a large amount of weight and loose skin. Patient must have aged more than 18 and must be physical, mentally fit and prepared for the surgery. Candidates that have realistic expectations from the surgery are considered as good candidates.


  • Initially, general anaesthesia is given to the patient for painless and comfortable surgery. It is just the procedure of an hour.
  • Then cosmetic surgeon made the incision along with the side of the upper arm
  • Unwanted fat, tissues and the excess skin is removed
  • The incision is closed with stitches to restore the nice shape of the arm

The incision made in the inner side or upper arm depends on the amount of excess skin and fat but usually are made inside or back side of the arm that continues down from the Axilla just short of the elbow. In the last of surgery, tissues are tightened and restructured to give firm and smooth contour.


After surgery arms are bandaged for at least week until the removal of stitches. The patient can resume his work after a week but the lifting of heavy objects and the activities that require vigorous arm movements must be avoided for at least six weeks.

After surgery patient can have grafting results as perfect shaped arms in proportion with your body are restored without any side effects and discomfort


We provide this treatment at affordable cost by making sure that patient has not to sacrifice the quality of treatment at any level starting from the knowledgeable consultation, utmost care pre and post surgery and during the surgery.

Cost of the procedure varies with the extent of the problem, procedure, choice of centre and surgeon, expectations of the patient but on an average basis, it can vary from 2000 USD to 2500 USD in India.



Arm Lift surgery

An Arm Lift surgery in India

The loose skin may come after weight loss, liposuction or aging. The loose skin may occur in the upper arm or the lower arm and through the arm lift surgery, the arms are properly reshaped. An arm lift is also known as a Brachioplasty a surgical procedure that eliminates excessive sagging skin that falls downwards.