Oxybrasion Treatment in Vizag, India | Oxybrasion Treatment Cost in Andhra Pradesh

 Oxybrasion Treatment

Oxybrasion Treatment - Requisite to Do Wonders for Skin

Oxybrasion Treatment is one of the practical and preeminent treatments to beautify the skin. The choice of Oxybrasion Treatment in Vizag allows a rightful approach to target the number of skin concerns offering instant and accurate results. With the increase in new methods and techniques, oxybrasion has started to gain a lot of attention over time, considering the perfect results it creates, and that too within the minimal time.

Procedure of Oxybrasion Treatment

The oxybrasion treatment works against the choice to offer results against the anti-aging approach and helps target the skin’s upper layer. The treatment requires supersonic jet technology that addresses the different skin problems without suction. The method works by offering gentle results against wrinkle reduction. On average the Oxybrasion Treatment Cost in Vizag can begin anywhere from Rs 1500 and go higher depending on your concern. Here’s how the method of oxybrasion treatment works:

  • During the treatment, the cosmetic surgeon performs intense exfoliation to target the dead skin cells by using oxygen (an elixir for the skin) and saline flow. Oxygen works best against stimulation and boosts collagen fiber in the body. Most importantly, the treatment aims towards working properly against the skin surface.
  • Through exfoliation, the skin won’t get irritated. Additionally, it targets well upon reducing the scar visibility.

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    Benefits of Oxybrasion Treatment

    There are various benefits of oxybrasion treatment:.

    • It Helps offers effective results against improving skin color, tone, and texture
    • Helps the skin to get the appropriate benefits of oxygen
    • Reduce blackheads
    • Helps the pores to get tight
    • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    • Helps to lessen the presence of age spots
    • Boost the hair follicles well-being
    • Allows the discoloration to get lighten down
    • Helps to improve the overall scar appearance

    Ideal candidate for oxybrasion

    Some of the ideal candidates for oxybrasion treatment are:

    • Looking to target the face and body
    • Have scars
    • Milia and blackheads
    • Enlarged pores
    • Dry skin or seborrhea
    • Keloids and scars
    • Skin damage due to sun
    • Spots
    • Discoloration and staining
    • Stretch marks
    • Loose skin
    • Rough skin
    • Fine wrinkles
    • Psoriasis
    • Atopic dermatitis skin

    Not an ideal candidate for oxybrasion

    There’s the list that denotes who is not an ideal candidate for oxybrasion treatment, like:

    • Going through bacterial infection
    • Erosions
    • Skin cancer or any other similar issue
    • Fungal problem
    • Bacterial infection
    • Sinusitis or cold
    • Have herpes problem
    • Undergoing anti-acne therapy

    Please Note!

    If you are undergoing any kind of facial therapy, you need at least a three-month break from the same to enjoy the results of oxybrasion treatment. To know more about the same, it’s better that you talk to a cosmetic surgeon about the same.

    Treatment Sessions of Oxybrasion

    To enjoy the appropriate results of the treatment, it’s important to get at least 6 to 8 sessions. Make sure these are carried out at least once every week. One session can take up to 30 minutes each day. Make sure that after the session, you seek proper care by following the right diet plan and all the essential lifestyle habits suggested by the doctor.

    Final Word

    Oxybrasion is an effective approach to targeting skin problems and issues. If you want something non-surgical that provides appropriate results within a minimal period, then this is the choice that you should go for. To know more about the treatment schedule, initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar at Vj’s Clinic. Don’t hesitate to ask away your concerns.

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