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Beard and Moustaches Transplant in India by Dr. C. Vijay Kumar

The fashion trends keep changing and to be able to boast the latest trend that is going on in the fashion street a person must be capable enough. For example, the trend of the beard boys, the beard of a man which was earlier considered as the sign of masculinity in men is not just that anymore, rather now with the tread of the beard boys, every young and middle-aged man wants a dense and natural beard to show off on their faces.

Most commonly boys develop beards in the pubic teenage years of their youth but some males don’t have this prerequisite of being a male and rather miss it dearly. But to their consonance, the technology has advanced enough to make sure that they are not deprived of their wish to have a healthy beard. Now a day’s beard transplants are not a taboo and the growth they give is quite similar to the natural growth. The global scenario has made it possible to have the beard transplant in Andhra Pradesh also. 

To understand the concept completely we first need to take a look at the reasons because of which there is an absence of a healthy beard. The main reasons which have been found to be the causes in such a case are the prevalence of a genetic precondition, an illness, an accident, an infection etc..

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    What is Beard Transplant?

    A beard transplant is the surgery through which the hair on the cheeks and chin (ideally where the beard would be) are restored. This technique can be used to create growth from scratch or to make the already existing beard thicker. The surgery has three defined stages though which the beard is completely transplanted

    Beard Transplant Process


    The examination of the area where the beard need to be transplanted and finding a good donor source which would suffice the needed grafts. The doctor attending the patient must completely be aware of the design that would satisfy the patients’ needs and wants. Then a series of simple blood tests are done to make sure you are in the best of your health for the surgery to go smoothly.


    Once the stage has been set, the surgery is performed under the influence of anesthesia to make sure the procedure is painless. Once the process starts the doctor will first demarcate the areas where the grafts need to be planted, then the doctor will get the grafts either from the back or the sides of your head. This process is majorly done using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. Then these grafts are implanted in the areas which require the transplant. But this needs to be done cautiously as the grafts should be implanted just the way a natural growth would grow and look. The surgery does not leave any scars or marks on the face and healing is also very fast.


    Once the beard transplant has been completed the post operation precautions must be taken care of. The respective doctor will explain the dos and don’ts to the patient and give a briefing of how face would be required to be treated with extra care because of the newly installed grafts and the shaving of the beard would not be allowed initially for a period of about 12-15 days.

    Once the complete process has been completed the patient can enjoy a natural looking beard, but there are certain points that need to be kept in mind before going for the surgery:

    Why Get a Beard Hair Transplant at Vj Clinics?

    • The patients need to keep realistic expectation from the beard transplant and don’t expect a heavy full growth of the beard.
    • The procedure takes time to settle in and the patients should wait for the results to flourish completely.
    • There should be above average growth in the donor areas i.e. the back and the sides of the head.

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