">Gynecomastia Surgery in Kakinada

Gynecomastia Surgery in Kakinada

Gynecomastia – a condition which many face

We often see men with enlarged breasts also called Gynecomastia find its Symptoms, Causes, & Surgery Treatment cost here. Such a problem can be seen commonly these days. In this condition, the males have a breast like that of a female. The reason is excess of breast tissue in the area which causes the chest to sag and stretching in the areola region (the area surrounding the nipple) can also be seen. People suffering from such a condition experience lack of self-confidence. They might suffer from low self-esteem. They may also end up avoiding physical intimacy with their partners. But they need not take the condition in a negative way. It is conducted in various parts of the country. It is possible to undergo a Gynecomastia Surgery in Kakinada.

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Gynecomastia surgery

This surgery is undertaken to rectify the chest of men suffering from Gynecomastia.It is better known as reduction mammaplasty. It is used to treat Gynecomastia. The reason for such a condition might be hormonal changes, effect of certain medication, heredity or obesity. The condition is often characterized by the excess development of tissue, the presence of unilateral or bilateral breasts. Excess localized fat and sometimes excess breast skin may also be seen.

The procedure of Gynecomastia surgery

The treatment procedure of the condition is done by the surgical removal of the excess fat. Sometimes, both Liposuction and surgical fat removal may be used. Usually, the excision technique is used which comprises of surgical removal of fat from the lower half of the areola after making an incision. After extraction of fat, the incision is sutured back. In extreme cases, it might call for repositioning of the nipple.

If liposuction is used, it comprises of using a cannula (a hollow tube) to be inserted into the areola region. The cannula is then moved back and forth to loosen and suck out the fat tissues.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Process

Who can opt for the procedure?

Any person in good overall health can opt for the surgery. People who don’t indulge in abuse of alcohol and drugs are ideal candidates too. Men who have tried other methods and have not seen any improvement in their condition can opt for the procedure. People not suffering from any life-threatening conditions also fulfill the prerequisite. But one needs to have a positive approach to the surgery and have realistic expectations.

Cost – how to work it out?

The cost may vary according to the geographic location and the infrastructure of the clinic. Mostly, the cost mentioned doesn’t include the pre and post-surgical expenses. Sometimes, the cost of anesthesia might also be excluded. It is better to be sure of the cost, so clear your doubts beforehand. The most crucial factor in determining the cost of the surgery is the experience of the surgeon. An experienced surgeon will definitely be more expensive than a lesser known surgeon. Cost of Post-surgery garments, medication after the surgery, tests to be conducted before the surgery needs to be worked out to get the final estimate.

What to expect before the surgery ?

It is better that you discuss various aspects of your body and health with the surgeon before the surgery. You should be able to give the surgeon a fair idea of your expectations. Further, keep them well informed about your medical condition and allergies. You should also brief them about current medication, tobacco use or if you are on steroids. You should also mention your previous surgeries if any. Your surgeon will examine the shape and size of the area to be treated and discuss the possible options with you. It is recommended that you be clear in your response and cooperate fully with him to make the surgery a success.

A Word about hair transplant

Hair Transplant is also an emerging trend nowadays for hair loss treatment. The procedure has gained a lot of popularity in many countries. Hair transplant procedure is often taken up as the last resort for hair revival after all other methods have been tried out. The process involves grafting of hair from the donor area to the recipient area. Usually, the balding area has less hair growth and the area on the side and back has more growth. In Hair transplant, the hair from the areas which have a substantial hair growth is extracted and grafted on to the balding area. Hair Transplant is a technique which involves transplanting of hair from the donor area to the recipient area. The donor area and the recipient area are clearly marked after a thorough discussion with the doctor. The balding areas are the recipient area and the region with the presence of hair is the donor area. The scalp is numbed using a local anesthesia. Using a scalpel, the surgeon removes an area of the scalp which has hair growth. The scalp is stitched back. The scalp removed is separated into small portions. Hair extracted from these pieces are implanted on the recipient area using a needle.A fter the grafting, the scalp is bandaged. The bandages are removed after 10 days. You will notice a spurt in hair growth after a few days or months.

Number of graftsMinimum costMaximum costNo. of sittings
Upto 100025,000350001

What Are The Advantages?

For men following can be the benefits of hair transplantation

  • Restoration of the desired look with full head of hair

  • Restoring the lost confidence and self esteem with younger and smarter look

  • It is the permanent solution for the bald spots and even can be done for the complete baldness problem in men

  • After hair restoration men can have any desired hair style including the short length of hair.

  • Transplanted hair can be colored, styled, trimmed or cut according to desires


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