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Stem Cell Therapy


Stem Cell Therapy in India

Abrupt and continuous hair fall or damage can be depressant for all so it can keep everyone haunting every day. With the advancement in the technology, it is possible today to get the effective treatment for hair loss including surgical and non-surgical options.

If we talk about the non-surgical options for treating the hair loss then stem cell therapy in Visakhapatnam has been counted as one of the effective treatments.

Stem cell therapy is the non-surgical procedure to stimulate and regrowth of hair follicles. In the middle of follicles, stem cells are present that ensures the continuous supply of cells so help in the multiplication of hair cells and hence lead to the restoration of hair.

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    Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Andhra Pradesh

    Hair follicles are present into the scalp and from these follicles, the hair grows out, so for the healthy growth of hair there is need of healthy and active follicles and if these follicles are damaged or dead then these can prevent the hair growth.

    After the great research work, it has been proved that stem cells can be used to stimulate the cells that can help in the growth of new follicles so ultimate in the hair growth.

    During the therapy scaffolding which is enriched with stem cells and growth factors, is injected in the scalp of the patient so this leads to the orientation of hair follicles in the right direction and promotes the hair growth by fighting with hair loss.

    These stem cells basically send the signals to the shrunken follicles which generally shrink due to age or some deficiencies. Chemical signals of stem cells help to regenerate and growth of new and healthy hair.

    Stem Cell Therapy: the Process

    In this procedure, initially some of your hair follicles are taken by the specialists and then these are processed in the lab to produce the more stem cells. Generally, 500 hair follicles can be used to produce 1 lakh hair.

    In the second stage of this therapy, processed stem cells are inserted onto the scalp for hair growth. The sittings required for this therapy totally depends on the extent of baldness.

    In the alternative procedure of this therapy patient’s own blood is taken out and centrifuged to separate the growth factors and then injected into the scalp to stimulate the hair growth.

    Benefits of the Stem Cell Treatment

    Stem cell therapy is the revolutionary treatment option for the hair loss and it can give following benefits to patients

    • It is the permanent and sure shot solution for the baldness and thinning of hair
    • It is the safe way as the stem cells for processing this treatment are taken from the patient’s own body so there is not any risk of infection or side effects
    • It is the non-invasive procedure for hair loss and it can be done without pain, cut, stitches and scars
    • It is done under anaesthesia so cause no discomfort to the patient
    • It is an affordable treatment option for hair loss due to less cost of stem cell therapy as compared to other treatments
    • Prompt results within a month

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