Laser Circumcision Surgery Cost in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India


Circumcision Surgery in India

Circumcision is a surgical removal done for the skin covering present on the penis tip. In many cases, the procedure is performed for newborn boys. Although, young boys and adults can get a circumcision at any age to get the desired issue addressed. So, even if you are 35, you can get yourself the benefit of circumcision. All those looking to get Circumcision Treatment in India should seek assistance from one of the known healthcare providers to plan everything the right way for them.

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    What's the reason to perform circumcision?

    Circumcision is a cultural or religious ritual for many religions. Not just that, but Circumcision Surgery in Vizag is even done to maintain health & boost the person’s overall hygiene in all ways. You might not know this, but there are several ‘Health Benefits of Circumcision.’ Let’s talk you through them one by one:

    • Hygiene part gets better in all ways: With circumcision, it gets easier to wash the penis. Those who have not undergone the treatment need to get the foreskin present beneath it cleaned regularly.
    • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection: There is a reduced risk of urinary tract infection as the studies have shown that such risk is higher in males who have not undergone the treatment for laser circumcision in Vizag. Moreover, delaying the problem might increase the risk of getting kidney issues.
    • Reduced risk of STDs: If a male partner is circumcised, their risk of having STDs lowers. That does not mean they can get themselves involved in unwanted sexual practices.
    • Reduced risk of penile tissue: With the circumcision, the foreskin is removed to reduce inflammation chances on the foreskin or penis head.

    Undergoing circumcision is not going to affect fertility or even enhance sexual performance.

    Is circumcision a painful treatment?

    Being a surgical treatment, you can expect some pain. However, with modern technology and an improved approach, medications and anesthesia are administered, which helps in reducing the discomfort. So, during or after the surgery, you won’t feel much pain. It’s just the slight discomfort that is common to have.

    How should I prepare myself for circumcision?

    During the initial consultation, the medical expert will ultimately enlighten you about the Circumcision Treatment benefits, risks, and treatment plan. Being aware and informed is all-important so that the entire surgical approach goes the right way. Your written consent is taken before the procedure. Here’s the proper breakdown of what happens during and after the procedure.

    What happens during Circumcision treatment?

    • Treatment for newborn circumcision: The treatment is done within ten days after birth. The baby is laid on the back, and legs & arms are restrained to avoid movement. Anesthesia is administered on the penis base, and then cream is applied. The doctor will place a plastic ring or special clamp on the penis to remove the extra skin. The entire procedure takes around 10 minutes to perform.
    • Treatment for older adults circumcision: The way of circumcision is the same for older boys and adults. However, it should be done under general anesthesia.

    What happens after the circumcision treatment?

    • Recovery time for circumcision: Around ten days are needed for the penis to heal. Initially, the penis tips are slightly sore, red, and swollen. Slight yellow fluid is even expected on the penis tip.
    • Washing the penis after treatment: You can wash the penis as it heals. For newborn babies, with every diaper change, apply petroleum jelly on the penis tips.
    • Plastic ring falls off: Instead of a bandage, if there is a plastic ring, it falls on its own within seven days. Make sure that you wash the area like normal as it heals.

    Who is not a suitable candidate for circumcision?

    The healthcare provider can delay or avoid giving treatment in some instances, like:

    • Facing medical health issues
    • Born prematurely
    • Diagnosed with a physical problem with the penis, which needs surgery

    Are there any risks of circumcision?

    Circumcision is a safe treatment. No doubt, being a surgical method, you can expect some risks, and even the doctor will address the same at first. The possible risk factors are:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Reaction to anesthesia
    • Pain
    • Cutting the foreskin too long or too short
    • Irritation on the penis tip
    • Meatitis (penis opening is inflamed)

    If the healing is not proper or not following all the necessary instructions given by the doctor, there will be an issue. In this situation, surgery is needed.

    How much is the cost of circumcision?

    The cost of laser circumcision surgery in India cost around Rs 30,000. Well, that’s an average amount, and your doctor will tell you about the same depending on your condition and by taking all the necessary factors into account.

    Do I need to consult the doctor after circumcision?

    Circumcision is a safe procedure. There are fewer chances that you have any compilation. Although, in case you notice any of the given things, then better consult the doctor:

    • Continuous bleeding
    • Foul-smelling drainage on the penis tip
    • The plastic ring does not fall off after two weeks
    • The urination cycle does not get back to normal within 12 hours

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