Lipoma Removal Surgery Cost in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Lipoma Surgery


Are you looking for Lipoma Removal?

At Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center you will get the most sound advice and personalized lipoma removal treatment at Vizag. Depending on the lipoma on the body, like the forehead, legs, arms, and body, the doctor will give you the lipoma treatment plan. Lipoma moves even when you put one finger pressure on it. Lipoma is not a cancer type which makes it harmless. Does lipoma bother you or keep on growing? Get surgery.

What is a Lipoma?

Lipoma, in medical terms, refers to the condition of fatty tissues in the form of a lump. Lipoma is soft and squidgy on touch & it can quickly move from one direction to another. The development is not because of a particular factor as even healthy individuals get it. Sometimes, the total count of lipoma is more than one, and it can even run in families.
Do you have this condition and wondering whether to get Lipoma Surgery in Vizag or not? Seek the correct information by consulting our medical expert and then make the final choice. Bear in mind that lipoma surgery is simple to do when it’s small.

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    What Are the Reasons for Removing Lipoma?

    In most cases, no need for lipoma removal, but if it pains, undergo surgery. Some of the significant reasons you need to consult the Lipoma Doctor in Visakhapatnam for its removal are:

    • Removal for aesthetic purpose
    • Lipoma keeps on growing and has become easy to notice
    • Lipoma is in a sensitive area and awkward
    • Lipoma is growing
    • It’s triggering tenderness and discomfort
    • The doctor advises removing it clinically because there is no clarity on reason

    What are the Causes of a Lipoma?

    The primary reason is not known. Studies have shown that a factor of genetics plays an essential role in it. Although, a few factors increase the person’s risk of developing lipoma:

    • Age between 40 to 60
    • Genetics (Runs in families)

    How is Lipoma Diagnosed?

    The doctor diagnoses lipoma by doing several tests like:

    • Physical examination
    • Tissue sample removal or lab examination
    • Imaging test or X-ray along with CT Scan & MRI

    The diagnosis is crucial to analyze better about the situation and accordingly

    How is Lipoma Treated?

    As mentioned above, there is a requirement for surgical removal in some cases. But, if you notice pain, don’t delay and seek medical assistance. For lipoma treatment, the possible options like:

    • Surgical removal
    • Lipoma surgery means taking it out from the specific body part. No doubt, the chances of recurrence are less. Some of the most common side-effects are:
    • With a modern approach, the doctor uses minimal excision extraction, which reduces the chances of scarring.
    • Liposuction
    • Liposuction treatment uses a needle and syringe to extract the fatty lump-like presence in specific body parts.

    How Much is the Cost of Lipoma Treatment?

    On average, the lipoma treatment cost is around Rs 30,000. Depending on your condition, the doctor will better tell you the total lipoma removal treatment cost.

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