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 Acne Treatment


Acne Treatment in India

Acne is the common problem for all at one time or another. It mainly occurs on the face. Chest, neck, back or upper arm due to the plugging of pores so results into the comedones mean white or blackheads. Continuous production of oil by the plugged pores leads to the bacterial growth and the inflammation. In such conditions result from scan be severe in the form of painful acne.
Spots are the after-effects of acne that can affect your face and even sometimes the other areas too.

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    When I Need to Visit Dermatologist for Acne Treatment in Visakhapatnam?

    Acne is the common problem in the adult and teenage but the severe results of this condition can be prevented with proper care. In the following situation, you need a dermatologist in Andhra Pradesh

    • When the acne problem so severe that it makes you feel shy and embarrassed
    • When the acne problem adversely affects the optimistic outlook of your life
    • When all over the counter products and home remedies got to fail to treat your acne
    • When the condition turned severe that you got the puss filled and painful lesions and even the white and blackhead reddened spots on the skin
    • In case if you have the dark skin and the acne lesion got clear and leaves the darker patches


    For the acne, problem patient can get the treatment in the following conditions

    White Heads : Whiteheads generally form when the follicles or pores get plugged with sebum and dead skin. This condition is treated by using the natural oils in specific combination that can remove whiteheads. Generally, 3-6 sessions depending on the problem, are performed for the better results of the treatment.

    Black Heads : Blackheads are the tiny blemishes that look like the black dots and this is caused when the debris inside the follicles got oxidized. These black spots are treated by using the combination of natural oils and the peels. Black dots can be treated in the 6-8 sessions as per requirement and problem

    Papules : This condition occurs when the dead skin cells under the skin cause inflammation so as a result papule comes to the fore which can be small or medium in size. For the treatment of this condition generally, the specialists can prescribe for the topical agents like 2.5% benzoyl peroxide or the salicylic acid get to control the inflammation.

    Severe Acne : Sometimes patients got to suffer from the large inflamed blemishes that last for the months it is the severe acne problem that could be in the form of cysts, nodules or acne conglobata. In such conditions, isotretinoin or spironolactone can be prescribed by the certified doctors.

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