Giga & Mega Sessions of Hair Transplant in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Giga Sessions


Giga Sessions Hair Transplant in India

The advent of technology has made it possible for the patients that have severe baldness in one or two sessions. VJ’s centre ensures hair restoration in one or two sessions to the people that wish to cover a larger area of the bald head.

What is Giga Session Hair Transplant?

We offer the hair transplantation with the two options

Mega Session Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam

This session is done with the follicular unit extraction method by extracting the hair from scalp as well as from body hair. In the mega session 4000-4200 grafts are extracted at one time to transplant in the bald areas.

Giga Session Hair Transplant in Andhra Pradesh

We are pioneers in providing Giga sessions in which 5000 or more hair are extracted. In these sessions follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction procedures are combined.


This session cannot be suitable for all so the candidacy of this session is decided on following conditions

  • Patient must have sufficient supply for the grafts
  • The surgeon must be experienced in performing giga sessions and his team must have the capability to complete procedure
  • Extraction tool must have good dissector capability
  • Even the transplantation process must be fast to minimize the out of body time for the follicles.


We perform Giga sessions by combining the follicular extraction method and the follicular unit transplant method carefully so that optimized outcomes can be ensured. This procedure is done for the more than 5000 grafts. 

We extract the hair follicles not only from the scalp but also from the body parts. In this session initially the strip of hair follicles is removed and then with the FUE sessions, unit by unit hair follicles are extracted as per the requirements of the patient.

Advantages of Giga Session Hair Transplant

With the giga sessions patients can have following benefits

  • As the session is of one or two sittings so the patient can have the results immediately
  • In the first session bald spots can be covered and in the next session patient can have the required density of hair
  • This session limits the visits of patient to the center
  • These sessions are also cost effective as the patient can save the cost of multiple sessions



  • Sessions are given by the experienced surgical team
  • Efficient and hardworking team of the technicians and staff that assist the surgical team in each session
  • Ultra modern operating rooms equipped with advanced tools and technology that can make extraction and transplantation faster
  • Proper graft storage


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