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Body Hair Transplant


Body Hair Transplant in India

There is nothing that adds more to person’s personality than a good head of hair. In the first glance the thing that gets noticed the most is the hair, but not all are blessed with lustrous and dense tresses which they can boast of. With the advancement in technology we see that people have been able to overcome this hindrance. The science and technology today have enabled the doctors to treat such things with finesse.

What is Body Hair Tranplant?

When it comes to HT usually the hair that are transplanted are taken from the head itself, but in certain cases the head cannot act as the donor area and other avenues are searched for which can provide a dense and high quality hair growth. Usually this case is when the patients have already gone through many other surgeries and the donor area is weak, or when they have caught some sort of alopecia. A weak donor area is bound to give a result of the same quality. The technique used to overcome this problem is the body hair transplant. With the changing times, body hair transplant in India is also possible.

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    How is a Body Hair Transplant Done?

    In this process the other body parts act as the donor areas for the extraction of healthy hair follicles. The body part may vary from the beard, to chest, arms and legs also. Some people may call these specific body part transplants like chest and arm hair transplant, but in fact it means the chest or the arm to act as the donor area for the transplant. There is a little difference with respect to the hair texture and thickness but when there is no other suitable donor area this technique is highly useful. As far as the side effects of this treatment is concerned there is barely any, because this technique mostly never leaves scars. The hair are extracted in this process using special punches that rarely leave any marks behind. This process starts when all the physiological needs with regard to the transplant are met. Then the hair follicles from the different part of the body are transferred to the scalp.

    What Are the Skills Required for a Successful Body Hair Transplant?

    There are a lot of skills that are required to ensure a successful treatment. This technique requires a highly skilled doctor, as the hair on the body are very different from the scalp hair. It’s not just the doctor, in this case the team also needs to have a certain degree of expertise, as the texture of the body hair is very different from the texture of the scalp hair. The technique also requires a correct extraction of the hair and proper storage and hydration of the hair grafts. The direction in which the hair are placed also needs caution and expertise.


    Is There Any Good Body Hair Transplant Clinic Available in Andhra Pradesh?

    Body hair transplant in Andhra Pradesh is also available and too with highly experienced doctors. One such clinic that offers body hair transplant in Vishakhapatnam is the highly specialized Dr. VJ’s Clinic. The clinic has done commendable progress under the leadership of Dr. C. Vijay Kumar who is an extremely talented cosmetic surgeon in the country. He has to his credit the transformation of many males and females from turning bald to having a beautiful head of hair. His team of experts has won many accolades for the clinic which have further been legitimized by the prestigious Patients’ Service Award from

    If it’s a hair transplant that you require, then you need to consult the Dr. VJ’s Clinic which gives you the right advice for the sort of treatment best suited for your scalp. They specialize in the FUE and FUT and in case of absence of a healthy donor area on the scalp they perform the BHT with expertise. Their team led by Dr. C. Vijay Kumar has reached new heights as far as the hair treatments are concerned. The specifications for a successful BHT have been stated above and it is this clinic which meets all the requirements with finesse and expertise.

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