Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost in Vizag, India | Penis Lengthening in Andhra Pradesh

Male Genital Surgery

Penis Lengthening or Penis Enlargement Surgery in Vizag

Male Genital Surgery in Visakhapatnam

As the men compare their sexual prowess to their strength and masculine feeling so it is quite obvious that they feel like the world is crumbling down around them after finding anything wrong with their penis.

There can be the number of issues that can affect to the male penis like congenital, accidents or trauma and even some developmental disorders of the male genitals can be caused by diseases. But due to medical science and male genital surgery in Andhra Pradesh, it is possible to get treated these disorders including the increment of length and girth of the penis, tightening of sagging scrotum and many more.

What Happens Before the Male Genital Surgery?

Before the surgery, in the first consultation, Dr Vijay Kumar discuss in detail the reasons for and expectations of the patient for the surgery. He may ask a few questions for you to know about your problem and medical history so that examination of physical and mental fitness can be done before surgery. A surgeon should also be informed about any medication if you are taking for any medical condition.

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    What Happens During the Male Genital Surgery?

    However, the procedure of male Genital surgery can be different for the different men but the underlying factor that is an improvement of the penile function is the same for all. All the procedures are done under the local anaesthesia so that patient could have painless and comfortable surgery. Most of the procedures are of 30-60 minutes and even patient can get back to a home same day without any difficulty.

    However the Surgical Procedure Can Be Different for the Different Requirements of the Patient as Follows


    Circumcision Treatment in India

    It is the procedure done under the local anaesthesia to correct the skin that covers the gland of the penis and prevent it to retract back painlessly so leads to painful intercourse.

    Penis Enlargement in Visakhapatnam

    It is possible today with the male genital surgery to increase the size of the penis. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia and penis can be increased up to 1.5 to 2 inches with the grafting of skin with the stitch skin and tissue of the penis to enhance your sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

    Testicular implants in Andhra Pradesh

    This procedure is for the men that are suffering due to the absence of a penis by birth or due to the difficulty of sperm generation. It is safe and results from ins oriented procedure in which testis is implanted surgically.

    Scrotal Reduction in Vizag

    In this surgical procedure, the excess skin between penis and scrotum is removed with the use of Peno Scrotal webbing. After this surgery men can have better intercourse.

    What Happens After the Surgery?

    Generally after the male genital surgery patient can get back to home without any problem or discomfort.

    For initial days after surgery patient may experience mild swelling, bruising, redness and itching in the treated area so your surgeon can recommend you to use some specific creams or medications.

    After surgery you can resume your daily activities after week except the strenuous physical activities for at least 2 weeks. You are also recommended to avoid having sex and exercises for at least 15 days after surgery.

    Cost of Male Genital Surgery in India

    As person to person procedure of male genital surgery varies so can the cost also. Even the choice of center, surgeon can also make difference to cost.

    We ensure the each procedure of male genital surgery at affordable cost without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

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