FUT Hair Transplant in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India | FUT Procedure, Cost & Steps

Step by Step Guide on FUT Hair Transplant Surgery


Follicular Unit Transplantation in India

FUT is the gold standardized method of grafting which is considered to be the permanent technique for hair restoration in which small grouping of the healthy hair follicles is extracted and implanted in the thinning or balding area.

This procedure is preferred by the patients as it is more result oriented than the other non-surgical solutions and has the high success rate. It is the long-term solution for the hair restoration in which a higher level of baldness is corrected.

Fut Hair Transplant Procedure Visakhapatnam

FUT is the surgical procedure based on the principle that active hair follicles can be extracted and shifted on the other area and can grow like the natural hair. This method came into practice after so many reforms in the traditional hair transplantation method that used to give weird scars in the donor site.

The entire procedure of FUT is done under anaesthesia so that patient can have the comfortable and painless procedure. Before the procedure, healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are selected and even under the digital scalp analysis the texture, quality and extent of baldness are evaluated. Then the strip of hair-bearing skin is removed with the advanced procedure without damaging the surrounding tissue and the donor site.

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    The entire surgery is performed in the following steps

    • Strip of hair bearing follicles is selected and harvested under the local anaesthesia
    • The removed strip is placed in the physiological solution so that the properties of the follicles can be retained.
    • Strip of the hair follicles is dissected in the natural grouping of hair 1-4 under the super microscopes
    • Then the dissected hair follicles are transplanted in the recipient site carefully at specific orientation and distance so that natural look can be given same as the existing hair.
    • In mean time, the wound of the donor area from which strip has been removed is sutured carefully so that linear scar can be minimised.
    • Duration of the procedure depends on the requirement of hair follicles for the patient
    • After surgery patient is made relaxed for 30 minutes.
    • After the completion of FUT session, Dr Vijay Kumar gave the specific instructions for the postoperative care so that potential risks can be prevented and expected results can be maximised. After surgery patient is made relaxed for 30 minutes.

    For the more details about FUT procedure feel free to talk to our experts that will provide you with the sufficient information about the procedure and the FUT hair transplant cost in Andhra Pradesh.