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Pigmentation Treatment in India

It is common to hear about the skin concerns like wrinkles, sagging but the pigmentation patches are not so common but are major skin concern. Pigmentation is the change in melanin that is pigment of skin, leading to discoloration of the different parts of the body. But this pigmentation can be seen mostly on the face

What is Pigmentation?

It is the condition that can cause the skin to appear darker or lighter that the normal skin tone and some patients experience the brown patches; this condition is called hyper-pigmentation

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    Causes for Pigmentation?

    Melanin is the skin pigment that produces the color and the increase in this pigment due to the injury, inflammation, damage due to sun exposure, hormonal changes. Birthmarks and freckles are also genetically caused conditions of pigmentations. Persons with the olive and the darker skin are at the risk of these patches

    How Can Pigmentation Be Treated in Visakhapatnam?

    If the pigmentation is in the initial stage then it can be treated with the UVA and UVB protection sunscreen and even some other over the counter creams can also be recommended however these solutions are not much effective.

    In the severe conditions, one must consult the dermatologist as otherwise the patches can be dangerous and can turn to the precancerous sun spots so need to be checked. After the examination dermatologist can prescribe the stronger medicines and the other treatment options like chemical peels, laser treatment and microdermabrasion in Andhra Pradesh.

    Types of Pigmentation

    Pigmentation can be of following types as follows

    Melasma This condition is caused due to the change in the hormonal activity in the body and mostly caused in the pregnant women. This pigmentation can be seen on the face and abdomen.

    Post-inflammatory Pigmentation This pigmentation is the result of the burns, acne or injury on the skin and this can respond to some particular products

    Sun Spots If the person has much exposure of sun means the UV sunlight then he may experience the common spots. These spots can happen anywhere in the body and may vary in the colors

    All the above types of pigmentation can be diagnosed by the cosmetic surgeon and accordingly clinical treatments can be recommended that can vary according to the extent of problem.

    We At Dr. VJ’s ensure the treatment for pigmentation after the careful examination by the experts and then accordingly the treatments are performed with the most advanced equipments with the tailor made approach that suits to the skin of particular patient.


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