Hymenoplasty Cost in India | Hymen Repair in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Hymen Restructuring

Hymen Restructuring in India

These days more and more females are seeking Hymen restructuring which is also called Hymenoplasty. It is the surgical procedure in which membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina, called hymen is repaired.

Due to vigorous exercises or tampon insertion, this membrane becomes torn or ruptured so the women choose Hymenoplasty to reconstruct their hymen, which is often considered a sign of virginity in many cultures and religions.

Dr. Vijay Kumar and his assisting team of professionals understand the tenderness of the need of this surgery so they provide the treatment with the sensitive and professional approach and the female nurse is also provided to a patient and she remains present during surgery to make the patient comfortable and secure. Even the information about this surgery and related information of a patient is kept confidential.

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    There are some specific reasons that insist the females go for this surgical procedure as follows

    • Some women go for this surgery to prove their virginity and chastity as in some cultures having intact hymen is essential as it signifies the virginity of women
    • Victims of rape or sexual abuse also go for this operation as during this traumatic condition their hymen get torn so repair of it can also restore them physically and psychologically
    • Some time some vaginal injuries during some accidents can also tear the hymen so women go for the hymen restricting as for them intact hymen till the first sexual experience is important
    • Sometimes women in order to make new relations with a new partner also go for this surgery

    Candidates for Hymenoplasty in Visakhapatnam

    Women that are mentally and physically fit are considered as ideal candidates for this surgery and even they must have some realistic expectations from the surgery. Even the candidates for this surgery should have the strong personal desire and mental preparation for the restoration of a hymen.

    What to Expect During Hymenoplasty

    In this surgical procedure firstly the patient is provided with all the required information about the procedure and its expected outcomes. In the initial consultation with Dr Vijay Kumar, a patient can clear her all doubts and fears about the surgery and the doctor will review your medical history and any medications if you are taking. A healthy discussion will be conducted about your needs for the restructuring, requirements and expectations after surgery and you will be given sufficient information about the procedure.

    This is the surgery of only 30 minutes and done under the local anaesthesia in which the torn edges of the hymen are surgically excised and stitched back with the fine and dissolvable sutures.

    It is not at all scarring surgery and your partner can not detect about the restricting of your hymen. After the surgery, you may go home without any difficulty.

    The Recovery Process

    It is simple procedure so recovery is quite fast, however, the patient can experience some spotting for initial 2-3 days and mild discomfort but all these get healed in few days and Dr Vijay Kumar also recommends some medications for managing pain and discomfort.

    You are given instructions for few preventions after surgery for a few days like to abstain from sex for 6 weeks at least and to avoid tampons and tight underwear for few weeks for better healing.

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