Facial hair transplant bringing a new wave in hair restoration

Facial hair transplant bringing a new wave in hair restoration

Facial Hair Transplant Treatment

Improve the facial look with a facial hair transplant

Face aesthetics are the biggest factor in providing enhanced and improved results. Every person has different features and looks. Undoubtedly, everyone is beautiful, but some might still want to look better to achieve inner satisfaction. So, you should get a facial hair transplant to look perfect and have that impeccable look. To make the most of the treatment plan, you should visit one of the Best hair transplant clinic in Vizag and enjoy the results to the fullest. Moreover, the advancement in medical science has made it a great choice on all possible levels.

Facial hair transplant helps to give drastic results

The increasing demand for facial hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is difficult to summarize. Apart from this, there’s increasing demand for eyebrow and beard hair transplants. Let’s help you have better clarity over the same.

  • Beard hair transplant

In some cases, the male partner doesn’t have the desired hair growth on the beard. Most men like to keep a beard because it makes them look masculine. And that’s the reason they get a beard hair transplant. Moreover, it helps to provide the most effective results. Not just the minimal growth but undergoing beard hair transplant due to injury or trauma that affects the hair growth. So, the choice of beard hair transplant stands out on all possible levels.

What to consider while planning for a beard transplant?

Some of the important things to consider while planning for a beard transplant are:

  • Transplanted hair from the scalp into straight and thin

  • A natural beard is coarse, wiry, and thick

  • Single follicles are best to make the growth better on the upper margin beard

  • Get the density highest in central

Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is one of the latest and worthy trends in facial hair transplant. Those who have thin or no eyebrows can get perfect-looking eyebrows. Most importantly, the procedure focuses on changing the look to gain self-confidence. The transplant is not the only choice in case of less hair growth, but even if the patients have thin eyebrows or eyebrows thinned due to certain trauma/injury. The procedure aims to help you gain the most desired look and get the eyebrow shaped the way you like it.

What to consider while planning for an eyebrow hair transplant?

  • Transplanted hair should be thick as compared to natural eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow hair needs to be transplanted acutely to the skin.

  • Eyebrows contain three segments: Head, Body, and Tail. The doctor checks them all to ensure the best approach is possible for you.

  • While transplanting the hair follicles, it is essential to be careful about their placement