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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Hair transplant is one of the feasible methods of restoring hair in men and women. Hair follicles are transplanted to all those problematic parts which trigger desired hair growth. Apart from scalp, hair transplant can be performed on the eyebrow and beard.

    Yes, of course, provided you choose the right set of doctors and team. Look up the facts well and take advice from ex-patients before you chose a doctor for this specialized procedure.

    The exact amount will depend on the area to be treated, the methodology of hair transplant, the doctor’s experience and the cost structure of the concerned clinic. The average cost of the hair transplant in Vizag is 40,000 to 50,000 depending upon the grafts.

    Some side effects like swelling, redness and slight pain will persist for a few days. They will abate with time provided you follow the post-surgery precautions well.

    The results would rather be seen than heard, go through various websites and numerous testimonials of satisfied patients who have trusted their heads with the procedure.

    The hair will need extra care for a few weeks after the transplant. But after the prescribed time, you may treat them as your normal hair.

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    Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam

    People who undergo the hair transplant knows the value of this surgical procedure. Well, this is a life-changing process, that gives you the desired look but it can also be disappointing sometimes when you are unable to get the desired results. Well, if you are planning to get a hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, you need to do proper research for everything related to hair transplantation. Few frequently asked questions about hair transplantation.

    Cost of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation has two types-:

    • FUE-: Follicular Unit Extraction, which is an advanced technique to treat hair fall in both sexes. This surgical technique does not result in scarring and other types of side effects.
    • FUT-: Follicular Unit Transplantation, is a conventional way to get rid of hair fall problems. This is also an effective technique for hair transplantation.So, your specialist will tell you what type of hair transplantation you need to get rid of hair loss.

    To choose the hair loss specialist you need to examine his credentials, experience, and training as well. You must ask him about his surgical career, how many surgeries he performed in his career. We personally recommend you to do proper research about hair transplant clinic. You must meet the surgeons personally and gather information related to hair transplantation. In addition to this, selecting the right and experienced surgeon is one of the most important factors in your decision-making process.

    Well, as we mentioned above, hair transplant is a completely safe and secure procedure which gives you mind-blowing results. If you choose the FUE technique to treat hair fall, then there is no risk of scarring and other types of side effects as well. In this procedure, your surgeon collects the single hair graft to transplant in the affected area. This technique results in tiny spot scarring, that fades away over time, and these cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    To heal too quickly, you must go with the surgeon’s instructions. You have to avoid certain things such as do not try to pull the scabs and do not even try to touch the transplanted area.

    Moreover, there are several things you have to do for faster recovery. These includes-:

    • You must rub the wrapped ice cubes on the forehead to reduce the risk of swelling.
    • Make sure, you must avoid going outside in the direct sunlight after getting the hair transplantation

    Well, the cost of the surgery depends on certain factors such as-:

    • From where you are going to get this treatment?
    • Who is going to perform this surgery? Or the reputation of the surgeon
    • The size of the hair fall area that you need to treat
    • Which type of hair transplantation technique do you choose to get rid of this condition?
    • How many grafts do you need to transplant in the affected area?

    This is true that you will surely experience little pain and discomfort during any type of surgical procedure. Well, in the case of hair transplantation this is not the truth, because this treatment option is completely safe and painless treatment. In fact, your surgeon will surely give you anesthesia, which results in no pain and discomfort as well.

    Well, the hair growth process is too slow, so you have to wait for some time or maybe 3-4 months. Only after 3 months, you will be able to notice the hair growth in the transplanted area. For better results, you have to follow all the instructions of your surgeon, otherwise, you will not be able to see the fuller hair growth at the transplanted area.

    Yes, hair transplantation is a permanent treatment, which results in natural looking permanent hair growth. So, you do not take tension about hair growth or results of the hair transplantation.

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