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Best Hair transplant Clinic In Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

If your are looking for Hair Loss treatment in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh than you are at the right place that we are the best awarded for our results in Hair Transplant and skin rejuvenation techniques. We are located in Vishakhapatnam. We guarantee perfect results and exceptional quality as our team is high on both experience and expertise. Visit Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center and be a part of an exclusive journey to the ultimate hair and skin therapies. We provide treatment to our esteemed customers using the latest techniques amidst the most modern infrastructure. Our services and clientele speak volumes about our impeccable professionalism.
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Dr. C. Vijay Kumar M.D. ,
F.A.I.M.S: F.I.C.S. (Chicago),
M.A.M.S (Vienna)

Service Award 2017

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar is one of the topmost cosmetologists of India. His name figures among the leading transplant surgeons. His expertise is at par with perfection and he has experience and wisdom well beyond his years. He has transformed the lives of many people with his expert techniques related to hair loss and cosmetology.

Not only will you be dealing with one of the best cosmetologists in India, but you also will be handled by a well trained, certified and a compassionate team. You will be handled gently and carefully. Be assured of walking out with the best results

With almost three and a half decades of experience behind him, you will get nothing but exceptional results. You will be enamoured by the new look he will gift you. You will always be thankful for choosing the best clinic from among the plentiful out of which some run their centers purely for commercial reasons. But that will never be the case here as we believe in only 1 standard: excellence.

We believe in a totally distinct methodology of carrying out our operations. We do not indulge in the run of the mill strategies when it comes to handling our patients or performing a surgery on them. We follow our duties with heart and soul as it is not our profession but our passion to put a smile back on your lips and see the satisfied look on your face. We believe in a personal and no holds barred communication level when it comes to the doctor and the patient. We encourage the patient to explain his or her situation completely without any inhibitions. Subsequently, the actual cause of the condition is diagnosed.

After a detailed discussion with the patient regarding the reason for the condition and the probable treatments available, we help the patient in deciding on the best possible treatment.

The decided procedure is carried out in the most hygienic and professional and manner. We ensure that we maintain an excellent comfort level for the patient.

If you are still in doubt, you need to take a tour of the website again to be aware of the yardsticks of professionalism we stick to. A further emphasis on the following points might be helpful-

It is just the right place if you need to transform yourself. Envision a younger, better version of yourself the moment you step here for treatment as this is one place which will be instrumental in realizing your dreams. This is what sets us apart from the other cosmetology and hair treatment centres-

  1. Personalized sessions between the doctor and the patient
  2. The best is offered when it comes to treatment methodology
  3. Utmost safety is maintained while conducting the procedure. We ensure that everything is going well with the patient with regular follow up sessions.
  4. We offer counselling facility to the patients in case they have any issues.
  5. Contrary to other organizations, we are available for our patients on a 24*7 basis.

We also offer customer friendly and reasonable treatment, unlike other organizations. We deliver the best results whether you view it from an aesthetic, professional or a financial angle.

Right Medical Treatment & Attention

We provide the maximum care, whether you are in the hospital or have checked out after the procedure. We offer the maximum benefit when it comes to following up routines.

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Affordable Cost

We offer world class services at a mind-blowing price. As we value our customers and don’t wish to burn a hole in their pocket, we offer prices which will be unheard of in the nearby circles. You can get a fair idea of what the concerned procedures will cost you.

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Get your future look

You can get a fair idea of how the procedure will make you look in the future (of course after the surgery). Just fill in the details and be ready to face a new virtual you.

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Get an evaluation

You will be the one standing apart from the crowd of people who have opted for the same procedures. The one and only reason will be that you chose us. It definitely makes us a class apart due to our generosity for the patients.

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We don’t settle for less for all our patients meaning that we put in all extra efforts to see you through the procedures. We assure you of the best possible results that are less invasive.
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Hair Transplant:

Dealing with a balding head and don’t know what to do? Visit our clinic and get to know the various options available with us-

Hair Transplant is the right choice if you are there are only a few strands left on your head. Choose from a multitude of procedures offered to make your head blossom with a rich hair growth-

  • FUT Hair Transplant

    -It is the technique which has been there for quite some time. It is the traditional way of transplanting hair. It is most suitable if the patient is in no hurry and willing to take some time out. It is the traditional method of conducting a hair transplant and has been around for quite a few years now. Many surgeons prefer this technique and term it as slow and steady.

  • FUE Hair Transplant

    -It is a better option if the patient wants quick results and doesn’t want to sport a scar. It usually needs a lesser number of sessions. It is a comparatively new technique and meant for the ones who don’t want to wait endlessly to see more hair on their head. It is comparatively faster, less invasive and causes less inconvenience to the patients. Many surgeons prefer it as it requires lesser time and creates less hassle for the patient.

Some doctors might opt for a combination of both the techniques if the case so requires.

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Hair Restoration:

It is the name given to a set of techniques which are known to restore hair growth. They are not to be confused with a hair transplant. While they also replenish hair growth, they are different from transplant. They are used in cases where the hair loss is not extreme and the patient can wait till the results of other techniques show up. Various techniques used are-

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

In this procedure, the patient’s blood is extracted, centrifuged and injected into the scalp. The centrifuged blood is rich in platelets. It is known to encourage abundant hair growth. The results show up usually after a few months. The procedure is both inexpensive and less painful.


It is a nonsurgical technique in which the hair growth of the patient is revived using homeopathic and other medications. The medicines stimulate the hair follicles. The follicles are nitrified as a result and the results are visible after a period of five months.


In this procedure, stem cells are extracted from abdominal or any other area of the patient. Subsequently, they are injected into the patient’s scalp. The easy and comfortable procedure is carried out under anesthesia and is considered one of the simplest techniques of hair restoration in the current times.

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Cosmetic Surgery:

Dealing with some abnormality or not happy with the way a certain part of the body looks? Opt for our cosmetology treatments –


Realize your dream of having shapely arms by getting the fat pockets removed. Just let our well-trained team handle your problem.


Get rid of excess fat from your midriff and look like a million bucks! Opt for the complete, partial or combined form of the surgery to get a sleek tummy.


If you want to remove excess fat from the body to attain a better body shape, then liposuction is the best option for you. There have been a number of cases in which the negligence of doctors was highlighted while conducting liposuction. At VJ clinics, you stand no chance of being fleeced or failed as we believe in the rightful methodologies and employ the best people from the medical fraternity.


They make for an unsightly look and cause pain. The patient might opt for non-surgical processes like Sclerotherapy to get the condition treated.


A sagging fat thigh is the last thing we want. Get it rectified by our well-trained team who will lend you shapely thighs using a thigh lift and liposuction technique in tandem

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Look back at a better looking you in the mirror!

Improve your physical appearance with our cosmetology treatments which offer various treatments to make your organs look better. The main procedures are-


Get the smooth glowing skin back by bidding your acne goodbye with our special acne treatment. Your pimples and dead skin cells will be cleared off to reveal a glowing skin.


Get the youthful look again on your face with our anti-aging treatment. Take your pick from Volumizers, Botox and many more and see the stressed, washed out look on your face transform into a fresh, young look.


Peel off the tired looking, blemished facial skin to reveal a gleaming and smooth skin with our chemical peel therapy. Dazzle your dear ones with the new, bright face. Our peels guarantee the removal of all the dead and unwanted tissue and pave the way for a magnificent looking skin.


Revive the teenage look with our ultimate dermabrasion pigmentation technique. It guarantees the removal of scars, wrinkles and pigmentation problems in one go leaving your face as charming as it was in your teenager. Let the world discover a younger, glowing version of you with our ultimate cosmetology treatment.

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Hair Transplant is the term given to the process of removing hair from the abundant areas to the scanty areas to give the bald area abundant hair growth. The procedure can be carried out for scant growth in the scalp, eyebrows, and beard as well.

Yes, of course, provided you choose the right set of doctors and team. Look up the facts well and take advice from ex-patients before you chose a doctor for this specialized procedure.

The exact amount will depend on the area to be treated, the methodology of hair transplant, the doctor’s experience and the cost structure of the concerned clinic.

Some side effects like swelling, redness and slight pain will persist for a few days. They will abate with time provided you follow the post-surgery precautions well.

The results would rather be seen than heard, go through various websites and numerous testimonials of satisfied patients who have trusted their heads with the procedure.

The hair will need extra care for a few weeks after the transplant. But after the prescribed time, you may treat them as your normal hair.



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Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam

People who undergo the hair transplant knows the value of this surgical procedure. Well, this is a life-changing process, that gives you the desired look but it can also be disappointing sometimes when you are unable to get the desired results. Well, if you are planning to get a hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, you need to do proper research for everything related to hair transplantation.
Few frequently asked questions about hair transplantation.

What are the types of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation has two types-:

  • FUE-: Follicular Unit Extraction, which is an advanced technique to treat hair fall in both sexes. This surgical technique does not result in scarring and other types of side effects.
  • FUT-: Follicular Unit Transplantation, is a conventional way to get rid of hair fall problems. This is also an effective technique for hair transplantation.So, your specialist will tell you what type of hair transplantation you need to get rid of hair loss.

What about the cost of hair transplant surgery?

Well, the cost of the surgery depends on certain factors such as-:

  • From where you are going to get this treatment?
  • Who is going to perform this surgery? Or the reputation of the surgeon
  • The size of the hair fall area that you need to treat
  • Which type of hair transplantation technique do you choose to get rid of this condition?
  • How many grafts do you need to transplant in the affected area?

How to choose the best surgeon for hair transplant surgery?

To choose the hair loss specialist you need to examine his credentials, experience, and training as well. You must ask him about his surgical career, how many surgeries he performed in his career. We personally recommend you to do proper research about hair transplant clinic. You must meet the surgeons personally and gather information related to hair transplantation. In addition to this, selecting the right and experienced surgeon is one of the most important factors in your decision-making process. 

Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?

This is true that you will surely experience little pain and discomfort during any type of surgical procedure. Well, in the case of hair transplantation this is not the truth, because this treatment option is completely safe and painless treatment. In fact, your surgeon will surely give you anesthesia, which results in no pain and discomfort as well.

Is hair transplant procedure results in any type of scarring or any other side effect?

Well, as we mentioned above, hair transplant is a completely safe and secure procedure which gives you mind-blowing results. If you choose the FUE technique to treat hair fall, then there is no risk of scarring and other types of side effects as well. In this procedure, your surgeon collects the single hair graft to transplant in the affected area. This technique results in tiny spot scarring, that fades away over time, and these cannot be seen with the naked eye.

How much time do I need to wait for hair growth?

Well, the hair growth process is too slow, so you have to wait for some time or maybe 3-4 months. Only after 3 months, you will be able to notice the hair growth in the transplanted area. For better results, you have to follow all the instructions of your surgeon, otherwise, you will not be able to see the fuller hair growth at the transplanted area.

What is the healing process after getting hair transplant surgery?

To heal too quickly, you must go with the surgeon’s instructions. You have to avoid certain things such as do not try to pull the scabs and do not even try to touch the transplanted area.
Moreover, there are several things you have to do for faster recovery. These includes-:

  • You must rub the wrapped ice cubes on the forehead to reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Make sure, you must avoid going outside in the direct sunlight after getting the hair transplantation

Will the results of hair transplantation be permanent?

Yes, hair transplantation is a permanent treatment, which results in natural looking permanent hair growth. So, you do not take tension about hair growth or results of the hair transplantation.

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