What are the complications with hair transplant and how to solve them?

    Undergoing the hair transplant in Vizag is one of the best treatment options to save hair locks. In addition, the Hair Transplant Cost is extremely affordable in India. On average, the treatment cost starts from Rs 40,000 or will vary depending on how many grafts you need. Some patients are worried that hair transplant can lead to several complications. Is it so? Let’s make you understand the same in detail.

    • Pain

    After the surgery, you will experience postoperative pain. Majorly, this occurs when the hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the scalp to another and then the hair follicles are transplanted where hair growth is extremely less. On average, it takes around 6 to 8 hours for the surgery to be done. You will notice pain due to the after effect of anesthesia

    Although for pain management you will be given pain medications. So, make sure that you take them as prescribed by the doctor.

    • Edema

    Postoperative edema is the major problem that occurs in this treatment. The postoperative edema will account for 40% to 50%. This is basically due to the trauma and anesthesia used during the treatment. Tissue edema is going to become evident after 3 to 5 days of getting the surgery. To prevent this condition, it is better that you keep your lie down in the position as told by the doctor. In addition, you should use the cold massage, massage the scalp, use systemic steroids and NSAID can help.

    • Asymmetry

    It is important that proper marking and planning are done on the recipient site so that there is no problem with symmetry. It can occur due to:

    • False Frontal Hairline
    • Previously Deformed head
    • Density Difference

    For this, make sure that you maintain communication with the doctor and tell them whether you are okay with it or not.

    • Hemorrhage Bleeding

    In some cases, the scalp gets the blood supply in abundance. Although this problem has fewer chances of occurrence. To reduce the risk of hemorrhage you must apply pressure on it for 15 minutes with the help of gauze.

    This is the reason, the doctor will evaluate your condition before the surgery to see whether you have the risk of bleeding diathesis. Make sure that you do not smoke 2 weeks before the surgery and any other suggestion which is given by the doctor.

    • Visible scarring

    Visible scarring is a common complication that occurs at the donor site. In the case of FUT, you may have a linear scar. Although, it can be easily covered when you keep your hair long. Some patients choose to get hair transplantation, visible scar revision, and micro-pigmentation.

    • Post-operative shock loss

    After a hair transplant, you will notice hair loss that occurs due to the reason you have undergone surgery. You will notice this phase 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery. Although, the hair which you will lose at this point will regrow 2 to 3 months after hair transplant.

      Hair Transplantation Methods: FUE, FUT, Scalp Reduction, Bio FUE & Combined Approach

      Seeing yourself bald in the mirror is very challenging. A lot of thoughts start striking in your mind. Eventually, you decide to get it treated. Some people willingly agree to undergo the hair transplant in Punjab, while some people are to be convinced by the medical professionals, as their baldness cannot be treated with the medications. The hair transplant cost is so minimal that even the middle man can also afford to get treated with it.

      If you are the one who is also thinking to undergo the hair transplant procedure, then you must acquaint yourself with the predominant approaches which are followed to carry out the procedure:

      Fut – Follicular Unit Transplantation
      • This approach has been in use since the time hair transplantation methods were getting invented. The conventionality could be seen in its extraction process which requires the extraction of the strips.
      • Patients who undergo hair transplants by considering this approach usually encounter 100% success rates. But still, there is no bad thing in modifying or improving the procedure.
      • So the cosmetic surgeons start working on bringing the improved version of this method. Do you want to know about the improved method? Then read the subsequent point.
      Fue – Follicular Unit Extraction
      • FUE which stands for Follicular Unit extraction is the modified version of the follicular unit transplantation. You might be wondering about why it is called modified.
      • This is modified in the extraction process. Instead of intending to withdraw strips, this method aims at extracting the grafts. With the extraction of the grafts, the chances to experience the scarring and the scabbing can be considerably improved.
      • If we compare this with the strip harvesting method, then it is beneficial for cosmetic surgeons as well. It’s because of the reduced efforts in separating the hair follicles.
      Scalp Reduction
      • This is the bang-on procedure, as this aims at the complete termination of the bald region. The region which is having hair will help to replace the bald area.
      • If you are thinking, how would it be possible? Then the scalp which is having the hair will be stretched and thus, will be used to cover the region which is bothered with hair loss.
      Bio Fue – Bio Folicular Unit Extraction As the name itself suggests, this procedure requires you to consider the biological factors.

      • Extraction of the blood in the form of the samples will help to separate the regenerative cells from it. These cells after getting observed in the laboratory will be injected into the bald region. The scalp will then be triggered for natural hair growth.
      Combination Of Fue, Fut And Bht The patients who are suffering from the last grade of baldness usually demand the maximum coverage of the bald region. Sometimes it is not possible to extract the grafts only by considering the FUE Or FUT procedure, so the combination of the below-mentioned ways used to obtain the desired results:

      • Follicular Unit extraction
      • Follicular Unit Transplantation
      • Bio FUE

        Which of our qualities may convince you to undergo the hair restoration procedure?

        We usually mention all in our blogs that if you want to take up the hair transplant in Vizag, then please count on us. You might be wondering what special service we offer that you should consider us for taking the treatment. The hair transplant cost offered by Dr VJs cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre is quintessentially cheap and worthy. The results are always guaranteed and the doctor provides the best guidance for undertaking the procedure.

        So as you might have figured out, that in our today‘s blog we are going to tell you why should you be choosing us for taking up the hair loss treatment:

        The Best Guidance

        When you visit us, our predominant focus will be to guide you with the best mentorship and guidance. We never intend to make money rather we are interested in making our patients gratified without procedures and the counsellings. We first of all judge the patient whether he is eligible to undergo the procedure or not by taking certain eligibility tests into account.

        The Quality and the Cost-effective Treatment

        No matter whether you previously encountered the failures in the hair loss treatment or not, each time we shall be trying to help you out with the quality testament that is being offered at the cost-effective results.

        The Pre and Post Operative Care

        The doctors will always consider it utmostly important to guide you with the measures for pre and post-operative care. As if the necessary precautions and the preventions are not taken into account, then the procedure will never deliver the required outcomes.

        We want you to be satisfied

        No matter how hard we have to try and how painstaking study we have to do to make you satisfied with the hair restoration procedure, we will always do. Our focus is to build long term healthy relations with you.

        One Time Success

        90% of the procedures we take up are a huge success at the initial attempt. This could be the main reason why we gain so much popularity among the people.

        Highest Success rate

        None of our procedures experiences a fault from our doctor’s side, so we claim 100% of the success rates. The patients who do not follow the precautionary and preventive measures usually end up encountering negative results from the procedure.

        The Adept Staff

        The staff including the doctors, surgeons and caretakers, all are proficient in what they have hired for. You will not be given a chance to get disappointed by any of the facets.

        The COVID safe treatment

        In this era where COVID has disturbed the life of all the people, it becomes critically important to offer you the treatment with the COVID safe techniques.

        The treatment as per your condition

        The treatment which we offer is following your medical history. We have a large variety of treatment approaches that fits best for our patients.

        Bottom Line

        If you are convinced enough from the aforementioned points, then we would like to say it again – “Count on us for the quality treatment”.

          Never Do These Mistakes When You are Up With The Hair transplantation Procedure

          CAUTION: Never Do These Mistakes

          When people think about undergoing a hair transplant in Vizag, then they usually make some of the mistakes which they should not be doing. The biggest blunder which people usually do is to choose the clinic by taking the hair transplant cost into account. In this blog, we shall be talking about some of those mistakes which you should resist yourself from doing.

          Mistake 1: Hurrying To Undergo The Hair Transplant

          It has been observed that many teens who will just have experienced the small patches of baldness wish to undergo a hair transplantation procedure. But there is a certain age bar that restricts you from taking up the hair transplant procedure until you have reached the specific age.

          This is the case among many individuals, who wish to undergo a hair transplant at the initial state of balding. Do not take any decision unless assisted by the professionals.

          Mistake 2: Forgetting About The Research

          Before you choose the hair transplant clinic, it is highly recommended to take up good research. You should be considering every important credential as far as the research is concerned. From the experience of the doctor to the infrastructure of the clinic, everything is of huge importance.

          Mistake 3: Waiting For Evaluation

          Getting consulted with the cosmetic surgeons does not mean you will end up getting the dates for the transplant procedure. The consultation at the initial stages of baldness is crucial. With this, the doctor may come to know when you should be undergoing the procedure.

          Mistake 4: Relying On The TV Commercials

          The people who are featured in the TV ads and the commercials are the ones who are faking their baldness and are paid for telling the people that they have undergone the hair transplantation procedure, which they have not for sure. So taking any decision based on these TV advertisements will not be right.

          Mistake 5: Being Impatient About The Results

          Many patients have been observed getting impatient to experience the results. But they have to know that the pace of encountering the results is different from patient to patient. For some patients, the results can be enjoyed within 3 to 4 months after undergoing the procedure. While for some, this procedure may show up the results after 6 to 7 months.

          Mistake 6: Not Following The Instructions

          The cosmetic surgeon may instruct you with the various instructions for preparation and after the completion of the procedure. If you are negligent in following such instructions or you are not following them intentionally, then nobody could stop you from experiencing the failure in the air transplant procedure.

          Mistake 7: Considering Only Money Aspect

          Certain credentials need to be considered when you are determining the clinic. Make sure, none of your decisions is dominated by the cost aspect.

          Mistake 8: Not Resting

          Although hair transplant does not require you to follow hard and fast measures to get success in the procedure. But you should not forget about the rest which is important to keep your regenerative cells best in their characteristics. These cells will further help with the nourishment of the hair follicles.

            How much is the cost of different advanced techniques of hair transplant?


            You have made up your mind that you will undergo a hair transplant in Vizag. No doubt, there is no other method of hair restoration that can create the magic as hair transplant does. By magic, we meant the outcomes and safety of the treatment. So, you can say that it is:

            • Safe
            • Natural hair growth
            • Provide Permanent results
            • No Scars
            • Easy recovery
            • Minimal Downtime
            • No as such need to follow a different hair care routine

            But, your concern is hair transplant cost? You must be wondering ‘How do we know about this?’. Well! When patients come to consult our Dr. C Vijay Kumar at Dr. Vjs Cosmetic surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre they always ask about how much they need to pay to save their hair locks. Under his 35 years of experience, he has always told the patients that depending on how many hair grafts you need the treatment plan will be made. So, it is better that you do not compare your treatment plan with others.

            Hair graft cost in India

            On average the hair graft cost in India ranges between Rs 15 to Rs 30. Your doctor will be able to tell you better how many hair grafts are required to cover the bald patches & bald spots. By considering the hair grafts the cost of hair transplant treatment will be between Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,20,000 + tax. Well! The cost of this is not going to include the medication and post-operative care.

            How much is the cost of different techniques of hair transplant?

            FUE Hair Transplant

            FUE stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation which is the most evolved method of hair transplant. Most importantly, it provides natural results, fast recovery, and top-quality results. There are no scars and you will be able to heal within less time. On average, the cost of an FUE hair graft will cost around Rs 20.






            21000 to 33000



            24,000 to 36,000



            27000 to 39000



            30000 to 45000



            33000 to 51000



            36000 to 54000



            39000 to 57000



            42000 to 63000



            45000 to 69000



            48000 to 75000

            Quick hair transplant

            It is considered as a quick FUE method in which a standard incision is not made and the doctor is going to use a tool named Seva Implanter. Under this approach, more than one technician is going to take out the graft and then implant it into the required area. This procedure will take around 4 hours. The doctor is able to transplant around 500 hair grafts in one session. On an average, the cost per hair graft is around Rs 30.






            35,000 to 55,000



            40,000 to 60,000



            45,000 to 65,000



            50,000 to 75,000



            55,000 to 85,000



            60,000 to 90,000



            65,000 to 95,000



            70,000 to 1,05,000



            75,000 to 1,15,000



            80,000 to 1,25,000

            PRP treatment

            PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment is suggested to the patients when their hair loss is at the beginning stage and it can be easily handled with PRP. With this method, the platelets are taken from the patient’s scalp and then injected into the problematic area which eventually leads to hair growth. On average, one session will cost around Rs 4000 and you need to get more than one session.

            For further information and to get the personalized treatment approach book your initial consultation with our well-known Dr. C Vijay Kumar right away.

              Why do hair loss conditions affect teenagers and youngsters?

              Do you know?

              Not only the people, who are in their 40s or 50s feel the need to undergo the Hair transplant in Vizag. Rather the teenagers and the youngsters do also suffer from the hair loss problem and thus they also experience the need to consult the well-reputed cosmetic surgeon about the solution to the hair loss problem. In most of the hair loss cases among the youngsters, the problem is sought to be treated with natural remedies or medication. But in severe cases, hair transplantation is surely a good way. So when this happens, the patients get worried about whether they will be able to afford the hair transplant cost or not. But you need not worry as the minimal cost is incurred on the hair transplantation.

              Why do youngsters or teenagers suffer from Hair Loss problems at such an early stage of their life?

              The whole credit goes to the below-mentioned factors which not only deteriorate the structure and the functioning of the various organs of the body but also make the patient suffer from baldness.

              • Smoking

              Smoking is injurious to all people irrespective of their age. Teenagers and youngsters start smoking just to appear trendy and cool in front of their friends. But neglect has hazardous consequences to their health. When you smoke, then the blood flow experiences complicated fluctuations. And when this condition is not treated for long, then the blood flow to the scalp gets completely terminated which results in hair shedding. Smoking completely prohibits the regenerative cells to stimulate hair regrowth.

              • Diet and regular exercise

              Diet is the critical component for the well-being of the overall body. The youngsters nowadays rely on eating so many junk food items like Pizza, Burger and the other items. These food items are accountable for causing conditions like blood clots.

              Along with the diet, regular exercise also plays a quintessential role. If your body is physically inactive, then you will not only experience hair loss like problems. But you will also encounter problems with the reproductive systems and a lot more.

              • Stress or trauma hair loss

              Nowadays all of us go through stress for some reason. Students are worried about their studies and adults are concerned about their profession. So every individual is bothered by stress and that does not get limited to torturing our minds, but these also irritate our scalp by causing the hair to shed off.

              • Hereditary conditions

              If any member of your family, especially your father and mother, has also gone through the same condition of hair loss, then their genes may pass on the hair loss traits to you. This is the main reason that the couples are suggested to get genetic testing done as this helps to detect any chromosomal defects and faulty traits.

              Bottom Line

              There might be some other factors like hormonal imbalance which can also aggravate the situation.

                Which is the best hairstyle to cover hair loss? Is there any treatment?

                Vizag: Hair loss is the major problem that leads to stressful situations in both men and women. To look for the best solution, they try out different options. One of them is trying out a different hairstyle and the most preferred option is undercut which can effectively deal with the problem.

                Why is undercut the best solution?

                The wind blows on the head’s sides when the hair is in the middle part and blows upwards. The sides are not blended in or they are not disconnected through the shape as compared to the rest of your hair. Through this cut, the bald spots will be hidden & the hairline will get covered with the long shift. It is the perfect combination of style and modernism. All in all, this hairstyle is a flexible choice which means you can get it the way you want it to be.

                undercut hair styles

                New and latest trend undercut hair

                This haircut is the best choice to style your hair when you have hair loss. It’s just you should understand how it should be done and you are good to go.

                Can an undercut hairstyle cover the hairline?


                It is up to you how you would like to do it as there are various ways to get it done. Through this you can play with the trend as the cut can be of your own choice with a full hair head. You can keep the shorter hair tuft or long strands on the top. This hairstyle calls out for perfect, classy, modern, and much more!


                What can I do apart from choosing a different hairstyle?

                No doubt, your focus should not be only just to have the best hairstyle or change to deal with hair loss. Make sure that you take the medications to prevent hair loss and make them grow thick & strong. Through this, you will be able to see the best results which last for a long time. The best part is that timely medication will help to reverse the hair loss problem.


                Which treatment provides natural results to deal with hair loss?

                Hair transplant – One and the only treatment!

                Hair transplant is the best surgical option which is improved over time and helps the patient to get the best results. It ensures that the patient gets natural and permanent-looking hair growth which is not possible with any other treatment. If you think your hair loss is not manageable and getting out of control, then you should not delay the treatment and consult the hair expert right away. Moreover, you can style your hair in different ways and do not have to make any special efforts to manage your hair growth, even after the hair transplant.

                  What all do you need to know about Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant?


                  Patients dealing with hair loss whether at a young age (after 25) or in their 30s or 40s, can benefit from a hair transplant. It is one of those treatments which provides ultimate results and it is not possible with any other option. Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam will solve the issue of hair loss and extreme baldness once and for all. One of the treatment methods which is helpful to deal with hair loss issues is FUE hair transplant.

                  What is an FUE hair transplant?

                  FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. During FUE hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted individually from the healthy part of the scalp in which the hair follicles are resistant to the effect of DHT. The healthy hair follicles are then placed where hair growth is extremely less.

                  How is the procedure done?

                  • To perform FUE, the doctor will give you anesthesia to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. The doctor will take the hair grafts with punches which measure around 0.8 to 0.9 mm in width. In length, the punches are made of 5 to 6 mm. The punches are disposable material that is extracted from the micrometer tip and it is around 5000/min.
                  • The punches made are sharp so that the tissues are not damaged. The punches make enough space in the scalp so that the hair grafts are inserted at the right angle. The hair grafts which are collected during the treatment are kept in the saline solution so that they are healthy for the time they are outside the body.
                  • Following that the doctor will transplant the hair grafts one by one into the bald part of the scalp. The grafts are placed with utmost precision that the hair growth is natural.

                  Is it possible to take hair grafts from the beard area?

                  During the initial consultation, the doctor will check whether there are enough grafts on the scalp. If not the doctor will tell you that these can be taken from the beard area to do the treatment with precision and make sure that there are enough grafts to provide you the best results.

                  What are the benefits of FUE hair transplant?

                  First of all, it is a one-time investment which means one session of hair transplant can solve the issue of baldness. In addition, the regrowth of hair after the transplant will look natural as they blend with the existing hair growth. This is because hair grafts are extracted from a patient’s scalp. In addition, the results are permanent and there are no chances of error when you undergo the surgery from an experienced doctor. Moreover, there is no problem with scar after the hair transplant.

                  Consult the best to get the best results

                  Just make sure that you look for an experienced and trained surgeon to get the best results. The doctor will consult you to understand the reason for hair loss and accordingly tell you what treatment plan will suit you the best.

                    Everything you need to know about hair transplant treatment cost in India


                    Hair transplant cost in India is dependent on total grafts required to cover the baldness or thin part of the scalp. In India, the grafts range from Rs 20 to Rs 30 along with tax. Each hair graft contains 1 to 3 hair follicles.

                    When you choose to get a hair transplant Vizag, the doctor will tell you about the total cost after considering the grafts required. On average, the treatment cost is between Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000. If you are looking for an experienced and trained surgeon, then VJC is the right place for you. Our experienced surgeon along with his trained staff will provide you cost-effective treatment.

                    Natural look with hair transplant

                    With a hair transplant, the patients get natural-looking hair growth and the results last for a lifetime. Some of the latest and improved techniques are:

                    • FUE

                    • DHI

                    • FUT

                    • PRP

                    The hair transplant cost in India is calculated by determining the total number of grafts required for the treatment. The doctor will check the level of baldness and accordingly tell you about the total cost.

                    How much does the FUE hair transplant cost?

                    Level of baldness

                    Total grafts required

                    Average cost


                    800 to 1400

                    21000 to 33500


                    1000 to 1600

                    24,000 to 36,000


                    1200 to 1600

                    27000 to 40000


                    1400 to1800

                    30000 to 45000


                    1600 to 2200

                    33000 to 51000


                    1800 to 2400

                    36000 to 54000


                    2000 to 2500

                    39000 to 58000


                    2200 to 2800

                    42000 to 64000


                    2400 to 3000

                    45000 to 70000


                    2500 to 3200

                    48000 to 75500

                    How much does Dense Hair Implantation cost?

                    Level of baldness

                    Total grafts required

                    Average cost


                    1400 to 2200

                    28,000 to 44,000


                    1600 to 2400

                    32,000 to 48,000


                    1800 to 2600

                    36,000 to 52,000


                    2000 to 3000

                    40,000 to 62,000


                    2200 to 3400

                    44,000 to 69,000


                    2400 to 3600

                    48,000 to 72,500


                    2600 to 3800

                    52,000 to 76,500


                    2800 to 4200

                    56,000 to 85,000


                    3000 to 4600

                    60,000 to 93,000


                    3200 to 5000

                    63,000 to 1,00,000

                    *The cost mentioned in this blog is just for informative purposes only. The actual cost will only be determined by your doctor during initial consultation.

                    How much is the total cost of PRP treatment?

                    Hair loss patients at the initial stage of patchy hair loss can get PRP. The PRP helps in hair growth and the cost of PRP in India starts from Rs 3000 per session. Although, it is important to understand that cost will vary from person to person.

                    What are the factors which determine the total cost of hair transplant?

                    • Total numbers of grafts required

                    • Patients expectations but should be realistic

                    • The area of baldness that requires treatment.

                    • A total number of sessions required for complete transplantations.

                    • Patient’s skin-related condition, hair texture, and the direction of hair loss/growth.

                    • The extent of hair loss

                    • Presence of irregularities in the area that is going to be transplanted.

                      Fundamentals of hair transplant – Meaning, Approaches, Do’s and Don’ts

                      The patients who are taking the hair transplant in Vizag are getting highly satisfied with the results. For this reason, the number of people who want to get aware of the procedure is arising. So this blog is for all those people who want to know about the hair transplant procedure in-depth but in brief.

                      Hair transplant..what and why?


                      Hair transplantation is one of the hair restoration procedures in which the effort is induced to make the hair loss patient experience the hard full of hair follicles. There are some approaches to the hair transplant which are as follow:

                      • FUE

                      • FUT

                      • Bio FUE

                      The choice of the procedures will be done based on the medical condition and the previous hair transplant history of the patient.

                      For example, there is a patient who has undergone unsuccessful FUT Treatment. So he decided to take the hair transplant procedure again. So will he be able to take FUT again? well…Not. He will be considered eligible for the FUE and Bio FUE procedure.

                      In which situations would you be taking up the hair transplant procedure?

                      You should be opting up for the procedure if the reason for the hair loss is any of the following:

                      • The commencement of the bald patches

                      • The age-related hair loss problem

                      • The genetically triggered hair loss

                      What takes place during the hair transplant?

                      Following things take place before and after hair transplant:

                      • Pre-surgery period

                      When it is about the pre-surgery period, then the patient has to abide by several instructions for ensuring the success rate of the procedure.

                      • During the procedure

                      When the procedure is being carried out, then the doctor will surely incorporate two steps – Extraction and transplantation. The extracted hair follicles will be transplanted. The differentiation in the procedure is because of the different techniques which are used for extraction and transplantation.

                      • After the procedure

                      Once the procedure has been successfully carried out, then you should not be getting too happy with that since the ultimate determination of the output of the procedure will be done after the recovery period.

                      Which are the useful tips for the successful accomplishment of the procedure?

                      If one wants to make the procedure successful with zero complications, then you should be following the subsequent dos and don’ts.


                      • Bathing

                      You can take the body bath but you will not be allowed to take a head-bath for 4 to 5 days after the procedure.

                      • Pain killers

                      You should be taking the pain killer if the pain is mild. You should only take them if the pain is getting unendurable.

                      • Dietary consciousness

                      One should be following some of the dietary measures to ensure that nothing becomes a hindrance to the blood supply.


                      • No sweat causing activity

                      You should get yourself restrained from the sweat causing activities since wetness is not at all advisable for your scalp for the initial stage of the recovery.

                      • No stress

                      You should not be making yourself stressed. Stress delays the recovery and thus the output is also affected in terms of quality.