Case studies on the time taken for the hair to grow after the procedure

The time taken for the growth of the implanted hair follicles is considerably different in all the cases. Hair transplant in Vizag has experienced variegated results as far as the growth time is concerned. So today we are going to acquaint you with some of our patients who have gone through the hair transplantation surgery and whose cases are quintessentially different from one another.

  • Case 1:

There was a patient whose name was Radhe Sham. He has earlier gone through the Follicular Unit Extraction from some other clinic. But his transplantation did not emerge to be successful because it was carried out by the non-skilled doctors. So when he approached us through a referral, we guided him about what is to be done with his case. The predominant problem which we pointed out in his case was, the donor area had very thin hair. The thinning aspect of the hair follicles associates itself with the following problems:

  • Patchy hair
  • Unnatural look

After a thorough examination of the donor area by our experienced team of surgeons, we decided to use some other area as the donor zone. We assessed the hair grafts of the donor area and our research assured that the hair follicles were fit to be used. When the whole stratagem was performed, we cautioned him about the preponderant do’s and don’ts after the surgical procedure. He followed them. What we experienced is the hair follicles began to grow after 4 months.

  • Case 2:

There was another patient whose name was Vansh Singhania. He was only 23 years old. He suffered from terrible hair loss. It was causing a significantly adverse effect on his personality. So he visited us. He was so eager to take up the procedure that he told us not to undergo any pre-operation test and carry out the stratagem at his earliest. But we couldn’t go against the rules and treat the patient who is not qualifying the eligibility criteria. We guided him to follow some of the remedies instead of undertaking some procedure because he was not satisfying the eligibility criteria because of his age. As we all know, the patient should be 25 years of age if he wants to undergo hair restoration. He was so desperate that he approached some other clinic and God knows, how he underwent the procedure at that age.

But he approached us again after 2 years when he was 25. He said that he underwent a procedure and it caused an even worsening effect on his bald area. His bald area was full of dark shaded patches. We treated him after he had passed the eligibility tests. We tried our best to restore the hair with good volume and density. We aimed at allaying the shade of the patches. Within 6 months, he had full-fledged dense hair which he was flaunting with utmost confidence. We not only succeeded in carrying out the procedure but we also helped the boy regain his self-esteem.

Final Thoughts

So it is essential to satisfy the eligibility criteria and to take up the procedure from trained doctors, otherwise, the consequences will be worse.

Crucial factors should be considered for choosing a hair transplant clinic

A lot of advancements have been done in the field of hair transplantation. Use of hair restoration procedures is on the rise these days. Hair transplant is considered as the crucial procedure for enhancing the overall appearance by particularly targeting the hair. Keeping in mind, it’s vitality and cruciality, one should choose a hair transplantation clinic very meticulously. So if you are looking for tips and tricks to find out the best hair restoration clinic and hospital, the ensuing information is for you:

  • Board Certifications

Initially, the predominant thing which you should consider is whether the hospital or clinic which you are going to choose has the staff which has essential qualifications and credentials which are enough to carry out the surgical procedure successfully. The surgical procedure is a complex one, which at first includes extrication of the hair grafts and implanting those afterwards. So, we can of course estimate how complicated the steps would be.

  • Surgeon’s academic profile

The surgeon is the one who is going to initiate the surgical procedure. So, it is essential to know whether:

  • The surgeon is essentially qualified
  • The surgeon has specialities in all the procedures
  • The surgeon is achieving a high success rate
  • Hair transplant methods used

There are numerous hair transplantation methods which are used nowadays. But it is quintessential to know which procedure is being used by the clinic. Because there are some procedures which are known to aim at the highest success and recovery rates.

  • Before and After photographs

If you want to have a thorough view of which type of results can be expected from the clinic or hospital, then you should better take into account the before and after pictures of the patients who have taken treatment from that particular hospital or clinic.

  • Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the clinic and hospital also masters. Not because it gives a view of how modern and latest your clinic and hospital are. But it also gives a view of whether you are using the updated technology and equipment or not. Because a clinic could provide the best services only if it is using the latest automation techniques or not.

  • Setup

The hair transplantation setup must include the following in their updated states:

  • Hair transplant slit instruments
  • Graft constant temperature machine
  • Graft Chilling machine & Vertex Chairs
  • Anaesthesia device & Needle implanter
  • Forester Curve Forceps & Capsular forceps
  • Angular Implanting Forceps
  • Injection Pain Reducing devices
  • Hygiene

Hygiene is what matters in a hospital or clinic. We quintessentially agree with this thought that how would the hospitals help the patients to rehabilitate if they’re not keeping up the highest hygiene standards. We have to deal with the scalp and the hair follicles, so they need a hygienic and clean atmosphere to get supervision. So we never compromise with hygiene.

Final thoughts

In this era where some precautionary measures have to be undertaken to avoid the risk of getting afflicted with any sort of virus. We quintessentially take care of all the guidelines which are issued to avoid corona.

क्या है हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट? क्या है इसके फायदे एंड इसकी कीमत कितनी होती है?

क्या है हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट सबसे बेहतरीन इलाज जाना जाता है बाल झड़ने के लिए | इस सर्जिकल प्रोसीजर के दौरान , आपके सिर, दाढ़ी या किसे भी अन्य अंग से हेयर फॉलिकल्स लिए जाते हैं और फिर उनको कम बालों वाले हिस्से में लगाया जाता है | इस ट्रीटमेंट को आम तोर पर पुरषों को गंजेपन के लिए दिया जाता है | कई महिलाओं को भी यह ट्रीटमेंट दी जाती है |

Hair Transplant in Vizag की ट्रीटमेंट सबसे बेहतरीन मानी जाती है क्योंकि एक बार ट्रीटमेंट करवाते आपकी स्थिति में सुधर आ जाता है | इसका मतलब यह है की आपको इस ट्रीटमेंट को एक बार कराना होता है और आपके बालों की समस्या में सुधर आ जाता है | इस इलाज के बारे में अच्छे से समझने के लिए आपको डॉक्टर से परामर्श करना चाहिए |

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट की प्रक्रिया कैसे की जाती है ?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट एक सर्जिकल प्रोसीजर है जिसको करने के लिए डॉक्टर आपको एनेस्थीसिया देगा | इसकी वजह से आपको पूरी ट्रीटमेंट के दौरान कोई भी दर्द नहीं होगा | इस ट्रीटमेंट को २ रूप से किया जाता है :

फोलिकुलर यूनिट ट्रांसप्लांटेशन (FUT)

यह प्रक्रिया सबसे उच्च मानी जाती है | इसके दौरान डॉक्टर आपके सिर के पीछे से बाल निकलता है | यह बाल स्ट्रिप प्रोसीजर के दौरा निकले जाते हैं | स्ट्रिप को निकलते समय लगभग 5 से 10 इंच त्वचा समेत बाल निकले जाते हैं | इसके बाद बालों को उस हिस्से में लगाया जाता है जहाँ पर बाल सबसे कम हों |

फोलिकुलर एक्सट्रैक्शन (FUE)

यह हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट करने की दूसरी तकनीक है | इसके दौरान हेयर फॉलिकल्स को एकएक करके निकला जाता है | उसके बाद बालों को उस हिस्से में लगाया जाता हैं जहाँ पर बाल सबसे कम हों |

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट करवाने के क्याक्या फायदे हैं ?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट ट्रीटमेंट को करवाने के बाद आपको बहुत सारे फायदे मिलते हैं जैसे की:

  • यह ट्रीटमेंट करवाने के बाद आपके बालों की ग्रोथ बढ़ने लग जाती है | जो भी नए बाल आप देखते हैं वह आपके प्राकृतिक बालों से बिलकुल मेल खाते हैं | आप यह कह सकते हैं की बाल नकली नहीं लगते हैं |
  • यह ट्रीटमेंट करवाने के बाद इंसान का आत्मविश्वास बढ़ जाता है | जो भी इंसान बालों के समस्या से जूझ रहा है उसको यह ट्रीटमेंट ज़रूर करवाना चाहिए |
  • इस ट्रीटमेंट के दौरान कोई भी केमिकल या ऐसी दवाई का उपयोग नही होता जो की आपकी स्थिति को और खराब करे | इसकी वजह से साइडइफेक्ट्स होने का खतरा भी कम हो जाता है |
  • यह ट्रीटमेंट करवाने के बाद आप बहुत ही जल्दी से रिकवर हो जाते है | आपको सिर्फ़ कुछ दिनों तक दर्द, सूजन, या लालपन महसूस होगा जो की बहुत ही नॉर्मल है |
  • यह ट्रीटमेंट करवाने के बाद आपकी पर्सनालिटी में बहुत ही बदलाव आ जाता है जिसके बाद आप जवान लगने लगते हैं |

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट की कॉस्ट कितनी होती है ?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट की कॉस्ट विभिन्न कारकों पर निर्भर करती है | जैसे की :

  • आपकी हेयर लोस्स की समस्या कितनी ज़्यादा बढ़ चुकी है |
  • आपकी उम्र |
  • आपकी संपूर्ण सेहत कैसी है |
  • जब आप पहली बार डॉक्टर के पास जाएँगे तो वह यह चेक करेंगे की आपके स्थिति के लिए कितने ग्राफ्ट्स की आवश्यकता है |

Which treatment option is considered beneficial to cure baldness?

Hair loss or baldness is an important matter for men and women. In most cases, people lose their self-confidence and they do not feel like going outside to meet anyone. Most of them try to wear a hat, wig or try to tie the hair by wearing a handkerchief. In many cases, people even try to go through the options of alternative remedies. Additionally, they consider the option of allopathic medicines which helps them to grow their hair fastly. In that case, you can be benefited by getting a hair transplant in Vizag.

What are the reasons for hair loss?

In the initial stage, the problem is referred to as hair thinning, and then gradually the hair loss occurs. The problem can be hereditary, and the person must be careful about their age. Some of the additional reasons are:

  • Age
  • Consuming more fast foods and junk foods
  • Drinking less water
  • Daily combing with a rough comb
  • Not applying hair oil
  • Medication side effect
  • Straightening and curling of hair
  • Use of hair dryers for drying your hair
  • Hair coloring products
  • Daily use of helmet
  • Regular use of shampoo and soap
  • Wearing a hat or handkerchief

 Baldness and Treatment Options

Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

The Healthcare industry has developed a lot with time. The reason for that is the advancement in medical equipment and medications. The hair transplant surgeon will let you know in detail about what type of treatment plan you need to get.


FUE hair transplant

Follicular Unit extraction is the best approach to deal with hair loss. During the surgery, the hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp and fixed on the bald area. The hair grafts will grow there like usual. The hair growth will be thick and the bald spots are going to be covered effectively. The use of local anesthesia is going to reduce the pain and discomfort during the surgery.


FUT hair transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation is also referred to as strip surgery. During this approach, the hair strip is extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is extremely less.


How is it beneficial to get surgical treatment?

  • Both FUE and FUT help the patient to get natural results.
  • Both FUE and FUT help is giving permanent results to the patients.
  • The hair growth will look natural, thick, and healthy


What if I try non-surgical options?

If you opt for the non-surgical methods, then keep in mind the results are not permanent. You might see the hair growth for 6 months but after that, the problem will come back again.

This is the reason, we suggest our patients get surgical treatment which is a one-time investment and results are also the best.

What is a beard transplant? What are the reasons you need to consider a beard hair transplant?

Increasing demand for Beard Hair Transplant

Beard is one of the important parts of a man’s personality. It is the reason, most men are opting for the beard transplant. No matter where you work, beards are accepted as they are a sign of strength, masculinity, and determination.

However, certain men cannot grow a beard, and it is due to genetic factors. Thankfully, modern and revamped technology has changed the entire situation for the better. Choosing the option of Hair Transplant in Vizag can help you get the full-grown beard you have always wished for.


What is meant by beard transplant?

The surgeons are turning around the treatment and using it for the people who want more facial hair but genetics do not allow them to get the same. During this perspective, the surgeon will take hair follicles from the back of the scalp and transplant them to the troublesome area, where beard growth is needed

The hair is taken from the back of the scalp as the hair growth is thickest, and this allows the hair growth to be natural looking and thick. With just a one-time investment, you are likely to have a beard hair growth you always wished for.


Why do you need to get a beard transplant?

Male grooming has taken off in the last couple of years. With time, consideration is given to the facial hair as it depicts the masculine style. The men who are having trouble having a full face of hair need to consider the beard transplant. Some of the determinants with beard transplant are:

  • Less facial hair near the chin

The hair growth in the facial area on the chin might be less as compared to the side of the cheeks. You can plan to get a beard transplant. You must look at the head hair and the facial hair which can be grown.

  • Rare difference

If there is an uncommon difference between scalp and beard hair then a hair transplant is possible. Following this approach will ensure that the hair growth is in the right tone.

  • Color and hair texture

If the scalp and facial hair texture & color are alike then you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Some patients do not worry about the differences. Nevertheless, if the facial hair has a red tint and scalp hair is dark brown then, you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.


Get good medical care – With VJs medical expert

Are you looking for the perfect appearance? But the facial hair problem is not helping you get that. Worry not beard hair transplant gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. It is such a precise method, and its results make everything better.



Everything you need to know about FUE hair transplant treatment in India


We all want to look our best. However, with aging, it is normal to experience certain issues and one of them is hair loss. Medical science has evolved with time and treatment options have upgraded. In India the most preferred treatment for hair loss is FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplant. In this topic, we are going to elaborate on the treatment so that you can make an informed decision.


What is a FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplantation is a treatment approach that results in natural hair growth. With this surgical treatment, the hair follicles are taken individually from the donor area (which is not affected by DHT) and implanted in the thin hair or bald spots.

During the treatment, the surgeon makes use of the micro punches to extract the follicles individually. You can make the most of this method, as there are no visible signs of extraction.

Undergoing this minimally invasive treatment results in all-natural results, no scars, and the patient will be at ease. It is one of the preferred methods for hair transplantation for patients experiencing severe thinning, chronic hair fall, and bald spots. One of the important considerations to undergo the surgery is the availability of the hair follicles.


How is undergoing an FUE hair transplant useful?

  • Natural hair growth
  • Natural-looking hair
  • Permanent results
  • Scarless and painless surgery
  • Quick recovery time
  • The success rate is high because of the improved technique
  • Do not give the appearance like hair plugs
  • No scars after the hair follicles extraction


How is the cost of FUE calculated?

Depending on every case, the cost of a hair transplant will vary a lot. A total number of hair grafts needed for the recipient area will be checked. Additionally, the FUE hair transplant cost will depend on the surgeon’s experience. Some of the additional cost which determines the FUE cost are mentioned below:

  • How severe is the baldness? (For that the doctor uses the Norwood scale to measure the male pattern baldness)
  • Extent of Baldness
  • What type of technique is needed for hair follicle extraction?
  • What treatment is needed?
  • Patient overall health
  • The total cost of medical equipment
  • Labor cost


Some of the scenarios which help to understand how many hair grafts are needed for the specific area:

  • Full head coverage – A minimum of 5000 grafts are needed.
  • Frontal forelock – 1000 to 2000 grafts
  • Front and Mid-front coverage – 4000 to 5000 grafts
  • Front coverage treatment – 3000 to 3500 grafts


What is the procedure of FUE hair restoration?

Here are the following steps which will be in the FUE hair restoration:

  • Prior assessments
  • Preparation
  • Hair follicles extraction
  • Implantation of hair follicles
  • After-care


Who can take advantage of the FUE method?

Following are the situations in which the FUE method can be best suited for the patients:

  • Patient with male pattern baldness
  • Patient with Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness
  • A patient suffering from scarring alopecia patches
  • A patient who wants to get FUT scar restoration
  • Patients who want to get eyebrow, hairline, beard, mustache, and beard reconstruction.



What are the topmost facts you need to know about hair transplant surgery in India?


In the past few years, it has been seen that the hair transplant has become successful and most demandable surgery. If you are suffering from hair loss & baldness then you can take benefit from hair transplantation. The treatment provides you permanent and natural results.

If you want to try exotic oils or hair loss supplements then keep in mind they are not going to work like hair transplantation. In this blog, we will take you through some of the interesting facts about hair restoration treatment.

Top facts need to know about hair transplant:

  • Is the treatment given just one-time?

No doubt, we all don’t want to go to the doctor again and again. Hair transplantation is one of the cosmetic treatments where you do not need to consult the doctor daily. Simply visiting the doctor just one time for the treatment will solve the hair loss issue once and for all. The hair follicles are extracted from that region of the scalp which is considered as the safe zone. Also, this zone does not have the DNA which can result in male pattern baldness. Undergoing the treatment just one time will solve the issue for a lifetime.

  • Treat the transplanted hair normally

After getting the treatment, patients get worried about using the shampoo, color dye, or any other specific product for the hair. If you want you can use them without any tension. You can treat the newly grown hair like you used to do with the normal hair. After getting the surgery, when the healthy hair grows it will be just your hair. Make sure that you follow the immediate aftercare instructions given by the surgeon.

  • Is the treatment painful?

Undergoing treatment does not result in pain. This is because, when you get the treatment, the patient is given local anesthesia, and this way the patient does not experience any pain or discomfort. During the entire treatment, the patient will be at ease and comfortable.

  • Is the hair transplant costly?

Fortunately, you can undergo the treatment under your budget. The treatment is given depending on how many grafts you need, surgeon experience, clinic infrastructure, and the treatment you need. So, undergoing the treatment helps you get it under your budget.

  • Is there an age limit for hair transplant?

The best thing about hair transplantation is that you can get the treatment without thinking about age. After the age of 25, you can get this treatment. No matter what your age is you can get the treatment.



What are the topmost tips for selecting the best hair transplant in Vizag?

Are you suffering from severe hair loss at a young age? Is your self-confidence reduced due to baldness? Do you not feel comfortable going out with your friends?

If answers to all these questions come out as ‘Yes’, then you can solve this issue with a hair transplant. Undergoing treatment makes it easier for you to get an effective solution for hair loss.


Is it safe to undergo a hair transplant in Vizag?

Hair transplantation is a safe and effective surgical procedure performed by experienced and skilled surgeons. During the procedure, no harm is performed to your natural hair. The treatment provides flawless and excellent results. Before, you plan to get the treatment to make sure you have selected the best hair clinic.


Does the clinic provide consultation?

Consultation is an important part of undergoing treatment. During the initial consultation, your entire condition is evaluated and the reason behind hair loss is found. Also, you are allowed to ask questions which helps you to take the right step. Any renowned surgeon will make sure you are allowed to consult about your doubts and understand the treatment in depth.


Is the clinic reputable?

Before you select the clinic, you need to ensure that it is reputable. If you come across a clinic which is renowned then you should not take a chance and you must find some other clinic. Make sure the clinic you are selecting is reputable and they should offer you outstanding services.


Is the surgeon board-certified?

Not every other surgeon or doctor can perform the hair restoration treatment. Proper skills and expertise is needed to perform it correctly. The surgeon you are selecting must be board-certified. If not, then you need to choose someone who has years of experience and has undergone his training to do the surgery with precision.


Which technique is best for me?

If you like the clinic then you need to understand which technique they provide. You should go to their site and find which technique they offer. You should schedule a consultation with them and discuss the possible options which can work for you. If you find a treatment online then discuss with them whether they implement it or not and will it be suitable to treat hair loss.


Is the clinic offering cheap treatment?

If you ever come across a clinic which is providing you a cheap treatment plan then you should not go with them. Make sure the decision to undergo the treatment should not be based on price. Getting cheap treatment means service is also not up to the mark. If the prices are lower than you need to enquire about them.


Is it true that FUE hair transplant surgery damages existing hair?


Planning to undergo FUE hair transplant surgery in India?, then we are sure you must be having numerous questions running in your mind. Some patients are concerned about the results, some are worried about existing hair, and many more. So in this blog, we are going to solve all your queries related to it.

Starting with the question will existing hair is going to get damaged due to surgery. Then the answer is no, a patient’s existing hair is safe and not going to harm after undergoing the treatment.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

FUE hair transplant surgery is a type of surgery in which a surgeon harvest the hair follicles from the donor area and transplant it into barren areas of the patient. This surgery is performed by giving local anesthesia to the patient. After that, the patient will not experience any type of discomfort. Our staff members will take care that they don’t suffer from any type of discomfort. Some people select FUE over FUT due to some reasons like the patient will experience less scarring because, in FUE, there is no need to harvest a strip from the scalp and much more. The hair specialist will choose the right follicles without harming other follicles.

How can you decrease damage & hair loss?

The surgeon at VJC takes numerous measures to decrease follicle damage. And the latest technologies present in the clinic helps a lot. We also give post-surgery instructions that will help patients to take care of their scalp that is mentioned below:

  • Do not scratch your head.
  • The patient is not allowed to wash his hair for at least a week.
  • Avoid heavy workouts.
  • Be careful while sleeping.
  • Use mild shampoo on your scalp.
  • Take care of your diet and much more.

FUE recovery

Since follicular unit extraction doesn’t require stitches, patients can go back to their normal routine within some days. There are chances that you might see scabbing on the scalp but need not worry. It will come off with time. After two weeks of treatment, the new hair follicles enter the resting phase for a month or so. So, you are going to experience hair fall. If you suffer from hair fall then need not worry. It is a part of the healing process. You will get new hair within some time.

Leave the hair to VJC

If you are experiencing an excessive hair loss problem and finding a permanent solution. Then we are waiting for you. Yes, undergoing hair restoration surgery is the only solution, and selecting us will increase the chances of you getting high-quality results. Our surgeons are experts as well as experienced that will give you natural looking results.

What are the topmost things you should consider while choosing a surgeon for hair transplant surgery?

Planning to undergo hair transplant surgery? But are you confused about how to find the best surgeon to get the best results then need not worry. In this blog, we are going to talk about the top tips that will help you in searching for the best surgeon for yourself.


  • Qualification and expertise of the hair specialist

You can search for the qualification and skills of a surgeon with just some clicks. Yes by checking the website of the surgeon you will come to know all the information in detail such as several experiences, skills, successful surgeries, and much more. You can also compare the surgeon before selecting for your surgery. To get the desired results you need an expert hair specialist to perform your surgery. If mistakenly you will end up selecting an unskilled surgeon then you are unable to get the desired results.


  • Consider the experience

During the consultation, you can ask the surgeon to share the details of the previous client’s. You can clear your doubts related to the surgery by meeting them personally and help you in gaining  more information about the surgeon. You can also consider reviews, ratings, testimonials of the patients that will help you in knowing their experience of the hair restoration surgery. Moreover, you should also focus on the artistic skills of the surgeon as it helps you in getting natural-looking results. An experienced surgeon will give you proper guidance and also tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for the hair transplantation surgery or not.


  • Staff member

The surgeon is not going to perform the surgery all alone. There will be staff members who will help the surgeon to complete the surgery effectively as well as efficiently. The staff members will pay attention to your scalp. They also take care of you so that you will have the best experience throughout the surgery. So while choosing the surgeon you should also check whether he is having a skilled staff or not.


  • Facilities provide by a clinic

Checking facilities provided by the surgeon is equally important for you. You should look at various things that are mentioned below:


  • You should check the technologies the clinic is having.
  • You should check whether the clinic is well equipped or not.
  • There should be well-managed things for the safety of the patient.
  • Cleanliness should be there.
  • Everyone should be hygienic.
  • Availability of the hair transplantation procedures and much more.


  • Before & After images

While considering the testimonials of the patients, you should also check the social media accounts of the clinic. Furthermore, you should also check the before & after images of the previous patients. You should pay more attention to the pictures of the patient who is having the same level of baldness as you.