Dr C Vijay Kumar’s Guide – Precautionary measures before hair transplant

    Dr Vijay’s Cosmetic surgery and the Hair Transplantation Centre is one of the best centres that provide the best results after performing the hair transplant in Vizag. Even the hair transplant cost at this clinic is so economical that the hair loss patients who earn less than 3 lakhs per annum can also undergo the procedure without any financial constraints.

    The friendly and super-compassionate approach towards the patient is one of the things that our patients always went away satisfied from the procedure and remember us for a lifetime.

    Only Doctors are not responsible for the success

    All those patients who are expecting successful results from the procedure must know that the doctors are not solely responsible for the success of the procedure. 50% of the accountability of making the procedure a huge success lies on the patient as well.

    Before and after carrying out the surgery, all of the responsibilities of making the results emerge conducive are of the patients.

    Oh! If you do not know about the precautionary measures which you should take up before the procedure, then no worries! We are here for you.

    No Medicines, please!

    Before 2 weeks of the procedure, you are advised to stop taking any of the medications that could result in the thinning of the blood. The patients are not even suggested to take the single dose of the following:

    • Aspirin
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Vitamin B or E.
    • Blood thinners
    • Ibuprofen
    • Natural medicine

    Stop consuming any of the antidepressants

    If any of the hair loss patients are taking the following kinds of antidepressants, then they are advised to stop consuming them immediately, as the hair transplantation on the patients undertaking these drugs is not at all possible:

    No smoking!

    Do not smoke before the procedure. If you will not stop, then the blood vessels will get narrower and thus the right amount of blood will not get transported to the scalp. There is the presence of carbon monoxide in the smoke that is accountable for reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. These conditions will never let you recover or heal at a speedy pace and the chances for the procedure to emerge as a great failure will be high.

    Things to do on the morning of the procedure:

    • Bathing and Shampooing

    You can bathe and wash your hair on the same day before the procedure is to be performed.


    If you used to wear the hair extensions or the wigs before the procedure, then make sure you’re not wearing them during the bathing and even after that.

    • Wear Comfortable and the Loose Fitting Pants

    Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing before the procedure.

    • Do not skip the Breakfast

    Make sure you are having a healthy and tasty breakfast. Also keep a bottle in your hand always since staying hydrated is the necessity to be fulfilled before the procedure.

    Final Comments!

    For the success of the procedure, the patients should follow all the above-mentioned precautions. If any among these will be left unfollowed, some chances for making the procedure a success will get reduced.

      Breaking the Myth: Risk of catching COVID-19 due to hair transplant procedure

      Best & Safe Clinic: Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center

      In Andhra Pradesh, the demand for hair transplant is increasing at a fast pace. People from all over the globe travel here to get the hair transplant procedure. Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is one of the well-known places for patients to get the hair transplant done in the most appropriate manner.

      With that said, the health tourism in the Hair Transplant in Vizag is one of a kind. Moreover, the Hair Transplant Cost is even affordable in India as compared to any other developed nation. In addition, highly skilled professionals are always there to manage everything and give you the best kind of treatment plan.

      But, there is one major concern among the patients and that is due to COVID. This deadly virus has changed many things around us and the way we see them. Considering the situation, the international borders are sealed. This way no one can come to India and no one can go abroad. Thankfully, as the vaccine for COVID is there everything is getting back to normal. And people are slowly and slowly adjusting to the new routine. In case you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, there is no need to worry about anything.

      Top-notch health quality

      At Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center, the patients will get the best quality treatment. Additionally, our doctors are properly trained and certified to give you the hair transplant treatment plan. This way, it ensures that the treatment plan you are going to get is simply the best and given under strict protocols.

      Specialized medical instruments

      Dr. C. Vijay Kumar and his team are extremely particular about the medical instruments used during the treatment. Before and after the treatment, everything is properly sterilized to ensure safety measures are followed all along. At our hair transplant centre, we are strictly particular about the hygiene and safety standards for every treatment plan done in our clinic premises.

      COVID-safety guidelines are followed all the time

      Well! The use of face masks and disposable gloves are used by our team, even before COVID. For every transplant procedure performed at our clinic, we always ensure the best hair transplant treatment is given to you. We never compromise on the safety and hygiene part at our clinic which is the reason the success rate of our hair transplant centre is higher as compared to other clinics.

      Fully vaccinated team

      We only started giving our medical services, once our team got fully vaccinated. Our entire team is doing their bit to ensure that the treatment plan you get is the best. This way once your treatment plan is done you will get to have the best of results and without any complications.

      No risk of getting COVID

      So, take out this concern from your mind that after a hair transplant you can get COVID. Dr. C. Vijay Kumar along with his team has done countless hair transplant surgery after COVID and the patients have only got the best results that they wanted. Book your initial consultation with us to be our next ‘Happy patient’ – https://vjclinics.com/contact-us/

        What to choose Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre?

        Did you know?

        Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery and the Hair Transplantation centre is one of the best clinics that offer brilliant services concerning Hair Transplant in Vizag. The hair transplant cost at this clinic is also very economical and reasonable.

        So if you are the one who is suffering from intense hair loss issues, then visit us. We shall guide you with the right treatment plan after properly diagnosing the root cause of your problem.

        How can you be sure to visit Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre?

        • You can check the doctor’s credentials

        Since we know how important it is for the patients to rely on the doctor or the surgeon who is treating their hair loss, we have made sure that each of the doctors comes out to be highly trustworthy. We have a checklist of the important credentials. Only the surgeons who are getting a check in each of them will be the ones whom we consider hiring.

        So, all the patients who are reading our blog, please be sure, we will only make you that from the right people. Have faith in us!

        • Doctor’s Experience

        Next, the patients look for the experience of the doctor. This is why we only let those surgeons perform the surgical procedures who have performed at least 10 successful surgeries.

        • Clinical Staff

        We do accept that it is not only the surgeons who will perform the hair transplant surgeries, rather the other hospital staff is also responsible for making you reach your treatment goals. So no matter whether these are nurses, ward boys or the receptionist, each of them is highly trained in what they do and how they do it.

        • Staff Friendliness

        Since it is an invasive kind of procedure in which the hair follicles will be extracted from one region and will be transplanted to another region, it is quite natural on the patient’s part to be nervous before it. That nervousness becomes even worse if the staff does not know how to behave in the right way.

        • Type of the technology used

        We know the type of technology to be used is among the major concerns of the patients. But with us, it is no more a concern, rather this is a comforting point for you. Since no matter how many modifications take place in the technology, we always make sure that we always get equipped with the latest technology.

        • Confidentiality of details

        No matter whether we treat a VIP or a common man, we always keep the details of our patients highly confidential. Whether it is a phone number or an email address, we make sure that we keep each of them highly confidential.

        Final Comments!

        If after reading the above-mentioned characteristics of our clinic, you feel that it is only Vjs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre that can provide you with the right kind of service, then book your initial consultation with us at the earliest.

          Is hair transplant with grey hair possible? Will it give a natural look?

          People who are getting transplanted with grey hairs should know that there are no preponderant differences in getting transplanted with either grey or white hair follicles. Some people are of the view that the pigmented hair is strong and will last longer as compared to grey hair follicles. But according to the cosmetic surgeons who are recognized for carrying out the hair transplant in Vizag, “ There is no giant difference between the hair transplantation done through the white hairs and that is done through the grey hairs.”

          Note: Some people have also been observed to be believing in the rumours that the hair transplant costs for both black and grey hair are different. You can’t know about the cost, until you visit the doctor.

          We have received many queries in which the people are asking:

          Can Grey hair be transplanted?’

          So to those curious readers, we want to say ‘Yes’. The grey hair can be transplanted. Not only the grey hairs but the patients who do have white hairs are also deemed as suitable candidates for the hair transplant.

          Did you know?

          It has been observed that the grey hair is extremely thick and textured as compared to the pigmented hair.

          We have observed many patients who have gained satisfying results from the hair transplant procedure.

          Will the colour of the transplanted hair match with the natural hair?

          It is quite difficult to make the colour of the transplanted hair match with the natural hair. None other than the highly professional and trained doctor can do it.

          Which technique helps the most to avoid the mismatching of the hair follicles?

          The whole credit for this goes to FUE. Through this technique, it becomes quite easy to extract the hair follicles from the back of the scalp. With this, it becomes easy to avoid mismatching.

          If we compare this technique with the FUT, then we shall come to know how natural and appealing results are encountered with the hair transplant.

          Point to make you gladden

          If any of the patients want to dye his or her colour to something different, then they are allowed to do this after 4 to 6 months. If you are wondering why this much time is being taken, then the answer for this is that the scalp needs a great amount of time to get healed.

          Which points are to be considered before carrying out a hair transplant of the grey hairs?

          When we are talking about the hair transplant for the white hair, then it needs to be played very very carefully. White hair is most commonly found in the following areas

          • Nape Area
          • Between The Ears

          The doctors are sure to consider the following mentioned factors into account:

          • The colour of the hair follicles present in the donor area
          • The colour of the hair follicle which is already present in the recipient area
          • Will it be possible to achieve the matching hair follicles that are in harmony with each other?

            Is it possible to do hair transplant treatment with someone else’s hair?

            A hair transplant is the best solution for every individual struggling with hair loss. Moreover, many questions come into the mind of individuals while planning for the treatment like what to expect, how the treatment will be done, and much more. One of the common concerns among the patients planning to get the hair transplant in Vizag is, ‘Can other people’s hair be used for the hair transplant?’ Let me put this in a better manner for you, like the Hair transplant cost is different for every individual, and you will get to know about the same only after consulting the doctor. In the same manner, when you choose to undergo a hair transplant your hair grafts will be used for the treatment. Let’s dig deep into the same.

            What is the procedure for a hair transplant?

            During the FUE hair transplant, the doctor will administer your local anesthesia. The hair grafts are extracted by using a microsurgical extraction instrument to take out the follicles. The best part about hair restoration is that it leaves minimal scarring on the scalp because of the technique and tool used for the surgery. The hair follicles are checked under the microscope and after that, the transplantation is done. A small microsurgical needle is used to receive that for the hair grafts.

            Is it okay or possible to use someone else’s hair for the hair transplant?

            It’s okay to have this concern in your mind, because when a kidney or heart transplant can be done, then why not the hair transplant. But, for the hair transplant that is not possible at all. During the hair transplant, only the hair grafts extracted from your scalp or body part will be used. No 2 person’s hair is the same in terms of features or you can say it won’t be compatible. So, your hair doctor will not use the hair grafts from any other person during your hair transplant treatment.

            To add to the above point:

            When hair follicles from other people are used, your body will develop an immune response and consider it as a foreign substance. It means they reject the hair that will lead to infection. Moreover, you won’t see the results as the hair will not grow. So, using someone else’s hair for a hair transplant is not possible.

            Can body hair be used for hair transplant treatment?

            The body and scalp hair is different. In some cases, a body hair transplant is possible when the scalp does not have enough hair grafts. To understand the same and whether you are a suitable candidate for a body hair transplant or not, you need to consult the doctor.

            How should an FUE hair transplant be done?

            The FUE hair transplant is performed by extracting the hair grafts from one place to another, one by one. Due to this, some patients can have hair transplant due to not having enough donor’s hair. The best part is that with a hair transplant you will get natural-looking hair. If you are looking to get a hair transplant, then get in touch with our doctor.

              Is it true FUE hair transplant treatment can give you full coverage?

              FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

              Hair loss is a common problem but it needs utmost attention as it is something which can shake your confidence and make you look old before age. This is where the Hair Transplant in Vizag is the best choice to deal with baldness once and for all. No doubt, deciding on undergoing a hair transplant is the biggest one. For example: Choosing the type of hair transplant method which can give you natural-looking and desired hair growth. Well! In that case, spending on the FUE method will ensure that the Hair Transplant Cost you will pay will be worth every penny. Following the treatment, when you run your fingers through the hair you will have healthy and strong hair.

              Advanced and effective method – FUE Hair Transplant

              First of all, it is important to understand that FUE hair transplant is a procedure that includes re-distribution. Follicular Unit Transplantation is the method in which hair follicles are extracted individually and then they are transplanted one by one on the problematic area. It is also about the skills of the medical practitioner that they can transplant the grafts with utmost precision which covers the bald spots effectively. The hair is placed in such a way that you will get to see the desired hair coverage.

              How many hair grafts are harvested with FUE hair transplant?

              Many patients are concerned about, ‘How many hair grafts can be transplanted into the problematic area to get the desired coverage?’ Well! During hair transplant treatment, the hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp one by one and then transplanted to the problematic area. Are you thinking, ‘Why from the back of the scalp?’

              To put it in this way, ‘The hair follicles on the back of the scalp are resistant to hormone DHT (Dihydrotesterone) which is the major reason of male pattern baldness. Extracting the hair grafts from the back of the scalp will make sure that following the transplant you will notice the desired result. Or you can say that it will increase the hair density in the problematic area.’

              Availability of hair grafts

              Now! It is also important that you have enough hair grafts for extraction purposes so that they can cover the bald spots. Bear in mind, one hair graft contains around 1 to 5 hair strands and on average, there are around 90 to 120 units or you can say 100 to 250 hair which is per square centimeter. The doctor will check during the consultation how many hair grafts are required and accordingly plan the treatment for you.

              Schedule your initial consultation

              If you are planning to get an FUE Hair transplant and wondering how the treatment will be customized for you, then get in touch with our medical expert. Make sure that you talk to the doctor about all your doubts and this way it will help you plan for the treatment in a better manner. Undergoing FUE hair transplant is worth every penny.

                What is redness after a hair transplant? Will it affect the treatment results?

                Redness after the hair transplant procedure

                If you have undergone a hair transplant in Vizag, then you must be thinking about what to expect after the surgery. No doubt, your surgeon will talk you through the entire process and make you understand how to get everything managed. Getting yourself aware of the treatment be it what to do before the surgery, after surgery, Hair Transplant cost, or any other factor will ensure the treatment goes smoothly. One of the situations which occur after a hair transplant is redness on the scalp. In this article, we will talk you through the same.

                What is redness after the hair transplant?

                The redness on the scalp is noticed at the back of your donor area and where the hair is implanted. In medical terms, it is known as erythema. This is the inflammation that occurs after the hair transplant. During normal recovery, this inflammation is a part of the process. With hair transplant, small cuts are made into the skin and with time the cut will begin to heal and around the transplanted hair.

                How long does the redness last?

                In most cases, the redness will last for 2 weeks. When the scalp begins to heal the redness will start to diminish. Normally, it takes around 10 to 14 days to see the healing. There might be some cases where healing will take longer than required. It might be possible that healing can last for months.

                Will it affect my hair transplant results?

                In most cases, redness is not going to affect the results of the hair transplant. But, make sure that you keep a check on the redness because sometimes it is not a part of healing. Consulting the surgeon will help you understand better about the same. Some of the causes are mentioned below:

                • Folliculitis

                In some cases, skin infection can occur around the area which has newly implanted hair follicles. This might occur in the 8 months and this occurs in the form of a small red pimple that forms the hair. It can feel painful, hot, and itchy. This can be left like that and it will treat on its own. But, make sure that you consult the doctor to get a better understanding of how to deal with it.

                • Cysts

                Cysts are in the form of small circular sacks which grow under the skin. This condition can occur due to the grafts extracted from the donor area. Cysts might occur when the skin is not healing normally. Cysts can get red and swollen. If you think you have cysts then it is important to get medical assistance.

                • Cellulitis

                Cellulitis is a skin infection on the scalp. Following the surgery, it might be possible that bacteria enter the skin which can cause an infection. In this case, you will notice redness on the scalp and sometimes, it might develop a fever. If this is the case, then you need to get medical assistance to keep a better check on your condition.

                Consult the best hair doctor

                Well! Everything can be managed with ease when you choose the best hair expert for the treatment plan. So, make sure that you look for the best hair transplant doctor to get the best results.

                  What to expect during your initial visit for a hair transplant consultation?

                  First visit for hair transplant treatment

                  Hair transplant treatment is the best choice for patients dealing with hair loss and baldness. Hair Transplant in Vizag is the best choice for the patients to get natural-looking and best results. No doubt, if you are getting the treatment for the first time, then it might be intimidating and you might worry a lot. But, it is important to understand that the hair transplant procedure is safe and the initial will go as smoothly as possible as you might have not thought about. During the initial consultation, the doctor will talk you through the entire process be it:

                  • What treatment type do you need?
                  • How much is the Hair Transplant Cost?
                  • What to do before the surgery?
                  • What to do after the surgery?
                  • Or any other concern you have in your mind, you can talk about the same with the surgeon.

                  Discuss all your concerns and get yourself the right kind of treatment plan

                  A hair transplant is the best choice to deal with hair loss and when you discuss with the doctor it can make you understand what is the reason for hair loss and what results you are hoping for. Talking about your special requirements is important and this way you can get the best results.

                  Going through your medical background

                  In the first place, you have to fill in the questionnaire to get started as it will be a building block to plan for your treatment plan. In most cases, the patient dealing with hair loss must be taking certain medications, skin conditioner, or previously you have undergone treatment but it might not have worked out the way you want it to.

                  Check your scalp to better assess your hair loss

                  Following that, your scalp must be examined, and this way your hair loss condition will be assessed properly. By assessing your condition, it will be easier to understand how many hair grafts are needed to give you natural-looking results. In addition, hair density is checked and this will make a huge difference in the results.

                  How long after the consultation surgery can be performed?

                  Well! That depends upon the patient’s availability and this way we can plan for the surgery. Once, we have gathered all the possible information and then we plan for the date of the surgery. In addition, once it is confirmed then we are good to go.

                  Is hair Transplant the solution I am looking for?

                  YES! Hair transplant is the best solution for hair loss and it can make it easier for you to deal with hair loss. The consultation will make it easier for you to get answers to all your doubts and how it can help you get back your self-confidence.

                  What happens after the hair transplant treatment?

                  Following the treatment, the doctor will tell you about all things you have to follow. By doing so, it will be easier to manage the results, and this way you can see your hair growth within 8 to 12 months. Just make sure that you attend the follow-up appointments and then you will be good to go.

                    How long does it take for the hair transplant to show up the results?

                    Undergoing Hair transplant in Vizag will fill your minds with so many questions regarding post-operative care and the total time required for your scalp to achieve fuller and natural growth. Don’t worry, if your questions are not being answered by any websites, while we are here for you.

                    What can you expect 2 weeks after the hair transplantation?

                    The first two weeks after the transplantation are the most crucial days. After that, you can expect the transplanted hair to shed off. This is completely normal and part of the successful procedure.

                    The hair begins spotting while keeping the root part (follicles) intact.

                    Did you know?

                    • With shedding, the new structure of the hair forms. And yes, that is even stronger and healthier than the transplanted hair.
                    • And from the starting of the second week to the end of the month (after hair transplantation) no more drastic changes will take place.

                    What happens after four months?

                    The lost hair starts to grow again which will lead to a condition known as folliculitis.

                    • Why does this happen?

                    Because the regrowing hair is fragile and incapable of penetrating the scalp.

                    • What if the discomfort becomes unbearable?

                    In that case, you are suggested to immediately see the doctor.

                    • Will it get improved?

                    Yes, sure! It is not going to stay lifelong. Lol!

                    Within 10 days, the symptoms of the folliculitis will seem to be getting improved.

                    What to expect in between the 4th and 8th month?

                    This is going to be a gladdening period for you. As the hair in this period will experience a growth at a higher density.

                    • What’s more satisfying?

                    The newly grown hair will experience great improvement in the following terms:

                    • Pigmentation
                    • Strength

                    What to expect after 8 months?

                    After 8 months, you can not expect the new hair to keep on growing. They stop by this time. From this period onwards, you will be able to see the results. But yes, a little more time will be required for the minor adjustments to take place.

                    How to speed up hair growth after hair transplantation?

                    To speed up the hair growth, it is necessary for you to follow the subsequent tips:

                    • Diet

                    Diet plays an important role in all sorts of recovery periods. You have to make sure that you are taking a balanced diet which benefits you with all the nutrients required by your scalp to trigger hair growth.

                    • Do not skip any dose of the medications

                    The doctor will prescribe you certain medications to fasten the recovery period and make it emerge effectively. You should not miss even a single dosage.

                    • Oil Application and massage will be helpful

                    Try to give your scalp a gentle massage with the essential oils (prescribed). It will help you to attain effective results.

                    • Do not engage in any of the strenuous activities

                    Aftercare is quintessentially indispensable after the hair transplant which accounts for 50% in making the procedure a huge success. So it is advised not to do anything that makes the results deteriorate.

                    You are supposed to stay from the activities that cause you to sweat.

                      How should the individual take a head-bath after undergoing hair transplantation?

                      The patients do have so many questions after they undergo the hair transplant in Vizag. Their questions usually reflect how afraid they are of making the whole hair transplant cost go in vain. So in our today’s blog post, we are going to answer one such important question:

                      How am I supposed to wash my hair after the hair transplantation procedure?

                      Here are some of the important tips on how you should wash your hair.

                      Do not wash your hair for 2 days at least

                      According to the doctors, the patients should not take a head bath for at least 2 days after undergoing the hair transplantation. But if positive, the patients should try to avoid the same for at least 5 to 7 days. In the first week, the hair is still fragile and at risk of getting dislodged.

                      Try to be very gentle with your hair

                      When you are permitted by the doctor to undergo the hair transplantation procedure, then try to be immensely gentle with your hair. So not rub them aggressively. Make sure you are not scrubbing.

                      Do not use a shower

                      I know it will be difficult for you, but gradually you’ll become accustomed to it. After all, it is only a matter of a few days. Make sure that you are not putting your head directly under the shower. Use a mug and bucket to wash your hair.

                      Gentle Rubbing

                      To emphasize the point, we are again mentioning that the patient should not be aggressively washing the hair. Have little drops of the shampoo in your hand, and then allow your hands to gently massage your scalp.

                      Do not use the non-prescribed shampoo

                      The doctor will prescribe you some of the dermatologically tested products which will not produce any negative impact on your scalp.

                      Do not aggressively wipe off the water

                      Do not use aggressive towel techniques to drain out the excess water. Let them be dried on their own.

                      Do not use the hairdryer

                      When you have washed your head, then make sure that you are not using any hair drying equipment. It will put pressure on the transplanted hair follicles to get dislodged.

                      Some additional post-operative care tips

                      Since it was your recovery period, so you should be keeping up with the post-operative care measures like the following:

                      • Make sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables daily. (Your scalp needs nutrition)
                      • Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
                      • I know, it will be an utmostly discomforting condition in which it is itching vigorously but you are not able to scrub, but still, you should keep a good hold on your urge to respond to the itching sensation.
                      • Do not go out in the sun. But if it is too necessary or urgent, then make sure that you are wearing some of the protective headwear.

                      Final Comments!

                      Post-Operative Care after the hair transplantation procedure is very important for the success of the procedure. If you do not follow any care measures, you will find yourself facing serious complications.