Alopecia Areata and Hair Transplant

Does Hair transplant treatment work best for alopecia areata?


Alopecia Areata: Common Autoimmune Disease Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune condition when the immune system begins to, by mistake, start affecting the healthy cells present in the body. Someone with alopecia areata faces the trouble of having shrunk hair follicles, resulting in hair growth problems. The given state demands you to get the most […]

Experts Guide: What Is Alopecia Area Hair Loss And Its Causes?


It is not easy to handle hair loss, especially when it is more than natural or normal. It is pretty standard to get tensed over your look and the constant tugging of hair. The bald patch is telling a lot of stories, and you are evident in hiding it and, in this case, with a […]

What are the Various Types of Alopecia and How it can be Treated?

Why Hair transplant considered an evolution in the field of medical science?

Overview Alopecia is a broad time that is used for hair loss which can be on the scalp or any other body part. With age, hair loss can trigger and other conditions can affect hair health. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the types of alopecia and the best treatment […]