Age limit for Hair Transplant

Myths & Facts about Age limit for Hair Transplant

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    Myths & Facts about Age limit for Hair Transplant

    When you start balding, you think of umpteen solutions to the problem. After rushing to the nearest cosmetics shop and shopping a bagful of products which claim to replenish your hair, you will feel somewhat comforted. But if these fail to work for you, then you might opt for some medicines. If the medicines too don’t yield any results, then it is advisable to opt for hair transplant in India.

     Let us see what makes for a suitable age for transplant:

    1. Anybody from the age group of 21 to 80 years can opt for it.
    2. The baldness is often caused by genetic reasons, so age is not a concern you should have in such cases.

    Some misconceptions related to hair transplant


    1. Solution for hair loss

    Most of the people look at it as the solution to their hair loss. But the truth is that it is more appropriately a preventive measure for balding.


    1. Cosmetic or medical?

    Definitely, it deals with your cosmetic aspect but the procedure is purely medical. Firstly, you should never opt for it without the advice of your doctor. Secondly, it should be considered only when hair loss is extreme. While losing about 100 hair strands every day is a common process, more than that is a cause for concern.


    1. Different from wearing a wig: A transplant is something very different from wearing a wig. In the transplant, your own hair strands are extracted from the site with abundant hair and grafted onto the site with less hair.


    1. It is not gender- specific: The procedure is not gender -specific and both men and women can opt for it.


    1. Don’t rush into it too early: Definitely, age is not an issue but if the patient is experiencing hair loss too early in life, it is better to take the advice of a doctor. He may advise you to try out other measures before going for the transplant.


    Reasons for hair fall

    Losing your hair at a rapid pace may have some specific reasons like-

    1. Alopecia or male pattern baldness –It is a genetic condition in which men start losing their hair from the front to the back. It might start in men as early as 30 years.


    1. 2. Stress-Some people end up losing a lot of hair due to stress. They develop a hair loss cycle due to the emotional stress they have in their lives.


    1. After-effect of some medicines-Using certain medicines or suffering from diseases like jaundice can wreak havoc on your hair.


    1. Nutritional Deficiency –Lack of iron in the diet tells upon the health and the beauty of hair. The diet should be rich in protein, vitamin D and A.It should also contain Omega 3.


    1. Hairstyling –Extreme use of hair styling products can cause problems in the growth and texture of hair. It may lead to irreversible thinning of hair and decrease in its regeneration.