Everything You Need To Know About Stem Cells Hair Transplant Treatment


Stem cells develop into different cell types found in the body. These are unspecialized cells that are not able to perform specific functions in the body.

How does it work?

The Italian research performed the stem hair transplant. The treatment starts with a punch biopsy to take away the stem cells. The treatment is performed with a circular blade and the skin is removed with the cylindrical sample.

The stem cells are separated from the tissues in the centrifuge. Once it is done, the blood is injected back to the scalp where the person has lost hair.

The treatment is based on growing the new hair follicles by using the skin sample from the patient’s scalp. Currently, the treatment is not given to patients all over the world as the treatment is still in the investigational phase.

The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure. The fat cells are removed from the hip or abdomen with the liposuction and the patient is given local anesthesia.

The procedure will remove the stem cells from the fat and after that, they can be injected onto the scalp where hair growth is very less. The entire procedure takes 3 hours to complete. The results of the treatment will vary with every case. To see the desired results, several treatments are needed.

Some of the research has shown that the treatment is very effective in treating different hair loss conditions which includes:

  • Androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness)
  • Male androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
  • Cicatricial alopecia (hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue)

 Recovery timeline

In some cases, pain is expected but it will go away within weeks. The patient needs to avoid doing extensive exercise for one week. From where the fat is removed, the scar is left behind. After the surgery, the patient cannot drive on its own because of the effect of local anesthesia.


Side effects of Stem cell hair transplant

As the treatment is still in research, so whether the treatment leaves side effects or not is still not known. Like with any other treatment, the bleeding or infection at the site while taking the sample. In some cases, scarring is possible. But there is no such possible complication or side effect which you have to worry about. Just make sure that you choose the best hair surgeon who will give you an effective treatment plan for your hair loss condition.


Success rate

The current research has shown that the treatment leaves promising results. Still, the treatment is not approved by the FDA. The effectiveness of the treatment takes time.



What is stem cells Therapy and explain how do stem cells work in your body?

Stem cells Therapy: We surveyed last week about health conditions whether people need any type of treatment or not. Then we find that relatives and friends of millions of people are suffering from a serious problem. Even with many treatment options, they are unable to treat their health condition.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are explained as a special type of human cells which have the capability to create many other types of cells. That new cells are known as daughter cells. Those new daughter cells become specialized cells over time. In addition, these stem cells are useful to treat your damage tissues and treat your many cardiovascular problems as well.

Moreover, stem cell therapy in Vizag is used mostly in order to treat brain hemorrhage and many other types of problems in both sexes.

Let’s understand why researchers take more interest in stem cells.

They find it interesting because they want to know more about stem cells or they want to understand how stem cells are useful to treat many health conditions. Here are some reasons why researchers are so interested to get detailed information about stem cells.

  • They need to understand how certain diseases have occurred and they also want to increase their understanding and knowledge related to diseases.
  • How these stems cells are able to generate healthy cells in order to replace diseased and harmed cells.
  • How stem therapies work with such type of injuries or pain such as spinal cord injury, burns, cancer, and osteoarthritis.
  • Moreover, they need to understand the new ways of treatment and how effective new ways are. So, these all are the reasons behind stem cell study.

How stems cells treat your health conditions?

Tissue regeneration

This stem cell treatment is useful to treat people who wish to undergo a kidney transplant but they are unable to find the donor. In this situation, their surgeon gives them stem cell therapy which is useful to grow a specific tissue on his place back. Moreover, surgeons use this stem cell therapy in order to grow new skin cells under the surface of the skin.

Brain disease treatment

People who are suffering from brain diseases or brain hemorrhage are the perfect candidate for this stem cell therapy. Because these stem cells are useful to treat damage tissues of the brain so that you can lead a healthy life. Moreover, this is the treatment which ensured you the best results.

Moreover, stem cells are also useful to treat some other health conditions as well such as cardiovascular diseases, Blood disease, and so on. In order to get stem cell therapy, you need to visit us so that we can examine your health condition first and then give you the right treatment according to your health condition.

Stem Cell Therapy in Anakapalli – Stem Cell Treatment Cost in Anakapalli

Things People are not Aware about Stem Cell

  • Many types of stem cells with different function

There are many varieties of stem cells invading our body from various places or that are formed at different times throughout our lives. For example embryonic stem cells which exist at early stages of development along with tissue specific or better known as adult stem cells, which are present during fetal development and which stay in our bodies till eternity. The best places to get stem cell treatment in India.

  • Single stem cell cannot work on many diseases

Each type of stem cell has a different function to perform in the body which cannot be expected to make cells from other disorders / diseases. In the rarest of rare cases will a stem cell treatment cure multiple diseases, like Parkinson’s or that of a diabetic patient. The causes vary from each other and different cell types need to get replaced to cure each disease.

  • Very few stem cell therapies are there

There are many diseases where stem cell treatments have shown to benefit people in tests conducted Blood stem cell is known to treat diseases and conditions of blood or immune system, or also helps in restoring blood system after treatments for clear cut cancers. Many Bones, corneal disease or injury to the eye, skin, and diseases can be treated with some treatments of tissue, depending on stem cells from the organs.

  • Stem cells don’t work on everyone

The placebo effect- A severe hope that a treatment will work can have a person like it has started working and even fell positive changes, like lesser pain or improvement in movement. Even a positive talk with doctor can do wonders in this case.

  • Why does it take time to take effect?

Science, is quite long and has many layers in it. One should understand what goes wrong in a disease or injury, and how to repair it, all of it takes time. New studies are made, ideas tested in laboratories many times they don’t work.

  • Stem cells need to be instructed

Bone marrow transplant is succeeding because we ask the cells to do what they are supposed to do, which is making blood. But, otherwise, we may want the cells to do work, which is quite different from how they would work.

Most of the clinics give cure falsifying things, not proven by science

The cells have a vast assurance which makes us not just understand but at the same time, treat also many diseases, traumas, and other conditions. Their power is proven in blood stem cells to heal ailments related to blood.

A lot has been found about this thing, but at the same time, lot more has to be learnt, many a times, the press and media also say false things about stem cell, because of the fact that they do not understand the specifications associated with it. Also many doctors, hospitals and clinics try to ‘sell products’ or rather advertise ‘treatment’ in order to get famous, which should not happen and people should be made aware of these little things. Besides all these things, the hair transplant in Anakapalli is also considered very good.