Everything you need to know about the treatment of beard hair transplant in India

    What is a Beard Transplant?

    Treatment of hair transplant in India: Many men are out there who face hard times when they want to grow their beards. In some cases, it can be easy to avoid the use of a razor and let the beard grow, but for some of them, it is extremely difficult. In some cases, the beard can look patchy.

    In that case, the beard transplant is the best choice for a cosmetic procedure. No doubt, the beard hair transplant is the best choice for the patients to get the regrowth of hair and the hair also looks natural.

    During the treatment of a beard transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from the area which has the desirable hair growth i.e. donor area. Following that, the hair follicles are placed carefully on the face of the person which contains less hair and then hair follicles start growing thicker.

    Who needs to undergo a beard transplant and what is the procedure like?

    You are a suitable candidate for the treatment if:

    • The beard is growing in uneven and thin patches.
    • The beard has scars and it can make your face look better without scarring.

     Process of Beard Transplant

    • Harvesting

    The surgeon takes the hair follicles from the back of the scalp which is known as harvesting.

    • Implantation

    The harvesting needs the hair follicles to be implanted in the required area. The patient is given local anesthesia to carry out the process. The hair is implanted into the person’s face and this is a time-consuming process.

    • Process of Recovery

    Then comes the recovery process which takes a day. The person feels tiny crust development around the hair follicles which usually flake off within a day or two. The transplanted hair follicles fall out within 2 to 3 weeks and then the new hair follicles start coming. Beard transplant takes time and location of the hair in the face to be found correctly.

    What are the advantages of a beard transplant?

    • The procedure is painless and the patient does not have to worry about the pain involved with the treatment.
    • The procedure helps in giving permanent results and this process is one time. It means by getting the surgery one time will help you to get the best possible results on time.
    • The transplanted hair gives a natural look and with time when the beard grows it results in hair growth which is uniform and thicker.
    • The beard transplant recovery does not take much time and the procedure is straightforward.


    How much time does the beard transplant take?

    The entire procedure of the beard transplant takes 8 hours. The patient needs to wait for a few weeks to see the results. The transplanted hair will fall out after 15 to 30 days after the surgery. To see the final and desirable results you need to wait for 6 to 10 months following the surgery.


      What do you need to know about Beard transplant and how to get through it?

      What is a beard hair transplant?

      Different studies have shown that men who have a fuller looking beard seem attractive and stronger as compared to other men. We know that not every man is blessed to have such facial hair. In such cases, men try different options to grow their beard but they won’t get the results they are looking for. The ultimate solution is to get a beard transplant. With beard hair transplant you can look mature and you will have the masculine look you want.

      This makes it easier to get the natural look of the beard. The beard transplant includes the following steps:

      • Hairline Designing

      According to the patient’s need, the symmetry is defined and the doctor is going the design the beard area.

      • Hair follicles extraction

      In a beard transplant, the extraction process is performed with the FUE method in which the grafts are harvested individually from the donor area i.e. back of the scalp.

      • Preparing the hair follicles

      With a beard transplant, the extraction method is done with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). During the surgery, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area which is back of the scalp. The extracted grafts are counted and the healthy grafts are separated. This way it helps the patient to get natural results with the best density.

      • Implanting the hair follicles

      With the predetermined hairline design, the extracted hair follicles are implanted one by one into the beard area. These are implanted in a precise manner keeping in mind the angle, depth, and direction.

       What about the procedure and recovery?

      • The entire surgery is going to take around 3 to 5 hours and you can go back home once the treatment is done. Small incisions are made on the face and it will only feel like a little pinch.
      • The recovery time is less as compared to other hair transplants. The wound is going to heal within 3 to 4 days at maximum.


      What is the effect of a beard transplant?

      • In the worst-case scenario, the patient can have swelling and redness around the transplanted area.
      • To get the results you want, you need to sacrifice the hair from the back of the scalp. This won’t result in bald patches but it can look thin.
      • The transplanted hair is going to fall out within 3 weeks and this is a temporary phase. Once this is done there will be permanent hair growth.
      • Once the hair follicles are grafted, you can shave it as usual and style it the way you want. The transplanted hair is going to look and grow like normal.

      How to take care after Beard Transplant?

      • Take proper care for at least 2 to 3 days so that the wound gets healed completely.
      • Don’t let the transplanted area get wet following 3 to 4 days of surgery.
      • Avoid going out in the direct sunlight. Make sure to cover your face if it is necessary.

      Do not smoke and drink alcohol as it will affect the recovery process.

        Is it ok to harvest beard Beard Hair for Scalp Hair Transplantation?

        Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair transplant surgery is valuable to treat excessive hair fall when no other hair loss treatments give you the best results. You are not only, who is suffering from hair loss, but there are millions of people experiencing hair fall. There are several reasons for hair fall such as taking too many medications, over-styling your hair, nutrients deficiency, hormonal fluctuations, and thyroid problems. In the beginning, you experience little hair loss, but after some time, you start losing more than 200 or 300 hair strands a day. This type of hair fall is considered as excessive hair loss, which can only be treated with the help of surgical treatment.

        Reasons to harvest beard hair for hair transplantation (2)

        If you are thinking of getting hair transplant surgery, then you have to know certain things including enough hair growth at the donor area. The back of the scalp is the donor area for scalp hair transplantation. From this region, your specialist collects the hair grafts to transplant at the affected area. But if a person does not have enough hair growth at the donor region, then his specialist may collect hair from the beard or chest. Generally, a specialist collects the hair from the beard due to the thickness of the hair. In this article, you will learn about beard hair transplant in Vizag.

        Why collect hair grafts from the beard for scalp transplantation?

        As we stated above, some people do not have enough hair growth at the back of the scalp for harvesting. That’s why specialists collect the hair graft from another part, especially from the beard. To get the best results of hair transplantation, it is necessary to have enough hair growth at the donor area. Only, in this way, you will be able to get maximal density and hair volume.

        Beard hair is a great choice for scalp hair transplant surgery because of the thickness of beard hair. It is easy to harvest hair grafts from the face for transplantation because it does not leave a scar and provide quick healing. This is done with the help of the Follicular Unit Extraction method, in this method the surgeon collects the single hair from the donor site. And it does not result in scarring and no one can judge from where the surgeon harvests the hair graft.

        If you are thinking about results, then you do not take tension, because you will get the desired results.

        What to Expect?

        For hair transplantation, your surgeon collects almost 3000 hair grafts from the beard. Well, it is difficult for those, who never wish to grow a beard. In this case, they need to wait until the beard grows, and firstly the surgeon checks the hair density and volume. Only then tell you whether you are able to get hair transplantation or not.

          beard ట్రాన్స్ప్లాంట్ తో అందమైన ముఖాన్ని పొందండి – ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్

          ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ఫా:  beard ట్రాన్స్ప్లాంట్ తో అందమైన ముఖాన్ని పొందండి

          షన్ ఇండస్ట్రీ అన్ని రకాలుగా కొత్తదనాన్ని కోరుకుంటుంది . మొగవాళ్ళకి ఛాతి మీద జుట్టు , అలాగే మంచి వాయిస్ , అందమైన సిక్స్ ప్యాక్ బాడీ ఉండచ్చు కానీ మొఖం మీద గెడ్డంమీసం ఉండకపోతే చూడటానికి బోగోరు . ఇప్పుడున్న ట్రెండ్ కూడా అదే . టాలీవుడ్ లో విల్లన్ లే కాదు హీరోలు కూడా గెడ్డం మీసం పెంచుకుంటున్నారు . అమ్మాయిలు కూడా అదేఎక్సపెక్ట్ చేస్తున్నారు ఈకాలం లో.ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గట్టు  ఉండటం ఫాషన్ ఇప్పుడు .చాలా మంది మొగవాళ్ళు  గెడ్డం మరియు మీసం పెంచాలనుకుంటారు . కానీ అనివార్య కారణాల వాళ్ళ ఎంతప్రయత్నించినా ఫలించదు . ఇలాంటి వాళ్లకి విశాఖపట్నం లోనే అతిపెద్ద కాస్మెటిక్ సర్జరీ క్లినిక్ డాక్టర్ VJs ఆవిర్భవించింది . గత నాలుగేళ్లలో వందల కొద్దీ ప్రొసిజర్స్ చేసి ఆనతి కాలం లోనేపేరు ప్రఖ్యాతలు సొంతం చేసుకున్నారు . మీకు నచ్చినట్టు మీ ముఖం పైన గెడ్డం మరియు మీసం ట్రాన్స్ప్లాంట్ చేసి మీ ముఖాన్ని అందంగా తీర్చి దిద్దుతారు.

          ముఖం పై జుట్టు రాకపోడానికి చాలా కారణాలు ఉండవచ్చు . వాటిలో కొన్ని ఇవి అయ్యుండచ్చు .

          • హార్మోనల్ఇంబ్యాలన్సు

          శరీరాల్లో ఉన్న హార్మోన్స్ ఎలా పనిచేస్తాయో అనే దాని మీదనే మన అవయవాలు రెస్పొంద్ అవుతాయి . సరైన మోతాదు లో హార్మోన్స్ రిలీజ్ అవ్వకపోతే మొఖం పైన జుట్టు పెరగదు

          • జెనెటిక్స్

          మన పూర్వీకుల బట్టే మన శరీరం లో చాల మార్పులు జరగచ్చు . దాని వలన కూడా మీ మొఖం పై జుట్టు రాకపోవచ్చు . మీ నాన గారు గాని లేదా మీ తాత గారి మొఖం పై జుట్టు లేకపోతేమీకు రాకపోవచ్చు . దానికే లేని జుట్టుని కూడా  ట్రాన్సప్లంట్ ద్వారా తెప్పించవచ్చు.

          • ఎమోషన్స్

          డిప్రెషన్ లో ఉన్నవాళ్లకి కూడా మొఖం పై జుట్టు రాకపోవచ్చు

          • ఆక్సిడెంట్

          మొఖం పై ఏదేనా ఆక్సిడెంట్, దెబ్బ  వల్ల కూడా కూడా జుట్టు రాకపోవచ్చు .

          ఫేసియల్ ట్రాన్స్ప్లాంట్ ఎలా చేస్తారు ?

          Beard ట్రాన్స్ప్లాంట్ FUE Technique ద్వారా చేస్తారు.దీనిలో తల వెనుక భాగం నుంచి జుట్టు తీసి మీ మొఖం పైన గెడ్డం మరియు మీసం మీద పెడతారు.పెట్టిన రెండు వారాలకు అదిపడిపోయి కొత్త జుట్టు మొలకడం ప్రారంభం అవుతుంది . పెట్టిన మూడు నెలలకి జుట్టు రావటం మొదలవుతుంది . ఆరు నెలలకి అందమైన గెడ్డం మరియు మీసం తో ఇష్టమైన వారినిమెప్పించచ్చు .

            Five Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss which offer the ultimate information

            Hair loss can be seen not only in the head area but also in other body parts,  especially in men. Hair transplant is the last resort for such people. But there are some other forms of hair loss which have not been discussed till now.  While many methods are available for the treatment, a beard hair transplant can also be tried if all other methods fail to work out favorable results.

            1. Which is the quickest way to treat alopecia barbae?

            Alopecia barbae, or the hair loss one experiences in the beard area start as spots of baldness in the facial area. This is an autoimmune disease which signifies that it is caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system. Under this condition, the immune system mistakes the hair follicles for foreign bodies and attacks them as it would attack germ cells. This leads to the destruction of hair follicles and triggers subsequent hair loss. A dermatologist can help you out of the situation by using intra-lesional injections and topical application of creams and lotions.

            1. Is there any ayurvedic treatment for alopecia barbae?

            Pracchana karma or jaluka techniques are widely used for treating this condition. Be sure that you approach a well qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctor for the same.

            1. What is the cause of alopecia barbae?

            It is a condition in which the scarcity of hair hits the facial hair or the beard. It starts in the form of bald patches and covers all the face after some time. The condition can be treated by the use of intralesional steroid injections. One may need multiple sittings for the treatment but it is eventually cured.

            1. Is Alopecia curable? How much time does it take to cure it?

            As mentioned above, it is an autoimmune disease which manifests in the form of balding spots in the beard area. It can strike adults or men in their later years. It can be treated by alternative as well as allopathic methods. Ayurveda line of treatment cures the condition by administering tablets which inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT. They also prescribe the use of products which enhance the nutrition of the hair follicles, thereby increasing the chances of hair growth. The treatment ensures that the hair is strengthened from the rots and hair fall is controlled. It takes 5-6 months for treating this condition but the results finally show up.

            1. Please throw some light on alopecia barbae. What is it and what is the treatment one should opt for?

            Alopecia barbae is a common disease. This condition can be seen in many men. It is specifically related to baldness in the beard area. It generally appears as bald patches in some parts of the face. Gradually, it starts spreading to the whole face. If it does not get treated early then it may render the whole face devoid of beard. It is caused due to the hyperactivity of the immune system. The immune system’s hyperactivity tendency needs to be curbed for treating this condition. This requires a lot of time as it takes a long time to bring the hyperactive immune system under control. Once the immune system is under control, the hair starts growing back.

              Top 6 Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon About Hair Transplant

              Getting surgery is one of the serious decision anyone has to make. Choosing any type of medical surgery comes with benefits and some risk factors. One of the treatment which people about is a hair transplant. No doubt, the hair transplant surgery is becoming common for both men and women.

              • What type of medical conditions can affect the hair transplant site?

              This situation will happen with very few patients. It can cause damage to the hair follicles which are helping in the growth of new hairs. Some of the medical conditions which cause hair loss again are Lichen planopilaris and Alopecia Areata.

              • Can lifestyle choices cause hair loss after the treatment?

              Even if the hair transplant surgery is successful you can still face the problem of hair loss. This is due to some change in your lifestyle. Sometimes medications can also cause the problem of hair loss. If you are eating unhealthy food then it will affect your body as well as your hairs. Some of the other factors are smoking and drinking. Leading a healthy life can prevent this problem and the hair transplant results will be successful.

              • Can the problem of hair loss stays after the surgery?

              The hair transplant goes through different stages of healing. Without this, the results of the treatment will not be successful. In one of the stages, the patient will notice some hair loss. This stage is temporary and it will go away soon. This process is natural in the healing process. The hair fall is common because, during the surgery, the hair follicles are removed from the scalp to treat the affected area. Due to this, the hair follicles go to a resting stage. Once this phase is completed, the hair will grow normally.

              • Can an FUE surgery fail after the successful hair transplant?

              Before getting the surgery, some patients are concerned that if the procedure is successful still the results will not be appropriate. The chances of unsuccessful transplant is very rare. One of the cause is Telogen effluvium which was noticed for the problem of hair loss even after a successful hair transplant. This occurs when a large number of hair follicles enter the resting phase. Once the hair follicles become active they push the old hair out and new hair follicles make there way. You will think the problem of hair loss is still there but it is only temporary.

              • Is the hair transplant painful or not?

              It depends on the individual that how much pain they can bear. During the surgery, the patient is given anesthesia to numb the affected area and you will not feel any discomfort. Even after the procedure, it will prevent the pain for some time. You can go back to your normal activities on the next day.

              • Will the results look natural?

              The transplant usually involves transplanting only four hairs at a time. This way attention is paid only to the specific area of the scalp. It creates a natural look and the results will also be natural.

                Now it is possible to get safe and effective beard hair transplant In India

                Facial hair transplant in India is not much common but it is the revolutionary procedure that can restore facial hair where the growth is missing, patchy or thin. This surgical procedure can restore the Goatee, Mustache, cheek Beard, sideburns, eyelashes and of eyebrows. Even this procedure is possible for hiding any type of scar.

                Although there are many areas of the face where the transplant is possible beard hair transplant in India is most popular these days as the men having the stylish beard are in trend these days. Thus let us understand all the facts about this surgical beard restoration procedure.


                What is beard hair transplant?

                The basic principle of is similar to scalp hair transplant means the loss resistant follicles can grow and retain their properties after their shifting from one area to other. Thus in this surgical beard transplant method, scalp hair is extracted to transplant at the desired beard site in the volume as per the desire and best suitability of the patient.

                Donor zone for beard hair transplant

                For any hair transplant procedure, the biggest role is played by the donor zone as the choice of donor follicles can affect the durability and quality of results after the surgery so even for the facial hair transplant, surgeons select the donor zone very carefully. for beard restorations, surgeons select the donor follicles from the back head or near to the neck areas as in these areas generally hair volume remains more as compared to other areas and even the hair follicles in these areas are generally less reactive to DHT means have resistance for loss.

                One more thing surgeons have to keep in mind before selection of donor hair follicles for beard reconstructions that the selected hair follicles should have the exact match with existing beard hair in terms of hair type, texture, color or length.

                Beard hair transplant procedure

                This procedure is performed under the local anesthesia so that patient could get painless and comfortable treatment. As per the requirement and real desires of the patient-donor hair follicles are selected for beard reconstruction. Mostly FUE procedure is used for beard hair transplant so the selected donor follicles are extracted individually from the safer zone and then follicles are transplanted in the targeted area.

                While transplanting the hair follicles, surgeons design the recipient site as per the required style, the density of the beard and even direction of the existing hair beard is kept in mind so that patient could have the natural appearance of the beard after the surgery. The procedure can be performed in 3 to 5 hours depending on the requirement for grafts as per the desired style of the beard by the patient.


                As it is the minimally invasive procedure performed under the local anesthesia so after few hours of the surgery, the patient can get back to his home without any difficulty. For few days person could experience redness, bruising, swelling, mild pains in the treated area but all these get vanish in a few days. After 4-5 days a patient can get back to his normal routine however he has to follow some post-operative instruction for the care of transplanted hair given by the surgeon.


                The transplanted beard hair can get shed after 2 weeks of the surgery due to shock loss but it is quite normal as the transplanted roots remain beneath the skin and start growing after some time. After proper recovery patient can have proper results of natural looking stylish beard that in undetectable even by your barber.

                Thus facial hair transplantation is the revolutionary procedures that can help the patients to get natural looking hair on the desired areas of the face that enhance the beauty of a person with style and natural appearance. Even the cost of facial hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is quite reasonable and can fit your budget so now there is no need to compromise for your best aesthetics due to patchy, missing or thin hair growth on eyebrow, eyelashes mustache or beard.