Five Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss which offer the ultimate information

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss which offer the ultimate information

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss which offer the ultimate information

Hair loss can be seen not only in the head area but also in other body parts,  especially in men. Hair transplant is the last resort for such people. But there are some other forms of hair loss which have not been discussed till now.  While many methods are available for the treatment, a beard hair transplant can also be tried if all other methods fail to work out favorable results.

  1. Which is the quickest way to treat alopecia barbae?

Alopecia barbae, or the hair loss one experiences in the beard area start as spots of baldness in the facial area. This is an autoimmune disease which signifies that it is caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system. Under this condition, the immune system mistakes the hair follicles for foreign bodies and attacks them as it would attack germ cells. This leads to the destruction of hair follicles and triggers subsequent hair loss. A dermatologist can help you out of the situation by using intra-lesional injections and topical application of creams and lotions.

  1. Is there any ayurvedic treatment for alopecia barbae?

Pracchana karma or jaluka techniques are widely used for treating this condition. Be sure that you approach a well qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctor for the same.

  1. What is the cause of alopecia barbae?

It is a condition in which the scarcity of hair hits the facial hair or the beard. It starts in the form of bald patches and covers all the face after some time. The condition can be treated by the use of intralesional steroid injections. One may need multiple sittings for the treatment but it is eventually cured.

  1. Is Alopecia curable? How much time does it take to cure it?

As mentioned above, it is an autoimmune disease which manifests in the form of balding spots in the beard area. It can strike adults or men in their later years. It can be treated by alternative as well as allopathic methods. Ayurveda line of treatment cures the condition by administering tablets which inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT. They also prescribe the use of products which enhance the nutrition of the hair follicles, thereby increasing the chances of hair growth. The treatment ensures that the hair is strengthened from the rots and hair fall is controlled. It takes 5-6 months for treating this condition but the results finally show up.

  1. Please throw some light on alopecia barbae. What is it and what is the treatment one should opt for?

Alopecia barbae is a common disease. This condition can be seen in many men. It is specifically related to baldness in the beard area. It generally appears as bald patches in some parts of the face. Gradually, it starts spreading to the whole face. If it does not get treated early then it may render the whole face devoid of beard. It is caused due to the hyperactivity of the immune system. The immune system’s hyperactivity tendency needs to be curbed for treating this condition. This requires a lot of time as it takes a long time to bring the hyperactive immune system under control. Once the immune system is under control, the hair starts growing back.