Unveiling the Right Amount of Blood for Hair PRP Therapy

Determining the Optimal Blood Volume for Hair PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common problem that can affect confidence and self-esteem. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is an effective treatment for hair restoration. The PRP procedure involves injecting concentrated platelets from a patient’s blood into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The optimal blood volume is crucial to the success of the PRP treatment. This […]

Understanding the Potential of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in India

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in India Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in India has emerged as a viable therapeutic option for a variety of illnesses in the realm of medical development. PRP therapy has attracted the attention of both consumers and medical professionals, from hair restoration to cosmetic enhancements. In this article, we will look at […]

Undergo PRP Therapy With Hair Transplant For Hair Fall Treatment


Having healthy hair is no more than a luxury nowadays. Most people of different age groups and genders struggle to have beautiful, voluminous hair. They are constantly fighting the battle of hair fall and other hair-related problems. But do not worry, we have got you a perfect solution to help you get rid of hair […]

What Is The Reason Behind Undergoing PRP Therapy For Hair Fall?

PRP Therapy For Hair Loss Treatment

Are you worried about your appearance because of premature hair loss? Well, do not worry; we have got the perfect solution to overcome the issue without any complications. The answer to your problem is Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. With the help of PRP Therapy, you can stimulate the growth of new hair and also enhance […]

How many sessions of PRP treatment are needed for hair loss?

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss When you are in search of hair loss treatment, it can make you wonder which one to choose? As there are various options, and what’s essential is to select the most effective one. If you are looking for effective hair fall women treatment in Vizag, then PRP is one of […]

How does PRP therapy work? How much is the average cost of PRP?

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Don’t you think we all are living in a fast-moving world? Every day is a race, and we all are trying to put our best out forward. But, in all this, stress has become an integral part of all our lives. No doubt, having stress now and then is okay, but when it occurs every […]

Why choose VJs Clinic for Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy for hair growth?

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Best centre for hair loss treatment Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is one of the well-known places among the patients to get hair loss treatment. Whether you talk about getting the Hair Transplant in Vizag or PRP therapy, Dr. C Vijay Kumar has experience of more than 35 years to […]

Everything you should be knowing about the PRP treatment and preparation

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

There are many kinds of hair loss treatments. But today we are going to discuss the PRP treatment. What is meant by PRP? The platelets are autologously prepared to be infused in the plasma in the PRP treatment. PRP is a procedure that is hugely relied on because of the quick wound healing and rapid […]