Everything you should be knowing about the PRP treatment and preparation

Everything you should be knowing about the PRP treatment and preparation

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    Everything you should be knowing about the PRP treatment and preparation

    There are many kinds of hair loss treatments. But today we are going to discuss the PRP treatment.

    What is meant by PRP?

    The platelets are autologously prepared to be infused in the plasma in the PRP treatment. PRP is a procedure that is hugely relied on because of the quick wound healing and rapid recovery. When the alpha granules which are present in the platelets are activated, then the following varieties of the proteins are released:

    • PDGF – Platelet derived growth factor
    • TGF – Transforming growth factor
    • VEGF – Vascular Endothelial growth factor
    • IGF – Insulin like growth factor
    • EGF – Epidermal growth factor
    • IL – Interleukin

    Why has PRP given so much importance during todays’ time?

    Because of the following benefits, the PRP treatment has not only significantly attracted the hair loss treatment industry, but it has been successful in making its special space in the plastic, cardiac and orthopaedic surgery:

    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Rapid healing
    • Reduced Infection
    • No hypertrophic keloids and scars

    How does PRP treatment work for hair loss treatment?

    As long as the hair loss treatment is concerned, PRP is so beneficial because of its growth factors. The growth factors are supposed to activate the following

    • Proliferative Phase
    • Transdifferentiate of the hair

    When the above-mentioned is triggered, then the production of the new follicular units can be observed.

    Who plays an important role in lengthening the hair shafts?

    bFGF is known to play an important role in making the hair shafts broadened by triggering the in vitro proliferation in certain kinds of cells. Usually, the papilla cells are triggered.

    How is PRP prepared?

    There are many ways by which PRPP can be prepared. But the use of the Double spin method is most commonly observed. This procedure involves the separation of the layers of the blood cells. No sooner the platelets are activated, than the growth factors are triggered. These are accountable for affecting various varieties of cells in the mitogenic form.

    What is observed among the patients?

    Following things are observed among the patients who have taken up the PRP treatment:

    • As soon as the four seasons of the PRP treatment is completed, then the hair loss test comes out to be negative.
    • The visible improvements in the hair volume and the coverage is what makes the patients feel tempted to get treated through this approach only.
    • The density of the hair can also be improved

    What is the main idea behind using the PRP treatment?

    The PRP treatment helps trigger your body to stimulate the growth of the new tissues that could replace the damaged tissues.

    How should you prepare yourself for the PRP injections?

    There are several ways by which you can get injected with the PRP.

    Following are the examples of how can the PRP be injected into the scalp:

    • The scalp may be applied with the numbing solution before the injection is to be applied.
    • The PRP is mixed with the local anaesthesia to make sure that no discomfort is being experienced.

    What is the mechanism of PRP preparation?

    Step 1: Blood sample

    First of all, the doctor will take a sample of your blood.

    Important point

    The amount of the blood sample will vary depending upon the type of area where it is supposed to get injected.

    Step 2: Separation process

    The blood will be placed in the machine that is accountable for spinning around rapidly. This machine is known as the centrifuge which carries out the separation process in no more than 15 minutes.

    Step 3: The injection preparation process

    In this process, the technologist will prepare the injection of the separated plasma.

    Step 4: Injection in the affected area

    When the injection is to be injected in the affected area, the doctor will take the help of the imaging tests which may include the ultrasound etc.

    What is the cost of the PRP treatment?

    It is not possible to give you the ex vat figure of the cost as it is different for different people. Other factors which affect the cost are the location, the type of the PRP injection, the preparation of the PRP injection.

    What if you do not take the PRP treatment from a reputed doctor?

    If you do not take the PRP treatment from a skilled and highly qualified doctor, then you may end up risking yourself with the following:

    • Severe pain at the injection site
    • Any kind of the Infection
    • Damage in tissues
    • Injured nerves