Why undergo breast implant removal? How to take care of your implants?

The breasts are that part of the female’s body that is responsible for establishing confidence among them. If these do not have the right size, like if their size is too large or too small, then they giantly affect their self-esteem. But why worry? Breast implants surgery in Vizag is the best alternative to enhance the look of the breasts. Usually, the females face the problem of the smaller size of the breasts, so they end up opting for undergoing breast augmentation in Vizag.

So as you might have guessed, today’s topic will be going to be all about the barest implants.

Does the implant last forever?

The implants do not last forever, but yes! They surely serve for a longer period. It is usually the period of 10 to 20 years that the particular implants satisfy. But in some cases, these implants serve for more than the period of 30 to 40 years. It quintessentially depends upon the care factor. If you take care of your implants, then rarely the need will be aroused for the replacement.

Which reasons are responsible for undergoing breast replacement?

  • Breast hardening

The breasts may get hardened when the scar tissue gets hardened. The hardened scar tissue may cause the breasts to suffer from tightness, tenderness and the size of the breast may change.

  • Saline Implant rupture

The ruptured saline implant always leads to deflation. If there will either be a hole or tear in the implant, then the saline will leak out. The leaked liquid will harmlessly be absorbed by the tissues surrounding the implants.

  • Silicone rupture

As compared to the saline rupture the silicone implant rupture is significantly different. As the saline implants have saline water in them, the silicone implants do have silicone gel in them. So when these ruptures, the gel stays in the implant. It is difficult to find out whether the implants have ruptured or not because of the gel. But still, if you experience uneven emergence, then it is the sign of silicone rupturing.

  • Changed Position

With age, every part of the body is accountable for undergoing some change. No ammeter, you have undergone the breast implantation procedure or not, the breasts will encounter some change in the future. So in those conditions, the implants may also shift away from their position.

  • Personal choice

Sometimes it is because of the personal choice of the women that they determine, they do not want to continue with breast implants.

How can the removal of the implants take place?

The removal of the implants can be carried out with the help of several ways:

  • Simple removal

In this condition, the implants will be removed and the breasts will be left to their original and natural look.

  • Breast lift removal

It will be your choice whether you want to simply remove the implants from your breasts or you still want to contribute to the appearance with the help of the breast lift procedure.

How can the implants last for a longer period?

You can enjoy the summer breasts or the longer period if you take some important measures into account:

  • Support garment

The doctor will advise you to wear a supportive garment which could be a garment like a surgical bar. If you neglect following this aspect, then the breast will continue to get sagged.

  • Annual checkups

The plastic surgeon will call you for the annual checkups. You have to make sure that you do not miss out on any checkup. If you do, then you will be responsible for deteriorating the shape and size of your breasts.

How long does the breast implant last? Is it best to remove or replace?

Deciding on breast implants is difficult and it should be taken by considering all the things. This treatment option is designed to give you the perfect look you want and increase your self-image. Although, they do not last for a lifetime and this is the reason most women want to get it removed 10 to 20 years after going to the surgery for the first time. After the surgery, make sure that you visit the doctor for a regular check-up and follow his tips to manage the breast implant results.

 How much is the average lifespan of a breast implant?

Breast augmentation is an effective method to enhance your breast appearance. The procedure is safe and designed the way women need the result. The modern and improved implants are designed to last for a long time and their chances of getting ruptured are less than 1%. With proper care and consulting the doctor from time to time, the breast implants can last for 20 years or maybe more. 

What are the reasons to get breast implant removal or replacement?


Breast hardening or capsular contracture

  • Scar tissues become hard around one or both implants.
  • It leads to pain, tenderness, breast tightness or change in breast shape & size.

Saline Implant Rupture

  • The implant will deflate quickly like a balloon
  • The hole or tear, will make to saline to get leak out
  • The breast will become loose in size and shape

Silicone Rupture

  • Also termed as silent rupture, but it is not easy to tell about this problem.
  • You might be able to notice breast sensation, uneven appearance, change in breast sensation, tingling, burning, numbness, or swelling in the breast.


  • The implants will develop ripples or wrinkles.
  • Sometimes they can be seen through the skin, in case of extreme conditions.

Change in position

  • Implants might enhance the appearance but cannot stop the aging process.
  • With age, the breast start to sag
  • In case you can go for a breast replacement. It is best to consult the doctor and consider the best option for you.

Personal choice

  • If you are someone who wants to change the breast appearance then you can do that.
  • It is even possible to get the revision surgery to get the smaller or larger implants and even get them removed entirely.


Consult the surgeon to make the right choice

Well! There are different options which you can choose from to get the removal. You should talk to the surgeon about what option you should get while doing the breast lift, hardening scar tissue, or removal of implants. The plastic surgeon will understand your goals, check your breast structure, and existing breast implants to give you the desired results you want.

Take proper care of the implants

If you avoid the necessary instructions, then the breast will start to sag over time. So, make sure that you visit the doctor for regular check-ups and perform regular self-checks, to look for any issue. In the case of silicone implants, make sure to get the MRI after every 3 years and then 2 years. This way the results will be extended for a long time.

What are the topmost cosmetic surgery options performed on the breasts?

Let’s understand some of the topmost cosmetic surgery for breasts which have become popular in 2020:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty which is used to increase the size, appearance, and contour of the woman’s breast. Women choose to consider this surgical procedure for different reasons. Some feel that the breast has changed after pregnancy, some feel it is small, and others want to correct the breast symmetry.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure is performed with implants and it can be replaced under the chest or over it. The incision is placed in the armpit, areola, or lower breast fold. Generally, all of them are minimally invasive procedures.

Where the incision is made, an endoscope is inserted which is a thin tube with a small light and camera.

How breast Implants are made?

Breast implants are made from a silicone shell filled with saline or silicone gel. A woman can choose the desired size by fitting the trial implants. Currently, saline implants are extremely common. On the other hand, silicone gel-filled implants are banned by the FDA.

The augmentation procedure is simple and your surgeon will let you know about the risk factors included with it. You must inform the doctor about your expectations but make sure they are realistic. Consulting the board-certified plastic surgeon is going to help you get the best results.

 Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is used by women who have large and heavy breasts. It can result in discomfort, back, and neck pain. In some cases, there can be weakness and numbness.

How is the procedure performed?

During the procedure excess fat, skin, and breast tissue are removed. Following the surgery, breast reduction can result in a change in breast sensation along with that woman is not able to breastfeed. Following the surgery, women find relief with the pain and discomfort.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed in women who choose to undergo mastectomy for breast cancer treatment. This procedure is going to create a breast with the desired contour, appearance, and volume you want.

The contour, volume, and appearance of the breast will be recreated with implants or with the help of a woman’s tissue. If the implant is used, then its size is to match the opposite side of the breast.

The breast can be created again with the help of a woman’s tissue. At times, the lower abdominal wall can be used. In some cases, surgery is required on the normal breast to create symmetry with the breast newly constructed.

Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)

In some cases, women are not able to support the breast weight and this can make the breast sag. With this condition is known as ptosis, the skin is too much compared with the breast tissue. The excess skin is removed which helps to give it a lift. Different surgical techniques are included in it and your doctor is going to tell you which one will suit you the best. If you have any doubt, then book your consultation today only.

Difference between breast augmentation, breast implant, and a breast lift?

What is Breast augmentation?

Visakhapatnam: Breast augmentation and breast implants are 2 names but they are the same procedure. In the procedure, silicone or saline implant is placed on the breast which helps in enhancing the shape, size, and volume. With this option, the fat transfer option is also included but the option is not that common.

Who can get the Breast augmentation procedure?

  • FDA has approved that breast implants are for healthy patients who meet the age requirements.

– Saline implants: Patients age 18

– Silicone implants: Patients age 22

  • The procedure is very helpful for the patient who wishes to increase the breast size overall. Also, patients can opt for this who want shape or volume enhancements. In case women gave birth or lose weight significantly then this surgery is best to restore lost fullness.

Final results

The results depend on various factors like shape, size, and material you select for implants as well as with your body shape. The final results will be fuller breasts, perkier along with breast look appealing and symmetrical.

After the surgery, many women say that the clothes and bras fit better. This means they can get a long-lasting effect which helps in improving self-confidence.

What is Breast lift?

Breast lift surgery does not contain implants. In case the surgeon will manipulate the breast tissues so that the breasts gets tight and lifted. This helps in giving a natural contour to the breasts and this improves the dropping, sagging, or mild asymmetry which can occur due to age, illness, or pregnancy.

Who can undergo the procedure?

The procedure is very beneficial for women who want to restore the natural look of the breasts. The procedure is not effective in adding volume but it helps in giving a natural look and feel. The option is best when women have natural breast tissues naturally.

Final results

The final results with this procedure are subtle and natural as compared to the implant procedure. The procedure is very effective as it gives the perky and firm breasts. However, this procedure is very effective in increasing the breast fullness of the cup size is increased which only implants do.

Is it possible to get a breast lift and breast implant?

The procedure is becoming very popular as they choose to combine breast lift and breast augmentation. Combining the procedure is very effective for women who have given birth. The procedure is very effective for mothers who have faced volume or shape loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The procedure works effectively in giving fullness and perkiness breasts.

Choosing the right procedure

knowing which procedure is going to work effectively will be difficult to see the desired results. Make sure you consult the surgeon regarding the details about the procedure. They will tailor the treatment according to your needs as they keep in mind the patient’s problem. Book your appointment to know more.

How does the recovery process feel like in breast augmentation surgery?

Vizag: Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in demand all over the world. Many women have reported that undergoing the surgery help to gain back the self-confidence and they are happy to see the results.

How much time is needed to recover properly?

It is important to keep in mind that every woman’s body is different so the exact timeline cannot be defined. But, in most cases, the surgeons agree that recovery can take 6 weeks.

Different stages of recovery


Once the patient wakes up from the anesthesia effect they will feel sore and dizzy. Although these side effects will go away within hours. Make sure that after surgery you have someone to drive you home and they should stay with you also.
After surgery: 5 to 7 days

  • Following the surgery, 3 to 5 days are uncomfortable. The patient is prescribed medications and the surgeon will also give you pain injection so that the discomfort is reduced for the first 72 hours.
  • Following surgery, the postoperative discomfort is managed with the painkillers. In most cases, women are able to get back to the working routine within one week.

The second week after surgery

  • In the second week, the patient can get back into lightweight exercise or you can say they can start the normal routine. The discomfort is minimal but the women are not allowed to get into a strenuous activity like rigorous workouts, jogging, or horse riding.
  • Until the patient has recovered fully they are not allowed to do weight-lifting.
  • If the women are involved in a labor-intensive job then they are not allowed to do work for around 3 weeks.

    Proper recovery

  • In most cases, the patient is allowed to resume normal activities within 2 months. The patient must follow the doctor’s instructions so that complications are minimized.
  • Effective tips for recovery

  • Following the surgery, there will be swelling and soreness. The patient should invest in recovery bras as they help to ease pain and speed up the healing.
  • The recovery garments also provide implant stability, mild compression, and increased circulation. You can opt for one which fits your needs and body.
  • You need to wear a bra all the time so make sure you look for breathable fabric, adjustable strap, seamless design, and pressure-free fit.
  • Before the surgery, it would be best if you adjust the things in your home. You should get the housework done and do clothes shopping.
  • In case you have children then you should have someone with you to take care of them. Having assistance from your side will make things easy to manage.
  • Make sure that you have healthy food and hydrating drinks so that the healing process goes smoothly.
  • Having proper knowledge regarding the recovery will help you manage everything and get the desired look you want.

Speedy recovery tips to recover from breast augmentation procedure

Decided to undergo the procedure of breast augmentation to get the breast shape enhanced? Well, there are few things that should be kept in mind following the surgery so that you recover from the surgery smoothly.  

  • Make sure you are healthy

Deciding on augmenting the breasts means you need to keep in mind certain things so that the process goes smoothly. In case you smoke then you need to quit that habit as smoking affects the recovery phase.

With any surgical procedure, this thing should be avoided so that the body heals on time. Quitting smoking is one of the best things which you can do to maintain overall health.

Additionally, if you are taking certain medications for the pre-existing condition then you should inform your doctor about that because sometimes certain medications can lead to risk.

  • Plan properly

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will work with you to determine the best procedure for you and also guide for the recovery process. If you choose gummy or silicone implants then the incision is made along the inframammary fold so that you get to know how much time is needed to heal.

Every procedure is reviewed and the patient is also told about the possible complications so that further process can be planned accordingly.

One of the important considerations is that you cannot lift your arms following the surgery for one week or two so plan things accordingly.

  • Do not stress yourself

Before the surgery, it is important that you prepare yourself and get things arranged in a better way. The surgery is invasive and no doubt, with the latest technique the procedure is less invasive but still, the body needs time to recover.

It is important that you should not go back to the gym right away. The best choice is to give your body time to repair and rebuild itself. The body needs time to get adjusted to the implants and to make them secure in the body. The surgeon will give you instructions and every case situation is different.

  • High and tight

After breast augmentation, it is important that you wear a surgical bra as it helps the implants to not move from its place. Moreover, this also helps in minimizing the swelling.

In the recovery phase, wearing the surgical bra is very important. Once the body gets healed you will have enough time to wear the garments you like.

  • Patience is very important

Following the surgery, it is important that you keep patience. Every case is unique but soreness and swelling are common. Every person’s bodywork at its own pace so it is best that you keep patience so that new breasts settle down and new shape comes.


What are the best types of implants which are proven effective and best?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: So, you are planning to get the breast augmentation procedure, then you need to keep in mind the shape and size of the implants. Choosing the right type for you is important so that the desired results can be achieved. Understanding the requirements and their advantages along with disadvantages can help you choose the best option for you. In this article, we have mentioned the type of implants that are proven effective & best.


The original type of implant which is silicone is one of the most popular options. It is considered popular because it helps in giving the feel of natural breast tissue. In case if the implants break the gel is not going to escape and the shell is not going to collapse because it has the ability to keep its shape.

But, in this case, follow up routines are necessary so that to ensure that implant functioning is proper. Implants made of silicone and saline last for a limited time only. The studies have shown that on average the implant lasts for 10 years and after that, there might be leakage. Additionally, after 13 to 14 years the implants start to break. Therefore, it is essential that you get the implants replaced after a certain time.

Just make sure that you seek the help of the doctor as they will help you choose the right option for the Breast Augmentation Surgery.


They contain a silicone shell and into the breast, they are inserted empty. After that in the shell saline, sterile saltwater solution is filled. However, these implants type are not used that often because they can deflate easily and with time start having wrinkles that are visible as they are formed on the thin breast tissue.

The benefit is that in this option smaller incision is needed for the insertion. Along with that, the implant is not filled at first which means making adjustments is very easy on different levels. 

Cohesive gel

The cohesive silicone gel is already present in the silicone shell. This option is considered superior as compared to other options. This option is firm and helps in retaining its shape very easily. The consistency and texture are very close to the breast tissue which helps in giving a natural look as compared to other types of implants.

In this case, there is no risk of leakage which happens with other implants. This means this implant type does not need to be replaced. The problem is that a bigger incision is needed with this option.

Consult the doctor

This is like a transformation journey that needs to be done in the right way and for that seeking help from the best surgeon is essential. Keep in mind, the methods and treatments are changing and getting better every year. 

How has the breast augmentation done nowadays in better as compared to earlier?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Many women are selecting the option of breast implants. There are various reasons like after pregnancy there is loss of volume, lost weight, or want to balance the asymmetrical breasts.

No doubt, a lot of technological advancements have been in this option. There is no doubt in saying that this surgical technique has improved a lot in the past couple of years. It helps the women to get a natural look along with that it helps in improving body image and self-confidence.

To get the desired results there are different factors that need to be kept in mind while getting breast augmentation surgery. This helps the women to feel good about themselves and help you get the best version of yourself.

What are the new options for breast implants?

  • The most common type of implants includes silicone and saline. From both these options, silicone is still very popular. But in this category, there are few options from which women can choose.
  • You can choose the option of gummy bear breast implants and they are in the shape of a teardrop. With this sloped shape it helps in giving a natural breast contour. With this, there will be more fullness at the bottom and at the top, there will be a tapering effect.
  • On the other hand, round implants will give a fuller and more natural look in comparison to anatomical implants.
  • Nowadays to make the breast implants, silicone gel of High-strength cohesive (HSC) used which is a breakthrough technology. This is true that this is the strongest type of silicone available in the market and this makes the implants soft and even in touch, they feel natural.

You can say that you can choose the option which you like along with that it should fit your body shape and give you the desired results you want.

Improved technique

  • The surgeon will help you choose the right kind of implant which is going to be right for your body and fulfill your needs. This option is becoming popular for women who want some kind of extra volume.
  • The plastic surgeon will remove the unwanted fat from different parts of the body (like abdomen or hips) and then use it for the implant Moreover, there will be a scar left from the fat is taken.
  • This surgical technique is best for women who are looking to increase the breast volume or to improve the previous results of the breast augmentation procedure.

More attention is given on natural-looking results

If you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon they are going to enhance the results by taking the help of the latest techniques and trends.


Cosmetic Surgery: How cosmetic surgery makes women look more likable?

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are specially designed to improve your appearance so that you can look younger and attractive than the previous time. In addition, this cosmetic surgery is useful to improve your self-esteem as well.

Types of cosmetic surgeries

There are several types of cosmetic surgeries which give you permanent and effective results. These include chin surgery, cosmetic dentistry, botox, facelift,

Cheek lift, neck lift, laser scar removal process, and Rhinoplasty. These all are useful for facial appearance and for the body are explained below such as

How cosmetic surgery makes women look more likable?

A recent study reveals that cosmetic surgeries change your appearance and women look more likable. Let’s have a look at how cosmetic surgery in Vizag change your appearance and you look more likable.

The researchers said that all types of cosmetic surgeries are useful to treat your facial appearance because these all the surgeries are performed with the help of your own skin cells. That’s why you look younger and adorable and also experience fewer side effects such as swelling which may be faded away within days. Moreover, this will result in a natural looking appearance and give you lasting results.

In 2012, one study selects the person who was suffering from facial problems from past 9 years. And perform cosmetic surgery on his face in order to examine the results. After performing the cosmetic surgery they reveal the truth related to surgery that you look more adorable or attractive after getting cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, there are some benefits to cosmetic surgeries.

Natural looking results

These cosmetic surgeries will give you more natural looking and permanent results of that you won’t need any type of cosmetic surgery in life in order to improve your appearance.

Boost your self-confidence

These surgeries are useful to boost your self-confidence which you lost due to not proper appearance. Now, you will be able to do all the works for you may find new work opportunities with you more attractive face.

Do not have any side effect

These surgeries are an effective solution for all the persons who want to improve their appearance. Since these surgeries do not have any type of side effects such as redness swelling and irritation. Due to this, you will able to get better results and to look more likable.

Furthermore, if you want to get proper and effective results from cosmetic surgeries must visit us once. We will guide you about the right treatment option and tells you how these cosmetic surgeries are effective and give you better results.

Reasons Why today’s breast augmentation is better than in past years?

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is the surgical procedure which is designed to improve the shape, size, and fullness of the breast. This is actually designed for those ladies who are not happy with their natural appearance or who have less growth of breasts.

Moreover, breast augmentation in Visakhapatnam is too popular because of several factors such as new techniques, skilled surgeons, best results, and less recovery time. Let’s understand the reasons why today’s breast augmentation is better than previous years.

Skilled surgeons

In addition, you can visit us once if you are struggling to get the best breast augmentation treatment because our surgeons are too experienced and trained who will always ready to give you the better results according to your desires. But in past years, surgeons are not as much trained as compared to new surgeons because at that time they do not have many options to practice.

Latest techniques

These days almost all the surgical procedures are done with the help of latest techniques. Since every woman wants perfect shape and size of their breast, that’s why new techniques are found so that you can get the best results with a natural look. Moreover, a breast implant is the careful procedure which can be inserted through an incision that is made around the areola. These latest methods are useful to give you the best results because these cannot cause any type of side effect or scar on the treated area.

New implant options

If we see back then we do not find anything interesting or the better options of implants. But these days, you can choose from many options because there are so may new implant options are available in the market in order to improve your appearance. So, now no need to worry if you are thinking to get the breast augmentation procedure. Moreover, these new implant options are useful to give you more natural looking and durable results. Since you do not need to get any other type of medical procedure in order to improve the appearance of your breast.

Easy recovery

These new implant treatment options offer you faster recovery because this is totally scar free treatment. In addition, new types of breast augmentation procedures do not have any type of side effect because these are totally secure. Don’t worry about recovery from breast augmentation because you do not need any type of careful consideration.

Focus on natural results

This breast augmentation treatments focus on natural results, due to which your surgeon collects skin from your own body parts where you have enough growth such as thighs, and abdominal area with the help of liposuction procedure. Moreover, these new type of treatment options gives you much better results because as we mentioned in this point that your surgeon performs this surgical procedure from your skin cells.