Breast Augmentation Surgery and Its Cost

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery and How Much Does It Cost You?

Deciding the Budget For Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

 Breast Augmentation Surgery

This surgery is also called breast implant surgery. This surgery is performed worldwide, including in India. This surgery is done to enhance the size of the breasts. That is why many women opt for Breast Augmentation in Vizag. This surgery helps them boost their confidence.

This surgery uses various methods to enhance breast size. Consulting the best surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag will be helpful. They will explain the effects of this surgery with their experience and knowledge. 

What happens in Breast Implant Surgery?

This surgery alters the volume, size, and shape of the breast, altering its appearance. “Breast Implant surgery” is the term used along with breast augmentation, as the former is widely preferred by women to increase their breast size. This surgery also uses the fat transfer technique and breast implants to achieve the results.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Opting For Breast Augmentation

You need to keep certain things in mind before opting for this surgery which is:

  • Get your blood tested.
  • Take medicines prescribed by your doctor for this surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and recreational drugs.
  • Prevent intake of some foods and beverages.
  • Stop taking aspirin and certain medicines, as they can increase bleeding.

Post-Surgery Care

You should ensure these things after the surgery to aid in better healing as follows:

  • Take the painkillers and medicines prescribed by doctors.
  • Apply ointment or cream at incision sites( if told by the doctor).
  • Clean gauze for covering incision sites.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes which are easy on the breasts.

Factors Which are Crucial for the Surgery Costs

  • Technique: Fat transfer techniques ranges from Rs 50000 to one lakh. Whereas the breast implant technique costs around Rs 105000 to 1.5 lakhs. 
  • Types of Implants: Two types of implants are used in this surgery, Saline and Silicone. Both implants have different characteristics, size, texture, durability, etc., which play an important role in cost.
  • Hospitalization: This surgery often requires hospitalization. Hence the cost of admission, discharge summary, bed and room charges, OT charges, surgeon’s fee, and medicines will be costly depending upon the hospital.
  • Diagnostic tests: tests like MRI scans and CT scans should cost you around Rs 500 to Rs 1000 each.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Covered by Insurance

The expenses of this surgery are not covered by any insurance company. They would claim the reason for this surgery to be aesthetic or cosmetic.

Side Effects of Breast Augmentation

You need to know the side effects of breast augmentation surgery, which are:

  • Soreness and enhanced sensitivity in the nipple region.
  • Bruising. 
  • Bleeding.
  • Swelling.

Rare side effects include infection, healing issues, and blood collection in the surgical area, known as hematoma.

Hence, these are the things to be kept in mind before opting for breast augmentation. These things should help you avoid any confusion in this surgery. Apart from these side effects, this surgery can have complications that can be difficult for you on a daily basis.

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