Why choose VJs Clinic for Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy for hair growth?

Best centre for hair loss treatment

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is one of the well-known places among the patients to get hair loss treatment. Whether you talk about getting the Hair Transplant in Vizag or PRP therapy, Dr. C Vijay Kumar has experience of more than 35 years to address your hair loss issue completely. Like the doctor will inform you about the Hair Transplant Cost during the initial consultation after analyzing your situation. In the same manner, only after the initial consultation, you will get to know about, ‘How much does the PRP therapy cost?’

Platelet-Rich Plasma Best choice to regrow your lost hair

PRP therapy is one of the effective treatment plans which a person can get individually or along with hair transplant treatment to make the results better. This therapy effectiveness is seen among the patients who are struggling with hair loss and after getting the treatment they got fuller & natural-looking hair growth. Here’s what happens during PRP treatment:

  • During the PRP session, the blood is drawn out from the highly effective area. Following that the blood is centrifuged through which the platelets are taken out from the plasma. These platelets are filled with all the best of properties which are a key factor to repair and help the cells to regenerate themselves.
  • Then Dr. C Vijay Kumar will inject the platelets into the problematic part of the scalp. As the cells can renew and regenerate themselves which increases the hair growth in the bald or thin part of the scalp. In simple terms, you can say that the hair growth cycle will go into the anagen phase.

How many PRP sessions are required to see the results?

To see the notable hair growth with a PRP session, it takes around 3 to 4 treatment rounds. Well! Once the procedure is done it is essential that you take proper care of your hair, so that the results last for a lifetime.

PRP treatment: Effective, minimal downtime, and natural results

Can it get any better than this? The conventional method of hair loss treatment used to provide the patients with doll-like results or it required too much maintenance that the individual would stop the treatment midway because of the excess cost.

Thanks to medical science, there is no such thing as that in the present. With PRP the results are highly effective, natural, and you will be at ease whether you are getting the treatment or after the results. As we have said earlier the total number of sessions you need will be based on the extent of hair loss you have.

Take the right step on time

If you are struggling with a hair loss problem, then what’s the wait? Don’t let things get out of control and then regret later that you should have taken the right step then only. Today is the day when you need to be proactive with every decision of your life. Schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to get the best care.

What are the benefits of undergoing hair transplant treatment?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: With technological advancement, it has made it possible for people to deal with the issue of hair loss. The treatment of hair transplant is considered the best in dealing with the problem permanently and hair growth also looks natural.

Procedure of Hair Transplantation

It is a surgical procedure, in which the hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and then they are transplanted where hair growth is very less or it has bald spots. Undergoing this procedure helps in giving natural-looking results and it is just a one-time procedure which results last for a lifetime. However, many people are not properly aware of how the procedure can help them. In this guide, we are going to tell you the various benefits that the treatment is going to provide you.

Top benefits of Hair Transplantation

  • Permanent solution for hair loss

No doubt, there are various topical treatments available in the market to deal with the balding issue. But, the issue is that they only work on a temporary basis and might not be that effective. In that case, the option of hair transplantation is a reliable and permanent solution to this issue. Your surgeon will explain the treatment to you in detail when you visit for the consultation.

  • Improved Look

When a patient plan to get the treatment they always discuss the main reason is that they need to improve the look. Losing hair or seeing bald patches makes them feel negative about themselves and they do not feel attractive.

This procedure is very helpful in solving such issues perfectly. So, it is going to make you feel confident and attractive.

  • Minimal Maintenance

People often think that the maintenance cost of this procedure will be very high. But this is not the case because the transplanted areas need to be managed in the same way as you used to do with your natural hair. By following a proper hair-care regime the hair will be managed perfectly and the hair density also. Also, you will be visiting the doctor just once.

  • Say ‘GOODBYE’ to balding problem

This option of hair loss treatment is very effective in dealing with the balding issue. After the surgery, you do not have to worry about the receding hairline or bald spots as the surgery will solve it entirely. You can also look at the statistics that show the success rate of this procedure has increased with time and new technology.

  • Budget-friendly

People worry that the procedure is very expensive and they cannot afford it. But, this is not the case. This is because the balding remedies need to be used again & again which cost more money as compared to normal. On the other hand, the hair transplantation procedure is one-time which means you won’t be spending money on additional visits like other treatment options. So, this procedure is something that is appreciated by most of the patients.

Some hair hacks a girl should be aware of that can transform the way she styles her hair

Hair is undisputed the most prized possession of every girl. Her hair is her pride and she loves to style her hair in different ways according to different occasions, days, or events. However, the aggressive hair fall in today’s era has made many to switch to hair transplant.

Hair styling tips and tricks

However, some of the following mentioned can really help girls to make different hairstyles without having to rush to the salon every time:

  1. Dry ends: every girl does develop dry ends at her hair. This is because when the hair grows, they begin to lose moisture at the ends. They can look really bad when the hair is to be left loose. Sometimes, the hair styling products may not be available with the girl or she may not be aware of any such any product which can help her with her dry ends. For such dry ends, the best alternative in case of non-availability of hair crème is the hand crème as it contains almost the same products as the hair crème contains. It can also make the dry ends disappear in a while.
  2. Baby hair: baby hair is both a sign of happiness and sadness for every woman. This is because baby hair signifies the growth and development of new hair to the scalp which ultimately is the reason to rejoice for every girl. But as long as it does not grow fully and remain in the baby hair phase, it is a very difficult task styling the baby hair. This is because either it generally stands in an upward position or form curls at the forehead. It can neither be made part of styling nor kept away from it. So, for all those worried about the baby hair, the ideal way is to use an old toothbrush and some hair spray. A little amount of hair spray is to be sprayed on the baby hair and with the help of a toothbrush, the fly-away can be settled. It is important to not to spray extra hair spray.
  3. Additional volume: every girl loves voluminous hair. While some are blessed with them, some do not have the volume to their hair, besides, there can be some bad hair days when even the voluminous hair becomes sticky. The ideal way to add volume to the hair is to blow dry them from roots pulling all the hair upside down. This adds sufficient volume to the hair making them bouncy and creating extra body.
  4. Long and thick braids: braids look good only when they are long and thick. A thin and short braid neither gets properly styled nor looks attractive. The most commonly used method to add more hair to the existing hair for long and thick braids is the clip-in hair extensions. They can be added to the wefts of the hair to completely alter the look of braid making it mesmerizing.

All in all, hair styling is an art which can be mastered with small and simple yet effective tips to make the girl an absolute head-turner.

What is the difference between the two – Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement?

Hair is indeed the most invaluable possession of every human being. Hair not only adds to the personality of the individual but give him/her different confidence altogether. Surprisingly, many individuals including young and adult irrespective of their genders have been struggling through the issue of hair loss. There are many ways of treating the hair loss and reverse the issue of receding hairline. The two most commonly confused ones are hair transplant and hair replacement.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure for restoring the lost hair of the scalp. In this process, the hair is taken from the areas of the scalp where there is thick growth. After removing the thick hair follicles, they are implanted to the bald areas with the help of small incisions. The scalp is made numb with the insertion of anesthesia. After that, the hair follicles are fixed to the bald scalp. The hair takes a period of around 6 months to start regrowing.

Benefits of hair transplant

The hair transplant has multiple benefits. Firstly, it helps in restoring the lost confidence. Secondly, it adds to the persona of the individual. Thirdly, the hair is taken from the scalp of the same individual. So, there is no need to search for the donor of hair. Fourthly, the hair growth continues as usual.

The first and the foremost limitation of hair transplant is that it is a costly affair. Besides this, hair fall does not stop and it continues as usual. In addition, there is also the issue of scarring that comes along with hair transplant procedure.

What is hair replacement?

Hair replacement involves fixing an altogether new set of hair to the bald scalp. The color, density, texture as well as the length of hair can be decided as per the preference of the individual. The hair is made artificially with fine material. This therapy can be used to treat hair loss caused by any reason such as heredity baldness, medical issues, hair loss due to chemotherapy, and many other reasons.

Merits of hair replacement

Hair replacement offers numerous positives to the one undergoing this procedure. First of all, it does not involve any surgical procedure at all. Then, this is quite an affordable process. It is most suitable for those who have very thin hairline or are completely bald.

The most prominent con of hair replacement is that the hair needs to be maintained regularly and need to be cleaned frequently. The person may also feel that he/she is adoring a wig.

All in all, the major difference between hair transplant and hair replacement is that where the former is a surgical procedure, the later is an absolutely non-surgical procedure. Moreover, for hair transplant, one has to have sufficient hair growth on his scalp while it is not so in case of hair replacement.

Common side effects of hair dye you all should keep in mind

Hair dyeing is one of the coolest things you can do. If you want to change the way your hairs look you can either get a hair cut or change your hair color. You can choose from different options of how you want to style them. But there are some side effects of hair dye that you should be aware of.

The damage which it does to your hairs is not shown immediately. You can see the symptoms after some days or weeks. In extreme cases, the person will notice excessive hair loss. Before it damages your hairs, more you should consult the doctor for treatment. One of the treatments for hair loss is hair transplant. So, it would be best to know properly about these hair coloring products before using them on your hairs.

Damaged hair

If you apply hair coloring products more often, they will get dry and brittle very quickly. The hair dye contains different chemicals which can damage your hairs. Your hairs lose its shine and it will get thin also. Therefore the only option which is left with you is to cut your hairs to get rid of the unhealthy hairs.


You are coloring your hairs to get a new look or to hide the grey hairs. But unfortunately, it gives rise to several allergies. The common symptoms you will face such as redness, swelling on the scalp, itchy scalp, swelling around the eyelids and eye, mild dandruff, dryness around nose, eyes, and face.

Itchy skin

Hair dye also causes skin reactions. You may feel redness, burning sensations, itchiness, dry skin, and discomfort. Before applying the hair dye you should do a patch test. The patch test should be done 48 hours before you apply it directly on the hairs. After two days if you feel an allergic reaction then you should avoid using the product. Even if the reaction is very mild you should not use the hair dye. It’s better to consult a dermatologist before the condition gets worse.


According to different research, it has been proved that the chemicals in hair dye can damage human DNA cells and it can also cause cancer. One of the chemicals named Resorcinol is present in the hair dye can increase the chances of breast cancer by affecting the balance of hormones.


Some of the people may get rashes on the scalp. You will notice the rashes where you have applied the product and any area where by chance the product was applied. Without any delay, you should consult the dermatologist.


Many studies have shown that people who are more exposed to the use of these products are more prone to skin allergies and the problem of asthma. This is because of the chemical found in the hair dye and bleach. It becomes difficult for them to breathe.

Effect on pregnancy

If you are pregnant then the use of hair dye is a big ‘No’ for you. It is harmful to the unborn infant and it may cause malignancy (body tissue gets damaged).

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Tricks that made your hair Really Long

The rate of hair grow is different for everyone. On average, there is only half an inch growth of hair over the course of a month. Hair growth can be influenced by many factors. Usually, its growth is determined by genetics and other health issues also can affect its growth. Although men’s hair grow faster than women but this condition can be changed in pregnancy period. In modern era, people are suffering from hair problems than can be because of genetic structural abnormalities or other hair problem then, it can slow down the growth of your hair. The trend of Hair transplant in India is increasing day by day.

You can speed up the process of hair growth by following the simple tips which are:

  1. Provide strength to your scalp

The reason behind strong hair is the strong scalp. Researches show that regular massage of the scalp can improve hair thickness. Spend at least five minutes in a day on your scalp massage and see the difference!

  1. Change your hairstyle regularly:

If you tie a high ponytail or tie hair tightly for a long time, it can cause breakage. Prefer low and loose ponytails as it reduces the risk of hair breakage. Tightly tied hair can results in hair loss around the hairline.

  1. Brush regularly:

    Hair brushing can stimulates the blood flow to your scalp by which all the required nutrients are supplied to hair which results in creating healthy and strong hair. Moreover, hair brushing distributes the natural oils which keeps the needed moisture. So, brush regularly in a gentle way.
  2. Wash with vinegar

It is already proved that hair shouldn’t be washed with hot water as it weakens the hair. Always wash hair with cold water. If you add apple cider vinegar in cold water, it will add up the strongness of your hair. This mixture will close the cuticle layer of the hair and makes the hair shinier.

  1. Try to avoid extensions:

Avoid extensions of hair if your goal is for healthy and long hair. Use extensions only in special functions for a very short time period. Remove the extension after the completion of party. Any extra kind of weight loosen the hair.

  1. Improve your sleeping habits:

Sleep on a smooth place instead of hard or rigid surface as a smooth surface can reduce the night time friction which may results in less breakage of hair in the morning. Use pillowcases of silk instead of cotton and reduce the hair breakage.

Before getting frustrated with your hair problems, try to understand that these problems depend on a number of factors which impacts overall hair growth. Take proper diet to stay healthy as sickness is also a main reason for hair fall. Using these simple tricks, you can reduce the risk of hair fall as well as hair transplant. Grow your hair naturally and enjoy a healthy life.

Have a closer look at your hair and their growth

We are having more portion of hair on scalp than the body parts like legs, arms, underarms, thighs, chests, mustache, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes and the texture and length of scalp hair also differs from the body hair. To understand the texture and growth of human hair let us have look on the anatomy of hair.

Hair Anatomy

Human hairs come out from the hair follicles which rest within the fatty layer of the human scalp.  We believe that hair grows as the single strands but it is just a misconception as the human hair grows in the natural grouping of 1-4 hairs per grafts.

The topmost part of the hair is the strands which can be seen over the scalp and these strands come out from the hair follicles that have an individual base called hair bulb. The entire growth of hair occurs in the bulb and even the nourishment of hair also happen throws the hair bulb from the blood vessels within the dermis. The hair cells separate and develop to produce the hair shaft and the most surprising fact about the hair is that the hair develops and remain in the soft form under the epidermis but it gets hardens when coming out from the scalp.

What are the parts of human hair?

There are five main parts of the hair that can be defined as follows

  • The dermal papilla is the part which is responsible for hair cycle and the growth. it is comprised of androgen receptors which make it sensitive for the presence of DHT
  • Matrix is the part that surrounds the dermal papillae. The matrix contains all cells that are needed for the growth of hair and for the development of hair parts. Matrix and dermal papillae are called as hair bulb in the combined form.
  • Outer root sheath is the third most important and outer part of the hair. This part covers the hair follicles inside the dermis and transit through the epidermis.
  • The fourth important part of the hair is the inner root sheath which comprised of further three parts such as Henley layer, Huxley layer, and cuticle. The parts of this inner root sheath are responsible for the stabilization of hair means it secures the hair from loss and let them grow with strength.
  • The hair shaft is the fifth important part and it is made up of three layers named as medulla, cortex, and cuticle.

Hair growth cycle

Hair is made up of the protein called keratin and during its lifespan hair passes through the three phases of the hair cycle as follows

  • Anagen is the growth phase of the hair cycle. In this phase, most of the growth of hair occurs at a given time period which can be of several years
  • Catagen is the transitional phase in which hair follicles get shrink and the hair growth slows down. This phase remain for a few weeks
  • Telogen phase is the phase that remains for a few months and during this phase, hair get detached from follicles and new hair take the position of older hair and enter into the growth phase