Effects of Laser Therapy in a Hair Transplant.

How Can Laser Therapy Benefit You In Your Appearance

How Can Laser Therapy Benefit You In Your Appearance

You can improve your appearance after a hair transplant with the help of Laser Therapy. It helps in killing the cells responsible for hair loss in your body. Located in the hair follicles, these cells produce DHT, which is detrimental to your hair growth. People opting for Hair Transplant in Vizag always use laser treatment to kill these cells. 

People opting for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag are sometimes not satisfied with the results of their hair transplant surgery. Hence they opt for laser surgery which has its own set of benefits. Although it is not a cure but can be used for those who are looking for a procedure to stop hair fall. 

Functions of Laser Surgery 

Laser surgery uses a type of laser light that stimulates the cells of the body. Its goal is to stimulate hair growth on your head. People are using this treatment to treat skin problems like acne. But doctors have recently proved this method entirely successful for hair growth. 

Difference between Hair Transplant and Laser Therapy 

Hair Transplant  Laser Therapy
In this procedure, the physician moves the healthy hair from one point to another point of the head where the hair growth is minimal or zero. The surgeon in this therapy uses a special light on the head to stimulate hair growth to grow new hair. It is shown to be effective in recent years.

Laser treatment is generally used in cases in which the patient has alopecia, bald patches, burns on the forehead, or those without natural hair growth due to chemotherapy.

How does Laser Therapy Work 

Low-Level Laser Therapy, also called cold laser therapy, helps stimulate and encourage hair growth. The stimulation of cells increases their metabolism and lets them produce more collagen for faster healing and better muscle recovery. A laser in this surgery produces short pulses of light penetrating under the tissue. It leads to efficient stimulation of the cells in the treated area. Laser Therapy has also been effective in these situations like Headaches. Neck pain. Stiffness in certain areas of the body. 

Longevity of Laser Hair Therapy 

Laser hair therapy, is a newly founded method, which is non surgical and drug free. There are some factors upon which the success of this therapy depends, varying from person to person. These factors are the severity of the baldness and hair care post-surgery. 

Side Effects of Laser Treatment 

  • Redness on the skin 
  • Swelling on the treated area 
  • Sensitivity to the sunlight 
  • Blistering skin 
  • Peeling skin 
  • Discoloured or darkened skin 
  • Scars on the skin 

These side effects are temporary. However, you should know about these side effects before opting for a laser transplant. 


Laser Hair therapy has its own pros, which outweigh its cons. When combined with hair transplant surgery, laser treatment is more effective. It also removes the risks pertaining to transplant surgery, thus making it a viable option for people going for cosmetic surgeries. Hence you have the best option to get your lost hair back with laser treatment.