Some hair hacks a girl should be aware of that can transform the way she styles her hair

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    Some hair hacks a girl should be aware of that can transform the way she styles her hair

    Hair is undisputed the most prized possession of every girl. Her hair is her pride and she loves to style her hair in different ways according to different occasions, days, or events. However, the aggressive hair fall in today’s era has made many to switch to hair transplant.

    Hair styling tips and tricks

    However, some of the following mentioned can really help girls to make different hairstyles without having to rush to the salon every time:

    1. Dry ends: every girl does develop dry ends at her hair. This is because when the hair grows, they begin to lose moisture at the ends. They can look really bad when the hair is to be left loose. Sometimes, the hair styling products may not be available with the girl or she may not be aware of any such any product which can help her with her dry ends. For such dry ends, the best alternative in case of non-availability of hair crème is the hand crème as it contains almost the same products as the hair crème contains. It can also make the dry ends disappear in a while.
    2. Baby hair: baby hair is both a sign of happiness and sadness for every woman. This is because baby hair signifies the growth and development of new hair to the scalp which ultimately is the reason to rejoice for every girl. But as long as it does not grow fully and remain in the baby hair phase, it is a very difficult task styling the baby hair. This is because either it generally stands in an upward position or form curls at the forehead. It can neither be made part of styling nor kept away from it. So, for all those worried about the baby hair, the ideal way is to use an old toothbrush and some hair spray. A little amount of hair spray is to be sprayed on the baby hair and with the help of a toothbrush, the fly-away can be settled. It is important to not to spray extra hair spray.
    3. Additional volume: every girl loves voluminous hair. While some are blessed with them, some do not have the volume to their hair, besides, there can be some bad hair days when even the voluminous hair becomes sticky. The ideal way to add volume to the hair is to blow dry them from roots pulling all the hair upside down. This adds sufficient volume to the hair making them bouncy and creating extra body.
    4. Long and thick braids: braids look good only when they are long and thick. A thin and short braid neither gets properly styled nor looks attractive. The most commonly used method to add more hair to the existing hair for long and thick braids is the clip-in hair extensions. They can be added to the wefts of the hair to completely alter the look of braid making it mesmerizing.

    All in all, hair styling is an art which can be mastered with small and simple yet effective tips to make the girl an absolute head-turner.