Tips for after hair transplantation surgery

Journey of hair transplant surgery after 3 month

Hair transplant after care

A hair transplant is an advanced technology used to grow hair on your head. A hair transplant is the best option if you have baldness and thin hair. If you want to restore your hair, you can visit a well known clinic for Hair Transplant. It is one of the best techniques available that result in natural looking and long lasting results. 

The journey of Hair transplant after three months

After the hair transplant procedure, you are curious about how to grow your hair. After three months you can see the result on your scalp. 

What is expected after hair transplantation 

After three months, your new hair grows on your head. When you get surgery, then your hair follicles start in 2 weeks. During the growing stage, your hairline sticking does not cause panic after three months. It’s visible to new hair. Hair growth is a slow process; growing long hair may take a year. 

After hair transplantation surgery, they suffer side effects such as swelling, itching, and redness. It is a growing stage in your hair. 

Tips for care for hair after a hair transplant  

There are some tips to care for hair after hair transplant surgery 

Take a proper diet.

When you get treatment, you should take a healthy diet. You can eat those foods which have proper minerals and vitamins. It helps to grow your hair and heal the wound after surgery. 

Use mild product 

After the hair transplant, you do not use chemical products such as alcohol, sulfate, or other chemicals harsh on your hair. You take a small quantity of shampoo in your hand and gently apply it on your whole hair. Do not rub your scalp after you wash your head. After washing, dry your towel gently. You can wash it 14 days after hair transplant surgery. You can use it according to your hair doctor’s advice.

Protect from environmental exposure. 

You should wear a hat When you go for a walk or to a clinic. It helps to protect against environmental exposure such as sun and dust. You can spray sunscreen on your scalp. 

Massage your scalp 

Massage your scalp every day. It helps to increase your blood circulation and hair regrowth. You can use your finger deep in oil and massage your scalp for a few minutes. You can use the oil that your doctor recommends. 

Manage stress level 

Manage your stress level using those techniques such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise. It helps reduce your stress and grow your hair because stress harms your growing hair.

Physical activity 

After a hair transplant, you can do a physical activity such as walking. It helps to reduce tension and minimizes the infection. 

Correct sleeping position 

After treatment, ask your hair doctor for a sleeping position and pillow. It helps reduce swelling on your head after hair transplant surgery. Doctors guide you on how to treat your hair before sleeping. 

It is essential to follow these tips to grow transplanted hair as your normal hair. If you are curious to know about Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, you can contact a well known clinic.