How Much Does It Cost For 2000 Hair Grafts Hair Transplant Surgery?

Because of unhealthy lifestyles and the polluted environment, more and more people are falling into the pit of hair loss which is messing up their social, personal, and professional life. It is something that has breached a lot of problems in many people’s lives which is why there was no opportunity left.

But there is hope when you expect none. With the advancement in technology, Hair replacement in Vizag, also known as hair transplant, has become one of the most reliable options to get the most natural and long-lasting result out of all.

If you are someone who is facing the issue of extreme hair loss and is tired of using different home remedies and over-the-counter tables, then this is the perfect solution for visiting a hair clinic in Vizag and getting yourself diagnosed to get the best treatment based on your condition.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are many factors that depict the cost of hair transplant surgery. The number of hair you want to move is one of the most significant factors that would escalate the price of the hair transplant. It generally ranges between the price of 3 to 5 lakh. For example, if you wanted to undergo the 2000 grafts hair transplant, then the cost of the whole procedure might cost you around 1 lakh, if not more. All other factors such as your cognition for hair loss, the reputation of the clinic, and the qualification of the doctors also play a significant role in the cost of the procedure.

What Is The Risk Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • Like any other surgery, a hair transplant also comes with risks, such as infection and bleeding. There is nothing to worry about such a risk, but if you notice something extreme, we highly recommend you to visit the doctor immediately for a check-up.
  • Apart from that, you might also notice some minor scarring and unnatural new hair growth, which might put you off, but it is a procedure. So have patience!
  • We have also seen that right at the beginning, when the new hair starts growing; there is an infection or inflammation of the hair follicles. We also call it folliculitis.
  • With the help of antibiotics and compressors, you can get some relief from the problem.
  • Apart from that, you might also notice some hair loss in the new hair growth, which is nothing to worry about and quite a normal phenomenon. It is also known as shock loss, and it is not permanent.
  • You should talk with your doctor beforehand to reduce the risk factors and get a speedy recovery from the surgery. With the help of correct guidance, you will be able to get suitable treatment.

Factors That Might Reduce The Survivability Of The Hair Graft

Given below are the elements which might reduce the chances of having a successful hair graft post-surgery.

  • Dehydration
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen

What are the topmost ways to make hair transplant cost affordable?

Are you planning to get a hair transplant?

Well, that’s a great choice. Especially if you are struggling with severe hair loss, bald spots, and hair thinning, then opting for the Hair Transplant in Vizag is worth it in every possible sense. One of the patients’ major concerns is the treatment cost; how to make it all affordable?

When you are planning for the treatment of a Hair Transplant in Kakinada, you must keep different factors in mind to help your treatment to be affordable in all the possible ways. Here are some of those helpful factors that can make the treatment journey economical for you.

Tips to make hair transplant affordable

Tip 1: Look for an experienced hair restoration surgeon

Most importantly, you need to find a hair restoration surgeon who is experienced and trained. Being a technical and advanced treatment, it’s essential that the treatment you choose to get is done correctly. And that’s possible when you find a skilled hair restoration surgeon. Make sure that to find the hair doctor; you give this step enough time. When you look for a surgeon, you should thoroughly check the reviews, take the necessary recommendations from your loved ones, check the doctor’s experience, and most importantly, see whether the doctor has an online presence or not. Finding yourself the right medical expert will take you one step closer to making an informed decision.

Tip 2: Take benefit of Indian hair transplant medical tourism

Most importantly, you need to take advantage of Indian medical tourism. If you are an international patient wanting to get a hair transplant, you should choose India. By doing so, you end up saving a lot of money. Bear in mind, that the average hair transplant cost is around Rs 40,000, which is way less or, you can say, affordable compared to any other developed nation. So, get the most hair transplant treatment plan available in India.

Tip 3: Choose clinic wisely

Choose the hair transplant clinic where you will get all the necessary improved and inventive treatment options to seek the right treatment plan. You are seeking the right care for your hair loss by doing so. Not just that, even the final results are worth it, which is your main focus. So, carefully analyze every little factor to be sure that when you get the treatment, it will address your condition effectively.

Are you looking for a hair transplant clinic?

No doubt, this journey might seem tough initially, and that is why we are here to help you. Under the expertise of Dr. C Vijay Kumar, be ready to seek the best care for your hair locks.

Hair Transplant: Cost of 2000 Hair Grafts

Be it any surgical or non-surgical procedure, the primary concern among the patients is to know about the cost. The factor of cost is often noticed among patients suffering from hair loss. No doubt, it’s essential to get a customized treatment plan for hair loss and then know about the amount of cost to be paid. Hair transplant is one of the inventive surgical, safe, and cost-effective methods. All those planning to get this treatment must be wondering, ‘How much is the cost of 2000 hair grafts?’ If you want to know about the same, continue reading the given blog.

Hair transplant treatment

Hair Transplant in Vizag is performed under the expertise of trained & experienced surgeons. During treatment, the hair follicles are removed from one part of the scalp & then transplanted where hair growth is less. With hair transplant, the balding patterns are treated either male or female. Both can benefit from this surgery. So, for male balding patterns, this treatment makes a great choice. The hair transplant treatment can work effectively for covering scars. If there are not enough hair grafts, then the hair will be extracted from the eyelashes, eyebrows, or another body part. However, pubic hair is not used for hair transplant.

Cost of 2000 hair grafts for hair transplant

To determine the cost of Hair Transplant in Kakinada, different factors are considered. On average, the hair transplant treatment cost is Rs 40,000.

If you talk about the minimum price, then it’s around Rs 25,000. Additionally, the maximum price for a hair transplant can range up to Rs 2,60,000. The cost will vary from one person to another as every individual condition varies from one another.

Which are the factors which affect the cost of hair transplant?

To determine the hair transplant treatment cost, several factors are considered. Being mindful of different factors will help better understand, ‘How can your hair loss be dealt with the right way?’ Now, let’s have a look at the different factors:

  • The doctor will determine the hair loss
  • How much area or bald spots needs to be treated?
  • The total number of grafts that need to be implanted
  • Characteristics & texture of hair
  • Surgeon experience
  • Clinic location
  • Type of hair transplant to be performed
  • The patient medical condition is checked
  • If any complications are there, then treatment is customized accordingly
  • Admission room you selected to seek treatment

How much is the recovery time with a hair transplant?

Following hair transplant treatment, it takes around one week to get back to a regular working regime. After the surgery, make sure that you are careful in all ways and take better assistance on what to do. Bear in mind that you have to follow the minutest of steps after the surgery to be at ease & comfort.

What are the different factors to determine the cost of a hair transplant?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: With the advancement in technology, different methods have been developed to effectively manage the problem of hair transplant. But the most effective one is hair transplant as its results are permanent and also the hair growth matches the hairline. You can say that it is the most effective solution to treat the issue of hair loss.

Well, you need to keep in mind different things while choosing the treatment. 

  • Choosing the experienced surgeon

When you decide to get the treatment, always choose the experienced and skilled surgeon. This is because their skills and expertise will make a lot of difference to see the optimal results. This thing will also determine whether the treatment you are getting is best or not. No doubt, you are going to invest money but make sure it should be worth it to see the effective results.

  • Method of hair transplantation

There are 2 methods in which hair can be transplanted which are FUE and FUT. Both of the methods are effective. This is the reason people are opting for treatment of Hair Transplant in Vizag. In case, you are facing the problem then you should visit our surgeon and know more about the treatment. The cost of the treatment will depend on the problem you are experiencing which will include various things.

  • Degree of baldness

Determining the cost will be dependent on the problem the patient is experiencing. If the problem in excess then obviously the cost will be more as it will take more time to transplant the grafts effectively on the scalp. If there are a few patches then it will cost much.

During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate your scalp that how many problems you are suffering from and then they will give you the treatment plan according to that.

  • Number of grafts required

Another thing which should be considered to evaluate the cost is the total number of grafts required for the surgery. In India, the cost of per graft is affordable as compared to other places.

It is very necessary that the grafts should be placed effectively and with proper technique so that it should match the hairline.

  • Taking care after the surgery

The cost of the surgery also includes how well do you take care of yourself. Keep in mind that if you are following the guidelines given by the surgeon then you will see the results on time and you do not have to spend so much money on the post-care for a long time. Just make sure you take the medications on time and do not do anything which the doctor has not advised you to do.