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How Much Does It Cost For 2000 Hair Grafts Hair Transplant Surgery?

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    How Much Does It Cost For 2000 Hair Grafts Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Because of unhealthy lifestyles and the polluted environment, more and more people are falling into the pit of hair loss which is messing up their social, personal, and professional life. It is something that has breached a lot of problems in many people’s lives which is why there was no opportunity left.

    But there is hope when you expect none. With the advancement in technology, Hair replacement in Vizag, also known as hair transplant, has become one of the most reliable options to get the most natural and long-lasting result out of all.

    If you are someone who is facing the issue of extreme hair loss and is tired of using different home remedies and over-the-counter tables, then this is the perfect solution for visiting a hair clinic in Vizag and getting yourself diagnosed to get the best treatment based on your condition.

    What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

    There are many factors that depict the cost of hair transplant surgery. The number of hair you want to move is one of the most significant factors that would escalate the price of the hair transplant. It generally ranges between the price of 3 to 5 lakh. For example, if you wanted to undergo the 2000 grafts hair transplant, then the cost of the whole procedure might cost you around 1 lakh, if not more. All other factors such as your cognition for hair loss, the reputation of the clinic, and the qualification of the doctors also play a significant role in the cost of the procedure.

    What Is The Risk Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

    • Like any other surgery, a hair transplant also comes with risks, such as infection and bleeding. There is nothing to worry about such a risk, but if you notice something extreme, we highly recommend you to visit the doctor immediately for a check-up.
    • Apart from that, you might also notice some minor scarring and unnatural new hair growth, which might put you off, but it is a procedure. So have patience!
    • We have also seen that right at the beginning, when the new hair starts growing; there is an infection or inflammation of the hair follicles. We also call it folliculitis.
    • With the help of antibiotics and compressors, you can get some relief from the problem.
    • Apart from that, you might also notice some hair loss in the new hair growth, which is nothing to worry about and quite a normal phenomenon. It is also known as shock loss, and it is not permanent.
    • You should talk with your doctor beforehand to reduce the risk factors and get a speedy recovery from the surgery. With the help of correct guidance, you will be able to get suitable treatment.

    Factors That Might Reduce The Survivability Of The Hair Graft

    Given below are the elements which might reduce the chances of having a successful hair graft post-surgery.

    • Dehydration
    • Temperature
    • Oxygen