Guide on answering the questions for hair transplant in abroad

Hair Transplant treatment

Hair transplant treatment popularity is increasing at a widespread pace all around the globe. With that, there are various renowned, reputed, and modern technologically based Hair clinic in Vizag and different parts of the world that are being opened to provide the individual with the best care. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, it works effectively in handling the situation of hair loss and baldness, as India is the medical hub for advanced and inventive treatment options. Considering the same planning, the hair transplant treatment would make a lot of difference.

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The increasing demand has even made a finer approach towards giving preference to Hair Transplant Training. With that, it allows training professionals or young medical enthusiasts to work against the said approach effectively. So, it is all about the use of the right methods and techniques that make a huge difference in everything.

Plan your hair transplant journey abroad

Here are some of the most effective ways to undergo the Hair Transplant in Kakinada and make sure there are the right results & management:

How do I begin the hair transplant journey?

When you plan the hair transplant journey, it might seem like a lot. But, it’s all about right planning and starting the journey correctly when getting the same abroad. So, with that, it makes everything much easier and more manageable. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Try to get all information about the treatment

Being well-informed about the treatment is essential. That is being mindful of the various techniques of hair transplant like FUE and FUT. Most importantly, choose a surgeon who has undergone proper Hair Transplant Training in Vizag and has years of expertise in handling the treatment with perfection.

  • Look for popular destination

Begin searching for a hair transplant treatment location that’s accredited and well-known around the globe. With that, you will know better about the place, where to stay, and other imperative factors.

  • Visa requirements

Make sure to check visa requirements. Just like Indian medical tourism is gaining demand and even the medical visa requirement process is much simpler to deal with. With that, it makes everything easier and more manageable. Additionally, it’s better that you take some time off, like 2 to 3 weeks, so that you get to prepare yourself for the same.

Should I avoid something before starting a hair transplant?

The doctor’s expertise makes a huge difference. And with that, you will get to know better all the things that you need to avoid and do to boost the success rate of the treatment. Some of the mindful things that you need to follow are:

  • Don’t cut the hair two weeks before the procedure. The hair requires trimming before the treatment begins.
  • Avoid the use of any kind of hair-related products that might lead to hair loss
  • Do not drink alcohol at least 5 to 14 days before surgery
  • Don’t drink coffee
  • Don’t drink at least a few weeks before surgery


Let’s Discuss 3 Different Procedures For Hair Transplantation

One of the primary issues that concern a lot of people is hair loss, especially for men. There are various factors that might cause severe hair loss issues, including aging, hormonal changes, trauma such as burns, and family history. In most cases, we have noticed that the earlier hair loss starts, the more extreme it will be.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplantation, the surgeon takes some parts of the scalp that are bald-resistant and transfers them to the bald area or recipient area. The bald-resistant area is also known as the donor site, which is usually on the side or the back of the hair. The transplanted hair will grow throughout the year as it seems to be bald-resistant because of genes or other factors.

If the surgeon relocates a few hairs per session, that might make the transplanted hair look natural. The reason behind this predominant reason is the fact human hair grows in one or four strands of hair per grouping of follicles.

Types Of Hair Transplant Techniques

These are the types of hair transplant solutions you can get at a Hair clinic in Vizag.

  • Follicular YUnit Extraction (FUE)

It is one of the most recent and popular techniques that surgeon has adopted over time. In this procedure, the doctor transplants the strands of hair from the side or back of the head (donor site) in a group of one to four hairs, as it is the natural process of hair growth. This process mimics natural hair growth. Hence there is a higher chance of getting a better and more natural outcome. Another advantage of this procedure is that it does not involve major or deep cutting leaving behind no scars. Hence the recovery time is short, and the chances of having scars are minimal.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is an older version of FUE. in this technique, the doctor or surgeon retrieves the hair from the back or the side of the clasp. They are also known as donor sites. Unlike the FUE technique, the doctor retrieves a graft together and transplants it back into the recipient area for hair regrowth. As they do not transplant hair one at a time, the results are not as natural as FUE.

  • Scalp reduction

The doctor rarely performs this type of hair transplantation. The surgeon surgically removes the bald area and then stretches the hair-bearing scalp area. This helps in replacing the part that they moved before. It is undoubtedly a costly procedure that increases the chances of tightening the scalp. This could further lead to hair thinning.

In case you are thinking of having a hair transplantation procedure. Understanding the kind of coverage you had before your hair loss problem is necessary. Make sure to be realistic while you are deciding the desired outcome. Also, talk to the professional to know which kind of hair transplant solution will suit the hair loss problem the best.

Final Comments

Contact VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery And Hair Transplantation Centre and book your appointment for an efficient hair transplant treatment.

How do biotin tablets work to improve the overall hair health?

The hair loss prevalence rate is higher than ever

Be it, men or women, both are engulfed in the vicious circle of hair loss. Many individuals even deal with hair loss before hitting the mark of 30. So, what should be done? Most importantly, get medical attention to ensure everything gets handled on time. If you have been dealing with hair loss, your self-esteem may take a toll on you. And that’s why you need to visit one of the top-rated Hair clinic in Vizag without wasting a second.

To facilitate hair growth, choosing the Hair Transplant in Vizag makes a lot of difference. Hair transplantation is the most approachable method to restore hair growth naturally and get permanent results. In that case, it’s also essential that you follow all the necessary suggestions given by the surgeon. Some patients have concerns about whether ‘Can I take biotin to boost hair growth?’

What is biotin, and what does it do for hair?

Biotin is another name for Vitamin B7. The goodness of Biotin Tablets For Hair Growth is considered exceptional in different situations. The supplements help to break down the carbohydrates and fats that help to increase energy levels. If you have undergone a hair transplant and want to include a biotin supplement, consult the healthcare professional. In case your situation is appropriate for the same, the doctor will suggest if this is right for you.

Hair restoration doctors find out the reason for hair loss

Hair loss in young individuals is getting common. Mostly, hair loss occurs in a way that the hairline begins to recede. Some of the common reasons behind hair loss are:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance

In all these situations, hair loss occurs temporarily, and it’s essential to get the treatment for the same on time. The doctor will check the reason behind hair loss and explain the right approach to manage the symptoms. The doctor will also find if the body is properly absorbing the biotin, as sometimes other medical conditions can create problems.

What are the natural sources of biotin?

The adults need to take biotin around 30 to 100mg daily. Apart from the supplements, you can include natural sources that will make your overall diet plan better. Some of the effective biotin-rich food options are:

  • Egg yolks contain enough biotin. It’s best to consume soft-boiled eggs to improve your hair health.
  • Apart from that, some nuts allow the overall meal to stay balanced.
  • Fish and caviar are other great sources of biotin-rich food options
  • Sweet potatoes have enough amount of biotin to improve the hair health
  • You should consume peas, soybeans, and legumes.

Can A Diabetic Patient Undergo Hair Transplantation Surgery?

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Pay attention to these daily habits to help control your hair fall

Hair Fall: How to control it?

Do you often get alarmed when you see hair clumps as you brush your hair? No doubt, hair loss is a part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected that you don’t take any measures. You must get the most effective hair fall solution in Vizag at the earliest to effectively prevent the situation from worsening. Especially if your situation has reached the point that you notice bald spots or extremely thin hair, then it’s worth consulting the doctor.

If you notice that the hair is getting shorter and thin with each passing hair growth cycle, don’t delay the urge to consult the doctor. If you notice the severity of hair loss getting extremely worse with time, visit one of the renowned hair clinics in Vizag and seek the most desired treatment plan. The blog will talk you through the methods of controlling hair fall, albeit simple solutions worth adding to your daily life.

7 simple ways to help prevent hair fall and control hair growth

Method 1: Style your hair that doesn’t put pressure

It’s okay to style your hair, but be careful with it. Don’t be regular with the use of curling irons and straighteners. Otherwise, it can make your hair brittle and easily prone to breakage. Make sure to style your hair in simple and easy hairstyles that don’t put excess pressure on the hair. Never make any hairstyle that’s too tight.

Method 2: Opt for sulphate-free formulations

Be mindful of the shampoo and conditioner that you use. Otherwise, it can irritate and damage the hair. Please stay away from the use of SLS as it burns hair follicles and irritates. Choose the gentle ones.

Method 3: Make your diet plan healthy

You must make your diet plan healthy, including eggs, protein, lean meat, yogurt, cheese, and other nutritional stuff. And don’t make the mistake of following a crash diet.

Method 4: Supplements are worth everything

Follow a healthy diet plan that includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, or selenium. Doing so, helps the nutritional requirements to be top-notch for your hair health.

Method 5: Don’t make your stress levels go higher

At times your hair fall can get under control simply by controlling stress. So, don’t let the stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine get higher and worsen hair growth. You should begin to meditate so that your stress levels don’t get worse with time.

Method 6: Get a scalp massage

Give yourself a scalp massage with coconut or almond oil. You can warm it up a little bit and gently massage it. The massage helps blood circulation, conditions it, and increases root strength.

Method 7: Consult the hair doctor

If everything seems to go south, you must consult the hair doctor for a customized hair loss treatment plan. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to understand the ideal way of handling everything.

What are the most effective tips to help the hair grow faster?

Do you wish to have long, shiny and strong hair?

Well, every girl wishes the same. No doubt, having luscious hair is why your overall personality is enhanced. But, that is not possible for everyone to have naturally. Moreover, hair growth takes a lot of time which is another waiting game. If you are looking for ways to grow your hair naturally, this blog will make you familiar with all those essential tips.

Are you having trouble with hair locks? Or Do you have sudden hair loss?

Hair Transplant in Vizag is the best possible option available to you. The treatment works effectively as it helps the hair growth be all-natural and permanent, which is your ultimate goal.

What are the top tips that can help you grow hair faster?

Here are some of the essential tips to help you grow your hair faster:

  • Get those hair ends chopped frequently

Ensure that you get at least a few inches chopped off frequently as it won’t do any harm. Trimming is vital so that the damaged ends are taken away. So, it’s crucial as split ends are trimmed off, and hair strands will be thick. It’s better that you get hair trimming at least 12 to 15 weeks to take the proper care of your hair, and it even helps in hair growth.


  • Keep the scalp clean with shampoo

You have to keep your scalp clean, as it is an easy target to attract dirt and oil. Make sure that you use the shampoo filled with all the best ingredients, and it’s something that your hair needs the most. Additionally, hair wash should not be done aggressively. Be gentle with your hair care regime.


  • Don’t miss out on conditioner

Do you think if you apply shampoo that’s enough? NO! You have to give your hair a way to lock in all the moisture and stay healthy. You should apply conditioner on the end parts and leave it on for a few minutes. This way, your hair is healthy and shiny.


  • Never use warm water for hair wash

Hot water is the primary reason hair locks get dry and brittle. So, make sure that you clean your scalp with cold water at the end. Doing so can even help to prevent hair loss. Always use cold water to wash your hair, making it more manageable.


  • Hair wrap is NOT OKAY

If you try to wrap the hair after hair wash, you better stop doing that. It might help you make your hair dry faster, but it will damage the hair roots. Moreover, the hair is fragile, and putting excess pressure increases the chances of making it break.


Additional tips

  • Your hair needs all the necessary nourishment, so you must oil them frequently.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair as this way the hair breakage is less.
  • Tie your hair with a loose rubber hand or use silk scrunchies.


What is redness after a hair transplant? Will it affect the treatment results?

Redness after the hair transplant procedure

If you have undergone a hair transplant in Vizag, then you must be thinking about what to expect after the surgery. No doubt, your surgeon will talk you through the entire process and make you understand how to get everything managed. Getting yourself aware of the treatment be it what to do before the surgery, after surgery, Hair Transplant cost, or any other factor will ensure the treatment goes smoothly. One of the situations which occur after a hair transplant is redness on the scalp. In this article, we will talk you through the same.

What is redness after the hair transplant?

The redness on the scalp is noticed at the back of your donor area and where the hair is implanted. In medical terms, it is known as erythema. This is the inflammation that occurs after the hair transplant. During normal recovery, this inflammation is a part of the process. With hair transplant, small cuts are made into the skin and with time the cut will begin to heal and around the transplanted hair.

How long does the redness last?

In most cases, the redness will last for 2 weeks. When the scalp begins to heal the redness will start to diminish. Normally, it takes around 10 to 14 days to see the healing. There might be some cases where healing will take longer than required. It might be possible that healing can last for months.

Will it affect my hair transplant results?

In most cases, redness is not going to affect the results of the hair transplant. But, make sure that you keep a check on the redness because sometimes it is not a part of healing. Consulting the surgeon will help you understand better about the same. Some of the causes are mentioned below:

  • Folliculitis

In some cases, skin infection can occur around the area which has newly implanted hair follicles. This might occur in the 8 months and this occurs in the form of a small red pimple that forms the hair. It can feel painful, hot, and itchy. This can be left like that and it will treat on its own. But, make sure that you consult the doctor to get a better understanding of how to deal with it.

  • Cysts

Cysts are in the form of small circular sacks which grow under the skin. This condition can occur due to the grafts extracted from the donor area. Cysts might occur when the skin is not healing normally. Cysts can get red and swollen. If you think you have cysts then it is important to get medical assistance.

  • Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a skin infection on the scalp. Following the surgery, it might be possible that bacteria enter the skin which can cause an infection. In this case, you will notice redness on the scalp and sometimes, it might develop a fever. If this is the case, then you need to get medical assistance to keep a better check on your condition.

Consult the best hair doctor

Well! Everything can be managed with ease when you choose the best hair expert for the treatment plan. So, make sure that you look for the best hair transplant doctor to get the best results.

What all do you need to know about Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant?


Patients dealing with hair loss whether at a young age (after 25) or in their 30s or 40s, can benefit from a hair transplant. It is one of those treatments which provides ultimate results and it is not possible with any other option. Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam will solve the issue of hair loss and extreme baldness once and for all. One of the treatment methods which is helpful to deal with hair loss issues is FUE hair transplant.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. During FUE hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted individually from the healthy part of the scalp in which the hair follicles are resistant to the effect of DHT. The healthy hair follicles are then placed where hair growth is extremely less.

How is the procedure done?

  • To perform FUE, the doctor will give you anesthesia to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. The doctor will take the hair grafts with punches which measure around 0.8 to 0.9 mm in width. In length, the punches are made of 5 to 6 mm. The punches are disposable material that is extracted from the micrometer tip and it is around 5000/min.
  • The punches made are sharp so that the tissues are not damaged. The punches make enough space in the scalp so that the hair grafts are inserted at the right angle. The hair grafts which are collected during the treatment are kept in the saline solution so that they are healthy for the time they are outside the body.
  • Following that the doctor will transplant the hair grafts one by one into the bald part of the scalp. The grafts are placed with utmost precision that the hair growth is natural.

Is it possible to take hair grafts from the beard area?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will check whether there are enough grafts on the scalp. If not the doctor will tell you that these can be taken from the beard area to do the treatment with precision and make sure that there are enough grafts to provide you the best results.

What are the benefits of FUE hair transplant?

First of all, it is a one-time investment which means one session of hair transplant can solve the issue of baldness. In addition, the regrowth of hair after the transplant will look natural as they blend with the existing hair growth. This is because hair grafts are extracted from a patient’s scalp. In addition, the results are permanent and there are no chances of error when you undergo the surgery from an experienced doctor. Moreover, there is no problem with scar after the hair transplant.

Consult the best to get the best results

Just make sure that you look for an experienced and trained surgeon to get the best results. The doctor will consult you to understand the reason for hair loss and accordingly tell you what treatment plan will suit you the best.

How long does it take to see the desired outcomes from hair transplant?

Hair transplant treatment for hair loss

Hair Transplant is considered as the best choice for the patients. This makes it easier to address the hair loss issue on time whether it is men or women. During the surgery, hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is extremely less. The hair is extracted from the back of the scalp because they are resistant to DHT which means the hair will not fall out after the treatment.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will identify the reason for hair loss and let you know what treatment plan you need to get. The hair transplantation includes 2 methods FUE and FUT.

  • FUE stands for Follicle unit extraction. During the surgery, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is extremely less.
  • FUT stands for Follicle Unit Transplantation. During the surgery, a strip of hair is extracted from the donor area and then transplanted where hair growth is extremely less or the patient has bald spots.

Seeing the desired results

Hair transplant results are best which means just one-time treatment is going to address hair loss issues. Patients are mostly concerned regarding the recovery process and the length of time to see the results.

  • To see the outcomes from surgery, it is important to understand the results vary from patient to patient. In most cases, the initial hair growth can be seen at around 3rd month.
  • After the surgery, it is important to follow the recommendations and guidelines given by the doctor.

What to expect following the surgery?

  • Once the hair graft is transplanted on the bald or thin area, they will fall out. You don’t have to worry as this is a normal process which means it is part of the surgery.

The hair falls out because of the trauma of surgery and after that, the natural hair growth process will start.

  • Once this is done the hair follicles enter the resting stage for around 3 months. Following that, the new growth cycle will begin. Initially, you will be able to have hair of around a few inches long, and gradually they will become longer and longer.
  • In the beginning, the hair might appear uneven in a few months. In the 5th or 6th month, you will be able to see the progress in a better way. This is the time you can see the hair growth following the surgery.

During this entire time, you need to take proper care and follow the surgeon’s instructions. This is important for the success of the surgery. By doing so, you are taking proper care of the transplanted hair grafts.


Will dandruff affect your hair growth after a hair transplant?

Everyone loves their hair. Nobody likes to have dandruff in their hair. To protect their hair people do a lot of treatment and take care of them. Afterall hair can make or break your look. Taking care of hair is very difficult. People are scared of having dandruff in their hair and what about those who have done hair transplant.

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You must be thinking about hair transplant right because this is the last option left with you. But don’t worry many Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Kapil Sharma have gone through the hair transplantation. In their initial days in the entertainment industry, they are also facing the same problem of not having much hair on their head which is not good for them. Pictures are there on the internet which are proof that after hair transplant how they are nailing every outfit with their good looks and charming personality.

Now people must be scratching their heads and thinking about whether dandruff affects their hair growth after a hair transplant or not. After a month of surgery, if you are having mild dandruff in your hairs that will not affect your hair transplant. But if you are thinking of scratching your head with your nails to remove dandruff. Then please drop this idea right away because doing that will not remove your dandruff but cause hair fall.

If you are the one who is facing this problem then don’t worry. You can treat it medically. You should use the shampoo prescribed by the doctor instead of using any shampoo on your hair after 6 weeks of the surgery. Your doctor is the best person to tell you which shampoo you should use. Nizoral is almost every doctor’s favourite choice. They are going to suggest you this one which is over the counter drug.

Apart from heredity, scalp dermatitis is one of the reasons for hair loss. After scratching your head the hairs which come on your fingers are native hair. There are types of hair shedding are:

  • Normal hair shedding

Don’t take tension if your 50 to 100 hairs shed a day. It’s normal for a person but if your hairs are shedding more than this. Then you should consult a doctor which will tell you what to do.

  • Male Pattern Baldness

It refers to an excessive loss of hairs from the head. It happens at the age of 50 or sometimes less the age of 50 in rare cases.

  • Shock Loss

It is a case where shock loss happens after an operation where hairs get permanently shocked. But hairs which are temporarily shocked are having chances to come back but the hairs which are permanently shocked will not come.