Hidden Aspects Behind Hair Transplant Success That You Did Not Aware

Several factors affect whether a hair transplant is successful or not. Your age, health, genetics, and psychological state are some of the main components of the success rate of hair transplants in Vizag.

Hair transplantation is the most often used hair restoration therapy technique. A hair transplant attempts to fill up bald spots on the head with healthy-looking hair. But there are moments when it seems impossible to complete this work. People want to make their bald heads look more presentable. Women who wish to thicken thinning hair and men who want to regenerate their hair may both think about getting a hair transplant. Hair loss is one of the most prevalent issues. You may undo it with a quick and painless process called FUE hair transplant surgery.

As also previously said, a variety of factors, including the choice of a reputed Hair clinic in Vizag, affect the success rate of a hair transplant. 

Professional specialists in surgery:

No matter how sophisticated hair transplants become, none of us can produce natural-looking hair without the help of an experienced surgeon. But the hair restoration procedures you choose may have an impact.

You don’t want to trust untrained professionals and experts with your hair transplant. After all, innovations and new methods are constantly being developed. Therefore, providing successful treatments while also advancing one’s skills and knowledge requires a high level of training. Make sure the professionals you are working with are knowledgeable as well.

On the other hand, some treatments like MDFI, Bio-FUE, and follicular unit extraction call for a higher level of surgical expertise. These are available from the most respected and modern clinics. The surgeon will also need to have the capacity to delegate different responsibilities to their team to do a hair transplant successfully. If you want the Best Hair Transplant in Vizag, you must find the most experienced specialist.

The technique you are going to choose:

There are various methods for hair transplantation. Follicular unit extraction, however, is the procedure that is both the most inventive and effective. The greatest option for anyone considering a hair transplant is without a doubt this. The treatment involves removing hair from one area of the scalp and transplanting it to bald regions, to put it simply. Healthy follicles will be transplanted one at a time. This is how FUE differs from earlier methods. After all, FUT entails the removal of skin and its subsequent transplantation into bald regions. The FUE method is far more exact.

Success Strategies for Hair Restoration: 

Hair transplants are effective procedures for regrowing hair after a variety of reasons for hair loss. The surgeon’s skill and experience, as well as the density of the donor’s hair, are two factors that affect how effectively hair transplantation works. There are no substantial studies that fully complied hair transplant success rates. On the other hand, a small number of studies and papers provide some information regarding the effectiveness of these techniques.

What is phlebitis? How is it caused and diagnosed? How is it treated?

When the blood walls get damaged, then it results in serious venous inflammation which we all know as phlebitis. The damage to the veins can be caused by any of the following:

  • Trauma
  • Infection Injury

So what exactly is thrombophlebitis?

When the blood clots get formed in the veins. It could be of any number. Then this condition is known as thrombophlebitis.

Which similarity would you find in the varicose veins and phlebitis?

Both the varicose veins and phlebitis can be caused in the various parts of your body like legs and the arms. And unlike varicose veins, this condition can also cause you to suffer from extreme pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Which among the varicose veins and phlebitis can cause considerable harm to the health?

The varicose veins do not do as much harm as phlebitis. But if you have enough knowledge about this condition and you detect its symptoms at an early stage, then it can surely get treated.

In what regard, phlebitis is said to be superficial?

Phlebitis will be said to be superficial if the veins present on the surface of the skin get affected by it.

What is DVT?

DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis. If the phlebitis is affecting the deep veins, then it will be known as DVT.

What are the risks associated with the DVT?

If you are suffering from the DVT condition, then there will be the formation of large blood clots. These blood clots are never stable and they keep on moving and traveling from one direction to another. So they can be risky if they travel to your lungs since it can result in pulmonary embolism which is a considerably life-threatening condition.

How is superficial phlebitis caused?

Superficial phlebitis is caused if any kind of medical or surgical procedure has injured or damaged the veins, then owing to the consequential complications, superficial phlebitis can be caused.

AS far as the DVT is concerned, then it a wide variety of factors can contribute to this:

  • Hereditary
  • Medical
  • Lifestyle

When does the chance of encountering phlebitis escalate?

The chances to encounter phlebitis become considerably high if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • In the postnatal phase
  • Undergoing hormone replacement therapy

How does lifestyle affect this condition?

If the individual is having a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle, then the veins themselves get damaged owing to prolonged inactive periods.

How can phlebitis be diagnosed?

Phlebitis can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests or ultrasound tests.

  • Blood tests

With the blood tests, the release of the D-Miner substance is detected. This is the kind of substance that is only released when the blood becomes deteriorated.

  • Ultrasound

The ultrasound tests help to have the images of the blood clots and the blockages. This also helps to know if the blood clot is stable or is getting extended to the other organs.

How can the condition of phlebitis get corrected?

Usually, the patients who are diagnosed with phlebitis are suggested to do walking. Walking helps to keep the blood flow normally.

If you are diagnosed with superficial phlebitis, then you will surely be suggested to take some of the anti-inflammatory drugs.

Compression stockings also regulate the ideal flow of the blood.

Bottom Line

At our clinic, we facilitate our patients with non-surgical treatments. With the ‘Guaranteed success rate’ to ‘No use of the general anesthesia’ everything catches the attraction of the patient.

So if you encounter any symptoms of phlebitis, then make sure you are consulting with reputed doctors. Do not let it get aggravated and intensified. Otherwise, it may cause serious life-intimidating issues for you.

Important information about hair transplantation and its mechanism

Today we shall be discussing all the important points which you need to know before taking up the hair transplant in Visakhapatnam:

Qualifications of the physician

Only that physician can be deemed as the ideal who has completed postgraduate training in dermatology. Not only this, but he should be having the required training in dermatosurgery. The surgeon will only be allowed to carry out the procedure without the provision of the senior, only if he has the required experience in dealing with the different patients who are bothered with the different intensity of baldness. The training must include performing the surgery under the effect of local anaesthesia.


  • The predominant facility of hair transplantation is that it is an outpatient procedure which means you will not have to spend even a single day in the hospital for the post-operative observation.
  • The hair transplant clinics are usually fully equipped and prepared to tackle the handling of emergency cases. The nursing staff should be given quintessential training to handle emergencies.
  • The clinics should make sure that they are having an anaesthetist at standby.

Preoperative counselling

The doctor will tell the patient about all the possible risk and complications which the patient can encounter after the procedure. To take the consent of the patient the doctor may ask him to sign the consent.


The patient will be judged based on eligibility criteria:

  • The age of the patient should not be below 18 years.
  • The patient should be having no problem with the medical history
  • The patient should not be suffering from any kind of heart and cardiovascular problem.

Choice of the method

Once you are deemed eligible for undergoing the process, the doctor will determine which procedure should be taken into account. Usually, the following procedures are taken into account:

  • Follicular Unit transplantation
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Bio FUE

Medical therapy

Based on the intensity of the balding problem, the dermatologist will determine whether the medical therapy is to be accompanied by the method of the transplantation. This therapy will ensure that the badness does not keep on getting spread even after the accomplishment of the hair restoration procedure.

Follow up sessions

Your interaction with the doctor does not end as soon as you have gone through the procedure. Rather the doctor will keep on calling you for the regular visits since following up sessions.

Preoperative and the post-operative care

There are certain things that the patient has to keep in mind before and after the procedure. Because the patients are negligent about the pre and post-operative measures, then the results of the hair transplantation may not be achieved as desired.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a clinic that will provide you with the desired outcomes of the procedure, then you should carry out extensive research to find the one. The research will ensure that you are considering all the factors regarding the cost, location and the effectiveness of the procedure.

Topmost factors that thoroughly emphasis the cost of hair transplant

The decision of whether the hair transplant procedure should be undergone or not highly depends on the cost of the hair transplant Vizag. People are not usually inclined to consult with the surgeons about the costs. Rather they consider, taking the rumours into account and thus leading a bald life.

So today we are going to tell you about how can you estimate the cost of the IVF procedure:

Consider the following factors

  • How qualified and experienced is the surgeon?

The surgeon needs to be extremely qualified and experienced to perform the surgery with perfection. Since it requires the presence of mind and tremendous problem-solving abilities for the surgeon to become adept in this procedure. If the surgeon has spent so many years performing the hair transplantation procedure, then you can expect the escalated charges. But if the surgeon is a beginner, he may charge you a little less as compared to the other clinics to tempt you. But do not get swept away only with the price as quality is also to be considered in the account.

  • Is the clinic making use of advanced technologies?

The performance of the hair transplantation procedure requires the use of advanced and updated technologies. If the clinic which you are approaching is still using the traditional technologies, then the cost of the package will be low since they are not offering the facility of the advanced treatment method. But, on the other hand, you can expect the costs to go extremely high.

  • Which types of tests are they keeping in the account?

The tests can vary depending upon the reason and the severity of the baldness. So by considering these factors you can do some additions to the costs in the overall package of the air transplant.

  • Which technique are they going to use?

There are primarily three techniques like Follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transplantation and Bio FUE. These three procedures require sessions of different periods to get completed. Also, the efforts required to effectively complete the process is different.

  • Are they also providing post-operative care?

Some clinics keep the patient under observation after the completion of the stratagem if the patient is at risk to encounter failure during the recovery period. Sp doctors consider taking care of the patient themselves so that none complication could come into the origin.

  • How many grafts are to be transplanted?

The number of grafts to be transplanted depends upon the severity of the hair loss. If the baldness has affected your entire scalp then, the cost of the procedure will be high as compared to the case in which there are only two patches of baldness that are to be treated.

Bottom Line

The number of surgeons and the other experts who will be involved in carrying out the treatment also play a critical role in determining the cost. More the surgeons, higher the cost.

What all you need to know about the nose reshaping treatment cost in India?

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is the most demanding cosmetic surgery in India. People opt for the treatment to change nose shape through cartilage or bone modification. Patients with nose deformity, improper nose shape, or another noise-related issue get the procedure.

Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Rhinoplasty Cost in Vizag is around Rs 30,000 which is for a basic treatment plan. The change in the cost will depend on the place and in which city or place the hospital is located.

Hospital preference

Choosing the best hospital means quality treatment and it will make changes to the cost. Make sure to choose a premium hospital or which can provide you with all the basic treatment plans. If you want a luxurious healthcare facility then you can make the final choice accordingly.

City preference

The choice of city in which the hospital is located will make a lot of difference in the price. The transportation, food cost, and accommodation are higher in developed cities. It is better that you should research and then make the final choice on where to get the treatment.

Which are the reasons to get rhinoplasty?

As we have mentioned earlier, people get nose job surgery for different reasons. They may want to get it done after the injury, correct breathing issues, or birth defects. Some of the reasons to undergo the rhinoplasty include the following:

  • Change in nose size

  • Change in nose angle

  • Reshaping the nose tip

  • Nostrils narrowing

  • Bridge straightening

You are likely to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty if the nasal bone is completely grown. The ideal age to get it done is 15 years for girls and boys can get it after 18 years. Although, if you a patient has a breathing issue they can get it done before the mentioned age.

Types of rhinoplasty

  • Open rhinoplasty

In this approach, the nose cartilage of exposed by peeling back the nasal skin. The doctor will make a small incision on the columella which is the area between the nostrils. The incisions are not in a straight direction.

  • Closed rhinoplasty

Its other name is endonasal rhinoplasty and there is no need to make an external incision.

Which is better, open or closed rhinoplasty?

Well! There is no particular answer for that. The surgeon’s expertise and your situation will determine what type will be best for you. If you are okay with a light scar then you should choose this option.

What is the surgical approach?

  • The patient is administered anesthesia as an outpatient method or in the doctor’s clinic.

  • Medications are given through IV as it increases comfort and reduces infection chances.

  • The pulse and heart rate are monitored throughout the entire surgical approach.

  • Once everything is ready the surgeon will make cuts inside or between the nostrils.

  • The skin is pulled apart from the bone or cartilage. Following that the nose will be given the desired shape.

  • If more amount is needed, then the doctor may remove it from the ear or inside of the nose. In total, it will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

What kind of diet should you follow after the hair transplant treatment?

What is the relation between diet and hair health?

Hair health is directly linked to the nutrients the body gets. If something goes wrong then the hair health is impacted directly. This happens because the body’s immune system is impacted and this results in deficiency which results in hair loss.

When the patient undergoes the hair transplant in Vizag, the doctor will recommend you to follow a properly nutritious diet so that the regrowth of hair is proper and quick.


Why is it important to follow a nutritious diet after a hair transplant?

When a person adopts a healthy diet it will speed up the recovery process and ensure everything goes smoothly. So, it is essential to follow a healthy eating pattern so that the hair follicles grow and it helps the hair growth cycle to work effectively.

Following the hair transplant, you should always follow the recommendation given by the surgeon so that the hair does not get impacted negatively.


What all should be included in the diet?


The hair structure is composed of protein. So, it is essential to support the new hair growth you take all the essential supplements your body needs. You must increase the intake of protein-rich food like fish, eggs, chicken, milk, cheese, and raw nuts.



Fatty acid plays a vital role in the body and after getting into operation it is recommended to the patients. This is great to make sure the healing process goes smoothly. Omega-3 is found in walnut, flaxseed, avocado, salmon, and mackerel.



Vitamin is another essential source for hair growth. After the treatment, you should increase the intake of spinach, grain pasta, black beans, lettuce, pepper, zucchini, almond.


Apart from these things you should increase the intake of calcium, zinc, and magnesium. All these elements play an important role in hair growth and make sure the regrowth of hair is strong and proper.

Almost all the above-mentioned things can be added to the diet easily. Additionally, you can adopt a Mediterranean diet that includes fruits, vegetables, white meat, and olive oil.


Is there anything that you should avoid?

  • Smoking needs to be avoided before and after the treatment, it contains harmful toxins that can impact the healing phase and then the hair growth will be affected.
  • Also, alcohol is not safe for consumption as it can affect the blood flow which will impact the hair growth.
  • If you are a coffee lover then you need to limit the consumption. Ideally, you should drink just 2 cups of coffee a day.

Tips To Need To Follow To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Centre In Vizag

If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, and want to get rid of this condition. Then you need to undergo hair transplant because this is one of the best hair loss treatments. 

Here in this article, you will get knowledge about certain tips to choose the best hair transplant center.

Do not go with cheap surgeons

Cheap surgeons do not offer you the best service, as they do not have prp[er knowledge and experience. If you want to get the best results, you must go with the best one. You do not think to save more money by choosing cheap surgeons. An expensive surgeon may leave some parts of your scalp, and you may need to get this treatment again and again. To reduce the need for second hair transplant surgery, you need to visit the best one.

Check the credentials of the surgeon

Yes, you need to check the credentials of the surgeon, who is going to treat you. This will help you to get information about the surgeon. You must check whether he has the valid experience and proper training or not in this field. If he does not have the proper experience, then you must find the other one, who has valid experience.

Apart from this, you also need to check the success rate of the surgeon, so that you can know about the ability of the surgeon.

Do not go with pressurized advertisements

You will find several advertisements in the newspaper, on Television, and on social sites. These advertisements ensure that we have the best surgeons to perform hair transplantation. Make sure, you do not go with that type of advertisement, because they only pressurize you to get the treatment. As you don’t know the reputation of the surgeon as well as his training and experience. So, you must avoid going with these types of pressurized advertisements.

Research more

You must research a little more, maybe you can find the best clinic in Vizag. During your research, you must make a list of the best clinics and then try to visit them one-by-one to get more knowledge. Only after proper research, you can go with the best one, otherwise, you must wait for some time.

Check customer reviews

You can check the reviews of previous customers, you already got treatment from you. His review will tell you everything about the surgeon and his experience in the clinic with the surgeon and staff as well.


Tips to save cost on cosmetic surgery

Several people across the world are not happy with their natural look, that’s why they choose cosmetic surgery to get the desired look. Well, there are several types of cosmetic surgeries include-:

These are the popular cosmetic surgeries not only in India but also across the world. These all are beneficial to get the desired look accordingly. 


Tips for cost savvy on cosmetic procedures.

Shop around

You may not know that the cost of cosmetic procedures varies by region as well as a surgeon. So, to save the money, you have to search for the best surgeon, who will give you mind-blowing treatment at an affordable cost. In addition to this, you can also compare the cost of cosmetic procedures by searching on different websites of hospitals and local doctor’s offices in your region.

This is the only way to save too much money on cosmetic procedures, which you have to follow.

Check for discounts

We know, it does not sound good, because no doctor offers you a discount. But this is not a complete truth, because there are several doctors who offer an online discount such as if you book them online from their website. Moreover, several hospitals offer coupons like discount coupons.

Make sure you qualify for the surgery before buying a coupon through a deal app or website. When you qualify, a free consultation with a surgeon can tell you and a double check before you buy will help you to save some money. Most deal sites don’t offer refunds so if you buy now and find out that you don’t qualify later, you could be out of that money. So, you have to be extra careful while buying a discount coupon.

Ask the cosmetic surgeon for deals

The pricing structure of private health care clinics has some freedom and may offer you a discount. Several hospitals have numerous events running throughout the year, so you have to ask the surgeon about everything. Well, many clinics offer payment plans, they often wait for full payment for months or even years. The clinic could offer you a discount if you can pay upfront.

Choose the right country

Yes, there are several countries that offer cosmetic procedures at a low cost. So, if you are finding that you have to pay too much in your native country then you must move to other countries, which offer a discount as well as medical care at a low cost.

Apart from them, you can also go with a health care credit card, it will help you to save more money on cosmetic procedures.

What are the topmost advantages of undergoing laser hair removal?

With technological advancement, it has helped people to gain different benefits. One of them is getting hair removed permanently. Well, this is beneficial on different levels like there is no need to get the waxing done every month or do razor get the unwanted hair removed. In this article, we will let you know the different benefits of undergoing laser hair removal in Vizag.

  • Cost-Effective treatment

Undergoing laser hair removal is going to save your money in a great way. The long-term waxing session or shaving can be tiresome. But, with just 6 to 8 sessions the hair growth is stopped successfully. This, the reason, the laser hair removal procedure is considered as a cost-effective option.

  • Smooth skin

With waxing or shaving, there is a problem of cuts or nicks. But, with this treatment, your skin will be smooth and toned. Once you start the journey of laser hair removal there is no going back. Your skin appearance will be better and flattering.

  • No worry of pain

The laser beam feels like the snapping of the rubber band on the skin. Once it is moved the skin gets normal which means the pain is very less. But, when you get waxing done the hair is ripped from the skin which makes it painful. For people, who have sensitive skin it can make the skin look red. With laser hair removal all these problems are solved.

  • Wear what you like

At times, when you do not have the legs waxed or shaved it can create problems what to wear. But with laser hair removal these last-minute issues are solved.

  • More free time

You need to spend hours in the salon to get the hair removed. But with laser removal, you can save your precious time and do other important things.

  • Start feeling confident

The most important benefit of laser hair is that the person starts feeling confident. Spending money just one time is going to give you long-term benefits. Confidence is the key factor to do the best in any field. So, it means you can do better in personal and professional life.

  • Permanent results

Fortunately, this option will give permanent results. This means once the hair is removed there is no issue that you need to get more money spent on hair removal. The treatment is life-changing in every possible manner.

  • Live a carefree life

Many women do not get waxing done in winters which worry them they need to schedule the salon appointment for the summers. We all plan summer holidays at our favorite destination so in that case, laser hair removal is your perfect option. Undergoing laser hair removal will give you time to plan for the trip and make it more enjoyable without any stress.


Regrow Your Hair With These Food Items

Many people experience hair fall, baldness, patches on the head and the reason for the cause is unknown. Many of us don’t know that lack of vitamins in our diet also refers to hair fall problem. We need to have a proper diet that contains vitamins A, B, C and E to maintain our hair and strengthen them. Yes, hair transplant is a permanent method to get rid of hair fall problem but eating a healthy diet can also help in reducing hair fall at an early stage.

Eggs contain protein and biotin, hence, promotes hair growth.

Berries have beneficial compounds and vitamins that promote hair growth.

Spinach has beneficial nutrients like folate, iron and vitamin A as well as C which is useful for hair regrowth.

Fatty fish such as Salmon, herring and mackerel contain omega-3 which is helpful for Hair Regrowth.


Sweet Potatoes have beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A which leads to hair growth.


Avocados are rich with vitamin B and E that strengthen hair and also helps in regrowth.

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