Hidden Aspects Behind Hair Transplant Success That You Did Not Aware

Hidden Aspects Behind Hair Transplant Success That You Did Not Aware

Several factors affect whether a hair transplant is successful or not. Your age, health, genetics, and psychological state are some of the main components of the success rate of hair transplants in Vizag. Hair transplantation is the most often used hair restoration therapy technique. A hair transplant attempts to fill up bald spots on the […]

What is phlebitis? How is it caused and diagnosed? How is it treated?

When the blood walls get damaged, then it results in serious venous inflammation which we all know as phlebitis. The damage to the veins can be caused by any of the following: Trauma Infection Injury So what exactly is thrombophlebitis? When the blood clots get formed in the veins. It could be of any number. […]

Important information about hair transplantation and its mechanism

Today we shall be discussing all the important points which you need to know before taking up the hair transplant in Visakhapatnam: Qualifications of the physician Only that physician can be deemed as the ideal who has completed postgraduate training in dermatology. Not only this, but he should be having the required training in dermatosurgery. […]

Topmost factors that thoroughly emphasis the cost of hair transplant

The decision of whether the hair transplant procedure should be undergone or not highly depends on the cost of the hair transplant Vizag. People are not usually inclined to consult with the surgeons about the costs. Rather they consider, taking the rumours into account and thus leading a bald life. So today we are going […]

What all you need to know about the nose reshaping treatment cost in India?

What is rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is the most demanding cosmetic surgery in India. People opt for the treatment to change nose shape through cartilage or bone modification. Patients with nose deformity, improper nose shape, or another noise-related issue get the procedure. Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose job) Rhinoplasty Cost in Vizag is around […]

What kind of diet should you follow after the hair transplant treatment?

What is the relation between diet and hair health? Hair health is directly linked to the nutrients the body gets. If something goes wrong then the hair health is impacted directly. This happens because the body’s immune system is impacted and this results in deficiency which results in hair loss. When the patient undergoes the […]

Regrow Your Hair With These Food Items

Many people experience hair fall, baldness, patches on the head and the reason for the cause is unknown. Many of us don’t know that lack of vitamins in our diet also refers to hair fall problem. We need to have a proper diet that contains vitamins A, B, C and E to maintain our hair […]