Important information about hair transplantation and its mechanism

Important information about hair transplantation and its mechanism

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    Important information about hair transplantation and its mechanism

    Today we shall be discussing all the important points which you need to know before taking up the hair transplant in Visakhapatnam:

    Qualifications of the physician

    Only that physician can be deemed as the ideal who has completed postgraduate training in dermatology. Not only this, but he should be having the required training in dermatosurgery. The surgeon will only be allowed to carry out the procedure without the provision of the senior, only if he has the required experience in dealing with the different patients who are bothered with the different intensity of baldness. The training must include performing the surgery under the effect of local anaesthesia.


    • The predominant facility of hair transplantation is that it is an outpatient procedure which means you will not have to spend even a single day in the hospital for the post-operative observation.
    • The hair transplant clinics are usually fully equipped and prepared to tackle the handling of emergency cases. The nursing staff should be given quintessential training to handle emergencies.
    • The clinics should make sure that they are having an anaesthetist at standby.

    Preoperative counselling

    The doctor will tell the patient about all the possible risk and complications which the patient can encounter after the procedure. To take the consent of the patient the doctor may ask him to sign the consent.


    The patient will be judged based on eligibility criteria:

    • The age of the patient should not be below 18 years.
    • The patient should be having no problem with the medical history
    • The patient should not be suffering from any kind of heart and cardiovascular problem.

    Choice of the method

    Once you are deemed eligible for undergoing the process, the doctor will determine which procedure should be taken into account. Usually, the following procedures are taken into account:

    • Follicular Unit transplantation
    • Follicular Unit Extraction
    • Bio FUE

    Medical therapy

    Based on the intensity of the balding problem, the dermatologist will determine whether the medical therapy is to be accompanied by the method of the transplantation. This therapy will ensure that the badness does not keep on getting spread even after the accomplishment of the hair restoration procedure.

    Follow up sessions

    Your interaction with the doctor does not end as soon as you have gone through the procedure. Rather the doctor will keep on calling you for the regular visits since following up sessions.

    Preoperative and the post-operative care

    There are certain things that the patient has to keep in mind before and after the procedure. Because the patients are negligent about the pre and post-operative measures, then the results of the hair transplantation may not be achieved as desired.

    Bottom Line

    If you are searching for a clinic that will provide you with the desired outcomes of the procedure, then you should carry out extensive research to find the one. The research will ensure that you are considering all the factors regarding the cost, location and the effectiveness of the procedure.