What are the topmost tips which help to design the best future healthcare hospital?

Have you ever wondered how the healthcare design will be in the future?

The best builders in London, take every challenge to design the hospital with the best approach. No matter which healthcare unit you are talking about it becomes important that everything is well managed and designed. Giving the patient a comfortable and the best environment is extremely important. For the best centre of hair transplant in Vizag, it is mandatory to offer the patients the best options so that they are at ease throughout the treatment.


Take as much as you can to grow your value

Well, here we are talking about promising the patients that they will get the best service. Even more than that it is independent accreditation of the concept. Once it is executed correctly, it should provide the patient with a positive environment, irrespective of what treatment they are getting. It is also important that the facility’s return on investment is kept in mind. You should focus on the design approach and give yourself time to understand each part of it. Once everything is done, it is also important to ensure every element is important in its way.


Research is important

For a team to be well-prepared and equipped it is important to do research. They should take their time to work on the new approach and overcome the necessary challenges. Some of the real projects which need to be given consideration are budget, site, schedule, and culture. With this approach, the researchers can check the research question and then combine the necessary parameters so that the best practices are used.


Utilize patient advocacy surveys

It will take expertise to understand which design will improve the patient experience. You should ask the patients what makes their experience the best. You should ask them what they would want when they visit a specific health care unit. Various research is there which has helped to design the best building and it has been seen that the patient experience improves a lot by giving them a comfortable space.


Conduct Post-Occupancy Evaluations

You should create the questionnaires so that you can work accordingly the way the patient wants. This way you can see how the design will be the best. When everything is proper it improves the patient comfort level and they get the best service. Every small thing is noted by the patients so you need to be careful how everything is managed. If the patient gets the natural light and the perfect view they are going to be happy.



Which food items are considered beneficial to prevent excessive hair loss?

Important nutrients for hair

When your body does not get the right amount of nutrients and proteins the hair structure is affected. It is important to include all the essential nutrients which improve the hair state and make them healthy.

If the problem is severe then you need to undergo the treatment of hair transplant. Following the treatment also you need to make sure to follow a strict diet so that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs and it will be healthy and strong.



Protein is the main component of hair. If protein intake is low, hair growth will slow down and the hair shaft will become thin and fragile. Pigmentation also becomes less and less pronounced. Include food that contains protein like eggs, fish, meat, legumes, and low-fat cheese.


Fatty acids

Fat creates a defensive shield for body cells, and they help your skin and hair to keep them hydrated and protect them from external irritants. The most important are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. You can get the necessary amount from them by including the food items like fish, nuts, and flaxseed oil.



Vitamins leave a positive effect on hair health. Here the vitamins of the group of E, A, B, and D should be favored particularly. Vitamin D is the easiest to maintain as it is produced naturally by UV lights. So, you should neglect the sunlight because it is important for hair health.


Trace elements

Iron, zinc, and selenium are essential minerals for hair loss. Selenium is important for the creation of new hair and zinc helps in strengthening the hair follicles. The best sources of zinc are meat, mushrooms, oatmeal, and shellfish. You should eat more nuts, whole grains, and spinach to increase its intake in the body.

For iron, you need to eat oysters, green leafy vegetables, iron, dried fruits, and whole grains. These are a great choice for improving hair health.


What causes hair loss and what you should eat to treat them?

Hair loss is a symptom of different diseases, but it mostly occurs in those who are suffering from anemia and thyroid dysfunction. People with thyroid problems need to increase the intake of vitamin A and iodine. Vitamin A is found in spinach and carrots. You should eat more spinach, parsley broccoli, and sea vegetables to increase the iodine level in the body.

If the person is suffering from anemia, then they need to increase the intake of poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peaches, figs, green leafy vegetables, nettle, basil, dill, spinach, sesame, and apricots.

All these food options are a great choice in restoring hair health and making them shiny. You should adopt a healthier lifestyle and take proper care of your hair.



What are the causes of grey and premature grey hair in both men and women?

Hair loss is a common hair condition that can only be treated with surgical treatment like hair transplant. However, these days people complain about grey hair or premature grey hair. Hair changing towards grey is clearly a chronic concern and is correlated with getting older. Especially when it happens prematurely, even at 30 years of age often. Well, not everyone experiences grey hair, but the majority of people experience grey hair in old age.

What are the causes of grey hair?

On each individual hair follicle, melanocyte cells can be found. They produce the natural hair coloration called melanin. In blondes less and in black hair more. The hair’s natural shade depends on the proportion of pigment adapters.

Yellow pigments, blond hair-: brown, even dark hair. You may appreciate the beauty of hair because melanin is developed in the hair follicle. Sadly, melanocytes mature over time and are intricately associated with the greying cycle.

Melanocyte coloration is no longer as extreme, their output is irregular, and hence only single grey hair emerges at the beginning. They are free of melanin and take on the keratin fiber color. This time is defined genetically.

Oxidative stress during hair aging

It turns out that oxidative stress is important for your hair. Hair turns gray because hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles is more and more produced over time. Hydrogen peroxide accumulation in hair follicles interferes with melanin synthesis. It inhibits directly, directly.

A decreased activity of the enzyme breaking down, catalase is causing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the levels of MSR A and MSR B hair-capacitating enzymes in hair follicles decrease. The development of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the creation of hair dye melanin in follicles are affected with high levels of hydrogen peroxide, together with low levels of MSR A and MSR B.

What makes premature grey hair?

The first grey hair typically occurs about 35-40 physiologically. However, the issue of premature greying between the ages of 25 and 35 is impacting more and more people. Most of the causes for premature grey hair are listed below as they can be quite complex.


The most prominent source of gray hair issues is hereditary disorders. There is a greater risk that you would be impacted if your parents or relatives have grey hair at an early age.


The higher the stress or tension, the better the risk of health issues. You may exhibit signs of premature greying if you are anxious or vulnerable to stress.

Lifestyle unhealthy-:

Having an unhealthy diet all the time leads you to premature grey hair.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency:

The deficiency significantly affects hair and hair loss: B vitamins (mainly B12), biotin, folly acid, pantothenic acid, and aminobenzoic acid, E vitamins. With age, the amount of the body is reduced by a lot of minerals associated with their poorer absorption and frequent occurrence of chronic diseases. In addition: titanium, zinc, copper.

  • Hyperactivity, lack of sleep.

  • Thyroid disease

  • Diabetes

What are the topmost Body-Contouring Procedures popular in India?

Body-contouring procedures in Visakhapatnam, India.

  • Temperature-based fat-reduction treatment

Temperature-based fat reduction treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The treatment is FDA-approved in which controlled cooling is used to freeze the fat cells permanently which are not responding to the exercise and diet. The treatment can be used for the upper arms, thighs, and stomach.

The entire procedure takes 25 minutes. During the procedure, the device is attached to the problematic areas and the intense heat will get absorbed into the body fatty tissues. In most cases, one treatment is needed to start seeing the results within 6 to 12 weeks.


The final results of the treatment can be seen after 3 months when the frozen cells die and they naturally eliminate from the body. The best part is that the new cells are not able to grow in its place. You need to choose the best cosmetic surgeon who will give you a reliable treatment plan.

  • Skin Tightening treatment

With age, the body will lose its skin laxity and it will have a droopy look. In most cases, it affects the upper arms, knees, neck, and other different body parts. But, with the help of the latest and modern techniques it has made it easier for the patients to get rid of the problem.

The skin tightening device uses the powerhouse procedure named Exilis which makes the skin tight and helps to build collagen. It only changes the skin contour in terms of tightening but it also helps in fat reduction in the arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and anywhere you have problems. People who have lost a lot of weight or given birth to a child prefer to undergo the treatment as it changes the skin laxity a lot.

  • Muscle-enhancement procedure

The muscle-enhancement procedure is to target the abs which might be getting difficult for you to build in the gym. The procedure is quick and moderate. With just one session you can go through ten-thousands sit-ups which strengthen the abs as well as butt muscles.

During the procedure, the fat present above the abdominal muscles is eliminated and it really helps in the muscle density. With time, such procedures are going to gain a lot of popularity.

  • On the Horizon: Injectables for Cellulite

Well, this procedure is still new and its effectiveness needs to be taken into consideration. One the spot treatment of dimples and semi-effective methods like creams and lasers is stopped, the cellulite appearance can return.

In medical science this field is new and still, a lot needs to be checked upon to make sure the results are the best.

Fat-reduction procedures are not magic. To make sure the treatment works, the patient needs to take proper care and they need to have weight within 10 pounds of the desired weight.

Liposuction has been very effective in getting rid of the excess fat. Also, technology has improved a lot with time and reduces discomfort.

How FUE hair transplantation treatment is helpful to repair the scars?

Hair transplant uses the follicular units which do not leave any scarring in the recipient area. But, when older methods are used with the oldest technology then it can leave possible scarring. The problem also arises when you do not select the best surgeon.

This is the reason, many people come to us to repair & disguise the scars. Many patients visit as they have linear scarring due to the FUT method. In such cases, the FUE (Follicular Hair Transplantation) hair transplantation technology is very effective in repairing the scars.

Does the procedure only repair the scars from hair restoration?

Well, many patients have scarring because they met with an accident in the past. The method of SmartGraft or Graft is very helpful in treating the problem with FUE technology. To choose the best method between the two there are various factors that need to be kept in mind so that the scars can be fixed. Let’s understand the given options in detail:

  • PRP therapy along with FUE method

When the scar is very thin, the new hair follicles cannot be added. To solve such an issue of scars it is very difficult to harvest the new hair grafts because the area is damaged in excess. The doctor will make sure to check the scars properly so that your treatment plan is made accordingly.

The idea to check if the issue of scarring will be fixed is with the blood supply. When the blood supply is proper then the transplanted grafts are going to grow properly. The effectiveness of this procedure is very high which means that successful results are possible.

  • Graft along with FUE method

To determine this method can be used for fixing the scars is by determining the scar thickness. Along with that, the scar size is going to play an important role in determining the success rate. The success rate is affected by the larger scar as the process of the newly transplanted hair will get affected.

What is the most effective method?

One of the approaches is to stimulate and promote hair growth so that the scar tissue is removed with the same punch being used with Graft when the hair grafts were removed from the back of the scalp. When the scar tissue is removed, it helps the area to shrink so that it can heal.

Consult the best Surgeon

These are the most effective methods for fixing the issue of scars. No doubt, both the options give the reliable results you want. If you are going through the same situation or know someone who had a bad outcome with the improper treatment then you should recommend them to opt for these options.


Wondering about the steps involved in hair transplant treatment?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Dr. C. Vijay Kumar, Hair transplantation is the surgical treatment in which the surgeon harvests the hair from the donor region especially from the back of the scalp or from any other body part which has thick hair and then transplants that harvested hair on the balding or thinning areas precisely. Once the grafting process is done then surgeon covers the treated area with bandages. A hair transplant is a sensitive procedure and should be performed by a professional and experienced surgeon.

Tissue Expansion:

Tissue expansion is another method that is used in treating baldness issues. In this method, a balloon-like instrument known as a tissue extender is found underneath a hair follicle that resembles a bald area. The apparatus is slowly opened with salt water during the week, which expands the skin and gives rise to new skin cells. A bulge below the head is created by this procedure which affects the hair follicle, peculiarly after few weeks.

Flap Surgery:

This method is tailored to each patient because they can cover large bald areas steadily. The flap size and its placement based on the goals and requirements of the patient.

Surgeons cut the bald scalp portion and raise a flap of hairy skin over the surface while still attached at one end. Surgeons brought back the flap producing hair to its original position and sewn in place, but its original supply of blood still tethered. As you heal, you will notice that the stain is covered by swollen hair – or at least obscure., Which extends to the very tip of the incision.

Scalp Reduction:

Lack of coverage of bald and thin areas on the top and back of the scalp. This is not useful for frontline airline coverage. A portion of the bald scalp is removed after injecting the local anesthetic. The pattern of the removed skull varies widely depending on the goals of the patients. Doctors usually remove a section of the scalp in the opposite wind-shape, If a large amount of coverage is required. The size of the excision can be the same as U, numbered ellipse or any other size.
Procedure Steps

Before: The candidates who undergo this procedure should pay some attention to hair loss along with the growth of hair on the back and sides of the scalp which are healthy and thick.

Step 1: Surgeon uses a tube-like tool that harvests round grafts from the donor area and transfers the harvested grafts to the affected areas.

Step 2: It is surgically inserted over the balding or thinning area when the skin has stretched enough beneath the hair.

Step 3: During flap surgery, the surgeon cuts out a portion of the bald scalp and makes a flap of hair-bearing skin, which is later on sewn into its point.

Step 4: The scalp reduction pattern differs widely, but meet all the requirement of the patients by regaining hair and covering bald areas.

After: The effective outcomes of hair transplantation boosts morale and enhances the physical appearance of the person.

Different factors which affect the cost of hair transplant treatment

VisakhapatnamHair loss is one of the common problems faced by people all over the world. In that case, the option of hair transplant is the best treatment option which helps in addressing the problem in the right way.

Causes of hair Loss 

  • Physical or Emotional Stress
  • Genetic hair loss
  • Smoking or alcohol addiction
  • Pattern Baldness
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Bad Nutrition or Improper Diet
  • Scalp Infections
  • Intake of Vitamin A in excess
  • Vitamin B Deficiency
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unhealthy lifestyle factors
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Use of birth control pills by women
  • Aging hair loss


Factors which Influence Hair Transplant Cost In Visakhapatnam

While planning for the surgery the factor of cost always comes in the patient’s mind. Well, there are different factors which influence the cost and we have mentioned them:

  • Baldness Level

The overall cost of the surgery is dependent on the level of baldness. There are 7 levels and they are mentioned in the Norwood Classification. You can refer to it and make sure to talk with your doctor for the right information.

  • Total Graft Requirement

The graft requirement is between Rs 20 to 100. with a high level of baldness, the graft number will increase to cover the bald area. So, graft requirement is dependent on baldness grade, desired density to cover the bald area, and donor hair features.

  • Hair Restoration Technique

Well, there are 2 major methods FUE and FUT. In FUE, the hair follicles are taken from the scalp back and then transplanted where hair growth is very less. With FUT, a strip of hair is taken from the donor area and then transplanted to a problematic area. Depending on your case the cost will vary in both methods.

  • Total Session needed

In most cases, the surgery is performed in one session and it takes 4 to 8 hours. With the high requirement of grafts means baldness level is large. In one session around 3000 to 4000 grafts are implanted. In some cases more than that are needed so might be one more session is needed. Consult your doctor to have a better understanding of what will be done.

  • Clinic Location

The location of the clinic will make a huge difference. In various parts of the world, the cost is different. Although in India the cost of hair transplantation is affordable as compared to other places.

  • Clinic Reputation

Apart from the location the clinic reputation also makes a lot of difference. When the clinic is more reputed and popular the cost will vary from others. No doubt, the clinic provides excellent service to their patients and makes sure they can get the desired results.

  • Available Donor grafts

In case the patient, do not have enough grafts on the back of the scalp then the hair will be extracted from the different body parts like chest and beard. 

What is Rhinoplasty surgery and how to choose the right surgeon to get this surgery?

Vizag: These days, several people undergo Rhinoplasty surgery, which is also known as a nose job. This type of surgery is specially designed for those who are not happy with their nose shape or they find difficult to take a breath. 

What type of problems are treated by a Nose job?

There are several types of problems that can be treated by a rhinoplasty procedure. These are:

Deviated Septum

The septum is explained as a cartilaginous sheet, which separates the left and right both sides of the nose. This is basically straight, but if you are suffering from the bend of the septum, which is known as deviated, then you need to undergo this treatment option. In this condition, it is too difficult to breathe properly from both sides.

Swollen and Enlarged Turbinates

The turbinates are described as the humidifiers of the nose, which are basically made of the nasal mucosa. If you are experiencing swollen or enlarged turbinates, then you have to talk to a specialist, so that he can examine you well. This condition is only caused due to environmental factors such as allergies and infections.

Middle Vault Narrowing or Collapse

“Collapse is explained as a weakness of the side walls or middle vault of the nose. This condition is usually experienced by sports persons because they need to hold the nasal passages for a long time. So, this type of nose problem is treated with surgical procedures.

How to choose the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

To choose the right surgeon for a nose job, you need to understand certain things and must examine whether he has the proper experience or not. Here are some things on which you have to focus to choose the right surgeon. These are-:

  • You have to check whether he has valid experience or qualifications to perform the surgery.
  • You also check all the facilities in the clinic, because you have to spend some time there in the clinic.
  • You also need to check the behavior of the surgeon as well as staff members too, as they will also treat you. If they are rude in communication, then you must choose another one to get a nose job.
  • You also get information about the surgeon or clinic from nearby people.

What about the cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure?

Well, the cost of this surgical procedure depends on several components such as-:

  • The surgeon’s fees
  • The facilities which are offered by the surgeon or clinic to you.
  • The type of surgery or as per your nose condition.
  • The location of the clinic in which you choose you to get the surgery.


Cosmetic Surgery: Skin is sagging after Bariatric surgery, Here’s what you need to do

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: So, you have recently got weight loss surgery, but there is a problem of saggy skin which is not letting you have the body you dream of. Well, do not worry as we have got the solution for you. 

Different options of Body Contouring procedures

With the arm lift procedure, the excess skin between the elbow and armpit is removed. Excess skin is removed from the backside of the arm where incisions are placed. After that, the remaining skin is pulled and secured which gives a smooth upper arm.

  • Body lift

If you have undergone drastic weight loss then body lift procedure is very beneficial for you. In this process, around the body 2 incisions are made: at the belly button level and another where the abdomen meets the leg. The skin which is removed it creates a band of tissue. Once the excess skin and fat are removed it helps in providing a tight and compact skin in different parts of the body. If you are facing problems then visit our surgeon to get the best treatment plan of Cosmetic surgery in Visakhapatnam.

With the weight loss surgery, the inner thigh becomes saggy which is quite uncomfortable. In this procedure, the excess skin is removed by placing the incisions in the crease of the groin and then excess skin is lifted to place it at the proper place. The thigh will become tight and inner thigh tissue will become smooth which improves the leg’s appearance.

At times, the excess skin is present on the abdomen which can be very frustrating as you cannot wear your favorite clothes. The incisions which are placed with this procedure are from hip bone to hip bone. Excess skin is removed and the abdominal muscles, sutures are placed which helps in strengthening the core. Once everything is done, incisions will be closed giving you a flat tummy.

After the weight loss, the breast can change dramatically. For breast surgery, the procedure of breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction is included. With the surgery, the breast size will become proportional to the rest of the body.

Liposuction Surgery: To remove stubborn fat from the body, this procedure is very helpful. With this, the fat on the arms, back, chin, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips is removed. The best part is that scarring is minimal as the incisions are very small.

Combining procedures in one surgery

Yes, you read it right it is possible to combine various procedures. This will reduce the recovery time, along with that swelling and bruising will be less. In the long run, it will benefit you a lot. To know more book your appointment with our surgeon.

Explain the topmost advantages of Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure for hair loss?

Hair transplant is specially designed for those who are suffering from baldness. Baldness or Hair loss is a common condition of both male and female, that is caused due to many factors such as:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Genetic reasons
  • Cancer treatment
  • Stress
  • Scalp problems.

We may recommend your hair transplant in Visakhapatnam. Well, this is the best method to get rid of baldness and excessive hair loss.

This procedure has two types such as FUT and FUE. However, in this guide, we will discuss FUT.

FUT-: FUT hair transplant stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, and it is the conventional hair loss treatment. This treatment option offers you many benefits, that are explained below-:

This is a faultless treatment

Well, this is additionally known as the Strip harvesting method, which is completely faultless treatment. In this treatment, your surgeon carefully extracts the strip of hair graft from the donor area. This treatment option is time savvy and a single time procedure. In this method, there is no chance of faults, because your surgeon makes a big incision to collect hair grafts from the back of the head. After that, the incision is closed with the help of advanced Trichophytic closure. This beneficial to reduce the risk of scarring at the donor site.

Collects a greater number of Grafts

As we stated above, in this procedure, your surgeon collects the number of grafts at one time. That saves you time and protects you from pain or discomfort during the treatment. Whereas, in FUE treatment option, your surgeon collects the single hair graft from the back of the head.

Permanent hair roots

This is the best method of hair transplantation, that offers you mind-blowing results, such as permanent hair growth with natural-looking hair. As we told you above, in this technique your surgeon collects the number of grafts at one time carefully. With this technique, he makes a deep incision, in order to collect hair graft roots as well, so that you can experience permanent hair growth.

Do not result in scars.

In this technique, incisions are closed with the help of Trichophytic closure, which does not result in scarring. You may not know that this treatment option is also known as scarless technique. Since it uses the advanced way such as The Trichophytic closure to close the incision area with an overlapping process.

No need to shave the total scalp area.

You do not need to go with a shaving of complete area similarly to FUE technique. This technique works without shaving head, so you do not take tension about results.